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Jin Laihook

Uncorrupted Truth Website Creator

This is a brief introduction about me. The Full Details of my life story will be under another link…

I use the pseudonym “Jin Laihook” because it was the name I used on TV. “Jin Laihook” comes from the Chinese side of my mother’s family. I do not like to give out my legal name too much on the internet because I don’t want my friends and family to be stalked or harassed on my behalf. My father served in the military and is of Irish and Finnish descent. My mother’s father was also in the military and she is of Hawaiian and Chinese descent. I was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii and I believe in the teachings of the man called “Jesus” (Emmanuel). I believe in many things but my “Uncorrupted Truth” mission takes inspiration and origin from the fact that both sides of my family fought in WW2. For me, growing up and living a few miles away from Pearl Harbor, (where the “false flag” attack on December 7, 1941 took place) has a strong effect for me. Being from a multi-racial island and multi-racial background, I grew up to respect many beliefs and cultures. I grew up being bullied and refuse to bully or take any abuse in my adult life. I will represent those values and show all that same respect on my websites, channels, videos I upload and all “Uncorrupted Truth Media”.

I make my content with a clear, present and sober mind. I do not condone drugs and/or alcohol. I do not condone any illegal activity, spying or trolling. I refuse to be triggered or manipulated. I am not suicidal. I do not condone self-harm. I do not condone nor participate in hate speech, violence, bullying or harassment. I am mentally sane. I have no medical or mental diagnosis and I am not prescribed nor do I take any medication or prescription drugs. I am not, nor do I promote sexism , racism or classism. I am happy and healthy as I make my content. I give no permission for hacking or alternation of my website, channels or media by any means. My opinions, information and comments are of my own responsibility and I speak solely and freely for myself and by my own accord.

I do not have a badge or licenses that puts me above anyone. I was born in a low-income situation and I did attend and graduate public school. I have been to jail and I have seen the loop holes and in-justice of the justice system, from first hand experience. I did work in the nightclub industry for many years. I was never raised or indoctrinated into any organized religion. I am not a drop-out or flunky. I have been to college. This is my general background anyone who does a deep internet search can find on me. With this website, I’d like the focus to be mainly on my information and spreading that information. I do have other interests and a personal life I’d like to keep separate. Thank you.

One thing I’m doing is, working toward a full disclosure movement. Mainstream newspapers are nothing but lies and brainwashing. Criminal elites control the world and things are about to shift in every way. I’ve been personally affected by molestation, rape, trafficking, drugs and murder. This is why I want corruption to end and the criminal elites who allow it, to be brought to justice. We are building toward a major solar event that will affect the entire planet. I’ve talked to people in unacknowledged special access programs privately and face to face. I’ve been privately working with and trying to help MK and abduction victims. I’m spreading some info from insiders.

I and some members of my family have been apart of clandestine operations (MILAB & MK ULTRA). Most of my friends and family have no idea of this though. I have been places, know things and seen things that most people haven’t and wouldn’t understand and/or believe. I have a deep understanding of the inner-workings and the methods of the criminal elite. I have kept many things about my life & genetics secret from everyone for a long time. I knew people would not believe or understand and be afraid. I would like to and have tried to live my life simply as an artist, dancer and teacher. I’ve worked many normal jobs and have tried to live as humbly as possible…taking care of my family and friends, keeping silent and blending in best I can.

I’ve tried to be nice to everyone I’ve ever met and tried to give back to my community with my hobbies and knowledge. I am not perfect and I’ve been dealing with my temperament and personal issues so I have the patience to better assist and aid others. Now, I offer anyone who wants to listen, an opportunity to learn what I know. I have not said much of all that I know and this Website is created to finally say everything that I have ever wanted. This is because some people fight against truth and make decisions from a fear based place and much of social media is highly monitored and censored against my information. My information and testimony is a direct threat to the evil, ruling establishment. It’s disappointing and frustrating when people try to fight and argue just for trying to help. I understand the methods of media brainwashing and electronic mind control so I forgive everyone.

I know all about psy-ops and chain of command, which I do not have to follow. I was able to gain much Intel through research, infiltration and observation over the years. This is why I have the unique abilities to speak freely under my “civilian” status. By speaking alone and taking no money, no one can reprimand me, demote me, fire me or control me. My independence is important to my mission. I have been physically attacked, mentally, emotionally and spiritually attacked but many people think this is a joke. It is not. I don’t know everything and I don’t have all the answers. I am not a “superman” for everyone. I have made mistakes. I’m not asking to be believed or asking for forgiveness. Just know there is a reason I post what I post and I am doing a sort of “spiritual community service” on this backwards imprisoned planet. I am trying to keep people happy, positive, informed and calm as we go through this shift.

I am trying to be an example that people like me with my experience and genetics are not all assassins , conquerors and monsters. I am trying hard to be a good role model. I’ve been silent for most of my life…Battling with my own story & experience ( I am human after all) but now, time is short. I love you all…even the haters. I am only one man. Thank you for all the ones with eyes to see. Thank you for all the inboxes and reaching out. I will say what I can, when I can. I will be with you all till the end and beyond. Aloha and mahalo.

What I Do
  • Web creator
  • Teacher
  • Artist
  • Dancer
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