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I love poi. I grew up eating poi.

This is a brief introduction and background about me. The full details of my life story will be uploaded in PDF book form to this website at a later date for free download…

A different perspective.

Here is some background on me and the philosophy behind what I do and my motivation. I am a truth seeker, a truth speaker and a peace maker. I am a sovereign integral. I want the focus to be more on my information and less on me but I know that I am living proof of what I’m saying so I should introduce myself to the public. I use the pseudonym “Jin Laihook” because it was the name I used beginning in 2006 on TV. “Jin Laihook” comes from the Chinese side of my mother’s family. I do not like to give out my legal name too much on the internet because I don’t want my friends and family to be stalked or harassed on my behalf. You may notice typos in my work and on my website from time to time and that is because I am a human and not an A.I. Nothing on this website was written by an A.I. and neither could it be. That is a statement that very few can say these days, especially in the mainstream.

I am not perfect and I have made many mistakes in my life. I am not making this website for narcissistic pursuits. I am not making this website to prove that I am better than anyone or to hide my own flaws and mistakes of which I have many. This website is a public place for my confessions and so that others may learn from my mistakes. I too am learning and striving to improve everyday. Since I’ve been severely trolled, censored and targeted, I created this website to keep record so that my voice has an immovable place. This website is a public record of my voice since no one censors me here and no one speaks for me here. I run my own website and I always speak for myself. This website and it’s information helps keep me alive and away from would be cyber trolls who relentlessly attack mainstream social media. My haters would like me silenced, so the more I put my self into the public eye, the more safe I am. I created this website strategically to stay above and beyond my would be censors and objectors. This website is created to help others like me find the answers and information they need and seek. This website is here to share the information that has helped me.

The first TV show I was on and my first island wide, mainstream media, public exposure.

My father served in the military and is of Irish and Finnish descent. My mother’s father was also in the military and she is of Hawaiian and Chinese descent. I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Both sides of my family fought in World War II. For me, growing up and living a few miles away from Pearl Harbor, (where the “false flag” attack on December 7, 1941 took place) has a strong effect for me and the events of my life. Being from a multi-racial island and multi-racial background, I grew up to respect many beliefs and cultures. I grew up being bullied and refuse to bully or take any abuse in my adult life. I will represent these values and show the same respect on my websites, channels, videos, and all “Uncorrupted Truth Media.”

Put it on everyday

I do not have a badge or license that puts me above anyone. I have no credentials. I have no official rank or title. I belong to no groups or organizations and I work for no one. I have no problem serving others and volunteering but I refuse to be used and I refuse to be a slave. I bow to no one and no one holds power over me. I do what I do from my heart and I will never allow anyone to control me or force me to do anything. I was born in a low-income situation and I did attend and graduate public school. I have a criminal record and know the corruption of the justice system. I am not a convicted felon. I worked in the nightclub industry for many years. I was never raised or indoctrinated into any organized religion. I am not a drop-out or flunky. I have been to college. This is my general public background anyone who does a deep internet search can find on me. I have no mental illness. I am not prescribed medication. As I make this content, I am an honest and innocent civilian. I am but a humble messenger. Any of my past mistakes are resolved and I am reformed. This website is just one example of my atonement.

Water is life.

The state of Hawaii and America in general is very corrupt. Growing up I witnessed my parents and relatives suffer through corruption and it was an eye opening experience. I learned a lot about the corruption of America and especially Hawaii. I and some members of my family have been used and abused as a result of being apart of what some would call secret projects, programs, and operations. What best describes those types of secret programs are generically known to the public as MILAB & MK ULTRA or otherwise known as military lab experiments or Manchurian Candidate/mind control projects. According to my mother’s and father’s testimonies, my father was a military abductee and my mother was a drug running spy involved with the military. Both of my parents suffered mind control, memory manipulation/erasure and PTSD. I have reasons to believe that they were paired as a part of a bigger, complex, multigenerational program that involves mind control and genetic engineering on a massive scale. I believe they are not the only people in Hawaii and America to have this done to them as I have met many others.

I believe these programs originate and go back to at least World War II and even biblical bloodlines. My father’s father, was a World War II, Navy veteran and secret society member. My mother’s father was in the Air Force and comes from the Crowninshield family bloodline who is prominent in seafaring, political and military leadership, and the literary world. My mother’s mother ( my Grandmother ) was of Chinese ( Lai Hook family ) and Hawaiian ( Ha’aheo family ) descent, she was born with six toes on each foot because of a rare gene that comes from a Nephilim bloodline. My mother’s brother was also a part of the first, all Hawaii, Naval group in the 1970s and they were the top of their class. I have spent a lot of time gathering evidence and documents for everything and the details will be published in my personal book.

