Facebook deleted me for exposing Covid and The Vaccine!

This video was immediately pulled down off YouTube on November/20/2020

Once again, my latest video was pulled down off my YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/JinLaihook)on November/20/2020 and as a result I was locked out of YouTube for 1 week. This video is about 32min long and very important. So far it is the 3rd video I’ve had taken down in a month. Unfortunately, I can’t let people know that I’ve been censored on YouTube or even that the video had been taken down since I’m not allowed to post…Which is why this website is becoming increasingly more important by the day as I struggle to inform the people.

In this video, I talk about the Operation Warp Speed plan to vaccinate every American in 24hrs. I talk about about Mark Rockefeller and Jack Dorsey having to go before Senate with soft ball questions about political censorship and arbitrary internet semantics. Of course this is all to make the media circus of Trump vs Biden more intriguing for the gossip hounds. All the while the public is distracted from the main topic at hand- the mandatory vaccine.

The Military will administer a pre-packaged Vaccine as the first push of a multistage campaign.

*They will tell all the vaccinated people they can go out in public and buy things. A few years later they’ll die.

*The people that don’t want the vaccine will be sent to prison camps then later murdered.

Depopulation program. Agenda 2021. They need the current population dead before the Mini Solar Nova. The Draco expect a cleared planet when they return in 2030 to start their new rule of the transhuman era. The timeline of this century will be something like this-

Lockdown and Vaccination/Civil war. Death of a stable America.

WW3 with China, Iran, Russia and America.

1st False Flag Alien Invasion to create one world order.

Solar Flare Event. Satan Harvests 1/3rd. War, Starvation, Weather, Disease and Suicide kill the rest. Records erased. People mistakenly attack the Earths Secret Space Program ships that are trying to help, thinking that they are the same invading aliens…Thanks to the false flag.

Lucifarian, Transhuman savior comes. Starts the New Age of Aquarius with GMO transhumans controlled by Artificial Intelligence, The draco and illuminati will still be in control now under new names and identities. Humanity will be now 1 step closer to the ultimate galactic slave race.

2nd Alien False Flag event, this time Earth wins because it believes that the Artificial Intelligence, transhumanism and their “good alien allies” gave them the advantage. This solidifies the lucifarian belief and Artificial Intelligence God worship.

Humanity lives in city states run by Artificial Intelligence for hundreds of years. The Artificial Intelligence controls birth, education and law. Humanity remains enslaved for thousands of years.

The ploy is that if you want your mask off and if you want to use transportation, eat and walk in public or simply leave your house, you must get a vaccine. They will issue you a card, a bracelet and later a biometric bar code to show you’ve been vaccinated. The so called “essential” workers will get badges. If you decline or refuse, they will lock you in a camp aka health center or not allow you to leave your house. Of course all these people caught in this operation will be dead in 5 years anyway.

I also talk about how to sue social media since senator Josh Hawley introduced the “Limiting Section 230 Immunity to Good Samaritans Act” bill. This bill is an amendment to “Section 230 of The Communications Act of 1934 “. This will allow you to sue Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram if they censor you or delete your account for $5,000 plus lawyer fees.

At the end of the video, I encourage Cops and Military to not see anti-vaccine people as domestic terrorists. Unfortunately, many people will fire on the Military and this will justify the Medical Martial Law where you will be locked in your house until further notice. I’m sure the deep state will simply hire someone to fire at the Military such as an Antifa or BLM Group…etc

Since I am so severely censored on social media now with only a few thousand followers, time is short. Please act responsibly and accordingly. God speed. Don’t forget that this is the “mark of the beast.” This is where you have to run, die or fight.


Jin aka IK

Published by jinlaihook

I'm here to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Revelation, Resolution, Renaissance. Truth seeker, truth speaker, peace maker. A humble messenger.

2 thoughts on “Facebook deleted me for exposing Covid and The Vaccine!

  1. I read some where in yours blog “get out America.” No one in America will be around? Im thinking of driving to cancun, you think that would be a start to get away from all this?


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