Doctors Say Covid Vaccine is Unsafe!

Doctors band together to speak out against and expose the COIVD VACCINE!

Well, once again I am locked out of YouTube for 2 weeks now for uploading the above video. The testimony by doctors is very damning to the mainstream fear mongering and propaganda. 1 more strike and my channel ( ) is gone for good. Many quick and important topics to go into here.

First, the topic at hand. PFIZER who is in bed with Bill Gates, the WHO and the UN will be getting word on the “Emergency use Authorization” for their vaccine today. This will mean, they can mandate vaccines for school, work, travel and children. It is said that the vaccine needs to be shipped and stored at -80 degrees because it’s a transfection agent that will transfer genetic material to your cells. This can’t be reversed. “Someone” ran off with a COVID test and went home to find a holographic chip at the end of the swab. When tested by PIXE scan, the chip had Tc. Tc is technetium. Technetium-99 is a radio active tracer that medical imaging equipment tracks the human body with. My friends, the test itself has already been used to chip and track you temporarily. My information is that it is the first ingredient of a cocktail that involves up to 6 more jabs to complete the cocktail. This cocktail in combination with the 5G frequencies, will enable the Artificial Intelligence control of your biology from the inside out. This concoction will permanently bond with your flesh and build and receive Nanos that your immune system will be tricked into not attacking the same way AIDS works.

You will receive a vaccination card in exchange for your mask. Followed by a bracelet or badge and/or tattoo that states that you’ve taken all required vaccines. Quarantine Camps for people who refuse vaccines have already been discussed in Canadian Government. Of course, they want people to beg for the vaccine in order to have privileges to go outside, ride planes and enter stores. The people who don’t get vaccinated will be forced into poverty and not allowed to travel or enter stores. Ultimately this is all buying time before 2025 where 1/3rd of humanity will be killed. The World Bank is already projecting Covid-19 to end in March 2025. The “Minor Consent for Vaccinations Amendment Act” bill passed in the DC Council by a 12-to-1 vote and this means your child can be vaccinated without your consent. They want everyone vaccinated and/or dead. The plan of the Artificial Intelligence is to eventually have a planet of humans grown like the Matrix movie with artificial wombs and implanted with tracking technology at birth…

Meanwhile, Facebook has been accused of a monopoly since they own Instagram and WhatsApp (Another Chinese Spy app). Now Facebook has been contested for voter and political manipulation, monopoly and spying across platforms. I’m certainly an extreme victim having my Facebook accounts deleted, my Instagram “Fact-Checked” and even the audio of my live streams cut…Some people say that they can legally refuse the vaccine. I’m sure many will try to decline the vaccine but “Fact-Checkers” say a Supreme Court ruling, allows U.S. citizens to be made to take vaccinations. Supposedly, the U.S. Constitution allows compulsory vaccinations. “Fact-Checkers” also say the above video is false. The “Fact-Check” website, (because they believe they have the right to lead the stories) states, “a Psychiatrist Is NOT Correct To Claim No Virus, No COVID Pandemic, No Safe Vaccine, Nor Need For Vaccine.” Keep in mind that, “Fact-Checkers” have no governmental, educational, medical or legal authority. In “FACT”, they have just as much “authority” as I do writing this blog…”Fact-Checkers” are nothing but paid opinions. is a counter story, psy-op run by CNN. The debunker who wrote the article- Dean Miller, is a Council On Foreign Relations, illuminati puppet. Keep in mind that Dean Miller is not a doctor or qualified to oversee anything medical himself. He states that the doctors are wrong because 200,000 people have died from Covid. Therefore, it’s real and everything CNN says should outweigh the doctors. Even though the public has no way of knowing if those numbers are true or not. Regardless of how many people died or not, the fact is that something small with a 99% survival is being used to promote a big lockdown and vaccines that are unsafe! The FDA even states the side effects of the vaccine themselves!

Vaccine Side effects may include Birth defects, Stroke and even DEATH! FDA Link here-

Screen shot of the FDA link.

The truth is that YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and CNN are all owned by and dependent on Google and it’s systems. Google censors all YouTube videos that expose the COVID pandemic and vaccine as unnecessary because Google companies have made $600+ Billion off of COVID, the vaccine and the pandemic. After all, Google is the Artificial Intelligence arm and ALL agendas lead back to it. It rewards it’s human slaves with millions and billions of dollars and the government is even taking orders from it at this point.

If you still believe the NEWS brainwashing at this point, it is a genetic weakness and predisposition. Keep in mind what “crisis actors” are and who owns the NEWS at all times. Here is a recent example-

The same photo session in October that was used for CNN was used in December for a different story by the BCC. This lady is a crisis actor who was even seen falling in a Trafalgar Protest. It’s all lies. The death toll, the diagnosis, the severity…If it wasn’t a lie, they wouldn’t need actors.

Finally, former head of Israel’s Space Division says Aliens are real. Don’t forget that Trump works for Israel. Israel is owned by the Rothschilds. Earth has been conquered by the Rothschilds for thousands of years. So, this is more Alien False Flag propaganda. The set up for an Alien False Flag is underway. The propaganda is everywhere. Drip feed for the masses. The truth is that this planet has already been conquered by the illuminati for over 6,000 years and they are simply using Aliens (GMO mutants) and Goofy Disks, along with the media to stage a fake alien war. This is their plan to finalize the 1 world government and Artificial Intelligence control. The way everyone is believing this Covid propaganda is practice and positive indication for making a mind-controlled, vaccinated population believe a staged Alien invasion. Pray for a miracle and if all this happens, it’s because we didn’t stop it. Whether or not we get truth and freedom, the fact is that we’re in a NEWS war, Truth war and Health War. The Vaccine has already started in the UK and Regulation 345 of the Human Medicines Regulations gave Pfizer immunity from civil lawsuits. Pfizer has already had over 3 billion Dollars in criminal lawsuits.

Now, America has war ships gathering on the coasts as China comes back from the moon. I believe personally that America will simply give Hawaii to China and Alaska to Russia while the mainland 48 states go through Civil War as Republican and Democrats, Vaccines and Race issues divide us further. 2021 is Agenda 21. Hold on to your butts, keep waking people up and don’t give up. Knowledge is power.

Illuminati Time line= Vaccine- Civil War- WW3- Alien attack.

-IK aka Jin

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  1. Thank you so much Ian! Big Island is still fast asleep. I’m labeled conspiracy theorist and asked if I’m ok when I share this with my friends. Hypnosis does not work on everyone, but it works completely on most. I have no idea what to do or where to go. It’s so frustrating. Thank you for sharing. You’ve helped me so much.

    Mahalo aka Lindsay Brown 808-769-1555


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