Health is wealth

Most of my friends and family have no idea of this, though. There are a lot of challenges proving things to strangers on the internet or even in a court of law without a good lawyer. Not to mention that even if I somehow had or procured official photos and documents which “proved” I had any involvement with UFOs, aliens or secret projects, many people would still refuse to believe it. I have tried to upload many types of documents, photos and videos online, only to have those documents and photos deleted or not uploaded at all because of internet and A.I. censorship. In any case, showing documents and photos online will still cause many people to only say that they are fake, forgeries, CGI or photoshopped…

There are also government blockades when it comes to secret information as well. For example, when I tried to dig up the military records of my father and grand fathers, I was told by the military that they were all lost or in a mysterious fire. On July 12, 1973, a “disastrous fire” at the NPRC (National Personnel Records Center) in Saint Louis destroyed approximately 16-18 million official military personnel files. Some of the records affected were a list of Army Personnel discharged November 1, 1912, to January 1, 1960, and a list of Air Force Personnel discharged September 25, 1947, to January 1, 1964.

When I tried to file freedom of information acts involving myself and family, I received letters that stated any information I requested, can neither be confirmed nor denied under Executive Order 12333. Executive Order 12333 made in 1981, protects all information on terrorism, weapons of mass destruction, foreign espionage, international and organized crime from the public access, so that no one may “damage” national security. All my attempts to gather official, written records of confirmation were met with a Glomar response. The Glomar response is basically Executive Order 13526, which was made in 2009 by Barack Obama under the excuse of protecting “Classified National Security Information.” In the interests of national defense or foreign relations, Executive Order 13562 keeps intelligence records on individuals secret and properly classified and exempt from FOIA disclosing any information. The public should know that the organizations responsible for these secret programs, have protected themselves legally with executive orders, laws, rules, and regulations that make them exempt from any indictment, liability, or responsibility on the matter. Title 18 U.S. Code 798; Title 50 U.S. code 3024′ section 6, Public Law 86-36 (50 U.S. Code 3605) keeps secret program records from any public disclosure. That does not mean that records wont become available and it does not mean that I have not received personal, verbal and/or visual confirmation. Unfortunately, many secret records do not exist on paper or on a standard computer drive, so that secret records are not accessible via a hackable computer network. Secret data storage can be on such a format that it is not available in any public way. One example of un-hackable data would be holographic data storage on crystal or a server that operates at a different bandwidth than what is available to the public. When it comes to secret matters, many records are destroyed and in many cases, no records exist at all.

Many types of secret projects and programs are used by military, intelligence agencies and corporations. Sometimes all three work together or adjacent. Some people call some of these types of programs an – “Unacknowledged Special Access Program.” A USAP is a vague and generic term synonymous with “Black Budget,” or “Black Projects,” and usually require a Top-Secret clearance or higher to access. Unacknowledged means just that, a “we don’t know you” policy. There are also corporate entities and individuals who incorporate private armies and private contractors for secret and illegal things. Black budgets are usually funded by crime, keep no records and are unaccountable for. Black projects have connections with intelligence agencies, military, shadow government, organized crime and secret societies. Black projects are most always secret, illegal and off the books. Examples of secret projects or programs could have anything to do with clandestine operations, secret weapons, arms dealing, warfare, space, cloning and illegal bioengineering, kidnapping, murder/assassination, espionage, sabotage, blackmail, false flags, terrorism, trafficking and smuggling of illegal goods, or illicit trade and more. These issues are heavily compartmentalized and employ, entangle and intertwine with the medial, civil, municipal, political, corporate, public fields. It is a intentionally confusing and complicated web and network of connections, that are purposefully difficult to map and navigate as a strategy for keeping secrecy. Freedom of Information Acts or FOIA often cannot be filed since these programs often use private contractors and black budget funding. There are no bills or receipts, no taxes paid, or any kind of Congressional oversight. Most courts of law will defend and/or not recognize, not release, or not handle such a matter. Mainstream media and academia are gagged and controlled for security. Most participants are monitored for life and unwitting slaves or stuck in Non-Disclosure Agreements. Willing participants in secret programs who are compensated well keep their secrecy in fear of their life, jail or a fine. Memory manipulation technology is used on unacknowledged victims to maintain the secrecy and protection of the program and the identities of it’s programmers and program runners. Some program runners are compensated through stock market insider trading. Some program runners are wealthy elites who come from and are loyal to their aristocratic bloodlines. Some program runners are religious leaders or secret cult/society members. CEOs and investors are often earning profits from the public front companies and corporations of the black world. Unlike normal military or government service, most personnel in secret programs such as MILABs and Manchurian Candidates or mind control programs are slaves who receive no compensation. Slaves often get no public acknowledgement, no medical support, no retirement fund, no DD214 papers, no life insurance, no payments for services rendered, and no veterans benefits in many cases. In the United States of America, the 13th Amendment of
January, 31, 1865 states that “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime where of the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”
This amendment allows slavery for those who have been “punished for crime.” This means many American’s who are incarcerated or convicted of a crime in their life can legally be used as slaves. The secret programs who need batch consignments of slave labor forces and guinea pigs for
experiments take advantage of this amendment by using many Americans who have criminal records. Also, people who are clones, genetically engineered or genetic experiments can be patented and considered property with no rights. I have tried to share much of this information on mainstream media but have been severely and unjustly censored, hacked and harassed. The censorship I experienced on other platforms is one reason I made this website.

