This is for safety and legal liability.

“The truth is a sword. It can save and it can slay. The truth needs no army, for the truth stands alone for all. Let all stand for the truth.”

I do not condone nor participate in hate speech, racism, sexism, classism, violence, bulling or harassment.

My Mission

I am here to teach and share what I’ve seen, known and believe to be true with the purpose of education, liberation and positive change. I refuse to be intimidated or bought off. I am making this website for truth, not money. I am invoking and exercising my right to freedom of speech in the name of truth. I am not here to fight or argue. I am willing to take a polygraph test to prove my statements. I am open to skeptics and any equipment or method of voice analyzing or body language analysis. A number of fair tests would definitely vindicate me. Please don’t solely take my word for things. I’ve made mistakes. Do your own research. Tread carefully. Stay calm, don’t panic.


May no one who watches my videos, sees my information or hears my voice come to harm as a result. I Pray in the name of all that is good, all that is love and all that is merciful, truthful and forgiving that whoever finds their way to my channel and information shall be protected mind, body and spirit. I do not authorize, allow or consent to any souls in my circle to be harmed in any way. No evil is allowed in my presence or the presence of those who find me. Whoever shall find my videos, my information and hear my voice will only be uplifted , enlightened and protected. I do not allow anyone to fall ill will as a result of my truth, my opinion, or my example. I come to all as a friend, a messenger and a teacher. I refuse to be used for deception or negative gain. I absolutely forbid any one or thing to jail, persecute, target, harm or imprison any one who watches my videos, follows my channel or hears my voice. Fear no evil. Evil and fear have no place here. Bless you all. Aloha.

To Be Clear

I am not using this website or “Uncorrupted Media” to make money or sell anything. That is why you will not see, donation buttons, commercials or pop-up add links. I do not make this channel on behalf of any government, military, business, school or church. I am NOT presenting myself as an actor or entertainer in my videos and I am being my natural self. I have no political agenda or religious bias. No one is writing scripts for me, controlling me or paying me to make videos or put out information. I am not taking, nor am I under any orders to make these videos or put out information. I am not a doctor. I have no official rank or titles. I am not a licensed therapist. I am not a legal authority figure. I am not a cult-leader or guru. I am not a satanist. I am not a luciferian. I am not a pagan or magician. I am not an anarchist. I am not in the illuminati or any of their umbrella groups. I am not a Freemason ( Although my grandfather belonged to a few clubs ) or secret society member. I am not a gang member, club member, lodge member or frat member. I have no affiliation with any group or institution when making these “Uncorrupted Truth” media. I am not a Nazi or fascist. I am not a zionist and I am not a kabbalist. I am not a communist or spy. I am not a terrorist.


I get my information from a number of sources when putting out information or making videos. I do independent research. I have read and owned many books on the topics in my videos. I also have personal experience with the topics. I appreciate all the friends and people who follow me. I respect people’s jobs and hard work. I have many friends and family who are police officers, military, government workers, fire fighters, therapists, psychologists, lawyers, first responders, social workers, laborers, security, actors, doctors, nurses, ex-criminals, addicts, millionaires and teachers…to name a few. I would never want to jeopardize someone’s survival means. My personal beliefs I express, is in no way discrediting anyone. I understand that people don’t want to say the things I say publicly for fear of losing their jobs or alienating themselves from the people in their life. Thank you to anyone who has reached out in honesty to me. I will not give out the names of my personal sources if it will hurt their life. I will not glorify anyone’s information if I think they are mentally ill, attention seeking or a spy. I have respect for all peoples and opinions regardless of differences.

Safety First

I live as an artist and teacher and only make videos and update “uncorrupted truth” online media when I can or when I feel it’s important. This website is not my official job and I do it alone and for free. No one manages me. I volunteer my time, money and information from the bottom of my heart. So, thank you for your viewership and patience. I appreciate all the shares, views, likes and comments but please refrain from writing personal information or testimony publicly on the comment sections on any of my “uncorrupted truth” media. Please know that if you do so, you may become a target of negative people who wish to stop me and my message. If you share public statements, know that you do so at your own risk. If you’d like to speak privately, please send me an email. I will try to get back to everyone. I work alone, so please be patient with the timing of my correspondence. Thank you.

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