Although I may have been involved or know people who may have been involved with these topics, I must make it clear that I am not a criminal. This is not about validation, it is about truth. This is also not about stolen glory/valor, it is about stolen memories, stolen records and stolen credit. I seek no vengeance or vendetta. I seek understanding and resolve. I don’t believe we need permission or official proof for full disclosure. I believe full disclosure is a movement of the people. Let’s imagine a rank or title so high that it has no name or number and the actions involve no paper trail or permission. Imagine that a person can say any and all truths they wish without censorship, for the betterment of humanity. Then, we are working on the spiritual level I’d like to present.

Strength, breath, balance.

I would like to and have lived my life simply as an artist, dancer, and teacher. I make my content with a clear, present, and sober mind. I do not condone drugs and/or alcohol. I do not condone any illegal activity, spying, or trolling. I refuse to be triggered or manipulated. I am not suicidal. I do not condone self-harm. I do not condone nor participate in hate speech, violence, bullying, or harassment. I am mentally sane. I have no medical or mental diagnosis and I am not prescribed nor do I take any medication or prescription drugs. I am not, nor do I promote sexism, racism, or classism. I am happy and healthy as I make my content. I am physically fit and psychologically stable. My mind, body and soul are healthy. I give no permission for hacking or alteration of my website, channels, or media by any means. My opinions, information and comments are of my own responsibility and I speak solely and freely for myself and by my own accord. I speak from the heart. I speak from experience. I have morals. I am in control of my life. I am rational and methodical. I make long term plans and goals and I stick to them. I achieve my goals. I’m vigilant. I’m cautious and I’m bold. I am not out to hurt anyone or thing. I pray everyday.

Golden Ratio creates a wave. I ride that wave.

Psychological operations, disinformation, and chain of command are things I do not follow and am not apart of. I was able to gain much Intel through research, experience, infiltration, and observation over the years. This is why I have the unique abilities to speak freely under my “civilian” status. By speaking alone and taking no money, no one can reprimand me, demote me, fire me, or control me. I am not making this website or sharing the information on this website to become rich or famous. I am not lying or making up stories for money and attempting to pass off fiction and fantasy for facts and reality. My independence is important to my mission. I was born for a good reason and I made this website for a good reason.

Honolulu, Hawaii my place of birth.

I believe in the teachings of the man called “Jesus” (Emmanuel). I believe in the one true infinite creator that we call God and I believe that we are all children of God. “Uncorrupted Truth” comes from love that is incorruptible. Love that is incorruptible comes only from God. You must open your heart to know God and you must know God to know the truth. In other words – real truth is free and only comes from love. Since real love and truth cost nothing, this website aims to never take or ask for money. The Bible is a free book for a reason and many of the things I speak of are already in the Bible. Money has no value in the spirit world. I cannot be bought off so you can be sure my opinion is not corrupted or distorted by money. I have the opportunity to make money off this website and I choose not to and that is a point I consciously make. I could easily make money off exploiting this website and media but I refuse because I am not a con-artist.

I do not profit from prophecy to prove a spiritual point.

I make a humble living happily creating art and teaching art which is separate from this website. I enjoy creating media and art for children which is separate from what I am presenting on this website. I am very clear on what is fact, fiction and opinion. This website is serious and adult orientated. We are a temple held together by a trinity of mind, body and spirit. In this trinity, one is nothing without the other for it is all three that comprise our temple. There shall be no profiteering inside the temple and we shall keep our trinity strong. I believe we are moving into an age of truth, love and light which has never been seen, a new renaissance.

Teaching the truth to the youth.

In the age of truth we will re-connect all of our minds, bodies and spirits and heal our temples so that we may not hurt or lie to each other. We will awaken powerful, positive, natural abilities without technology. I am not saying that we will connect our minds with technology and I don’t believe we should. I believe we should connect naturally through the heart, mind and spirit without the use or aid of any technology. When humanity as a whole experience a moment of sonder in our dream state, perhaps we will realize a greater connection. Hurting or lying to one another is ultimately hurting and lying to oneself. The age of truth must be born out of love. When humanity stops lying to itself, we will activate our harmony, telepathy, empathy, and sympathy to better understand and heal our Universe. Someone who is spiritually and mentally asleep will never say “no” to tyranny, so please, let’s all wake up to be free. Let’s open our hearts let the sunshine in and have eyes to see and ears to hear.

“City of Refuge” on Hawaii, is an ancient ruin which predates the Hawaiians.

One thing I’m doing with this website is working toward a full disclosure movement. We as a people will have a better chance for survival with the knowledge of full disclosure. We are moving toward a major solar event that will affect the entire planet. I’ve been privately working with and trying to help MK and abduction victims. I’m spreading some info from insiders. Prepping, teaching, surviving and helping others find peace of mind and community is the goal. Thank you for all the ones with eyes to see. Thank you for all the inboxes and reaching out. I will say what I can, when I can. The truth will set us free. Stay smart, stay safe, stay calm, stay together, fear no evil and don’t panic. Aloha and Mahalo.

Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary.

-IK aka Jin Laihook

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