Help and Solutions

Q: Where do begin?

A: With yourself. Improve yourself if you want to help others. Then, help the people around you…Your friends, family, loved ones and your neighbors are the ones who need you the most. Even a pebbles’ ripples cross the whole pond when dropped in. Don’t forget about pets and plants, they need love too. If you lose your head, you’ll wind up dead. So, stay calm. Real leaders never panic, they plan it. Always be ready. Waking up is one thing, knowing what to do is another.

5G in your Area. What to do? Knock down the towers…
How to Break Hypnosis. There is a mind control grid up and all around you. This electronic and technological web of towers, dishes and satellites are constantly sending you EMF signals right into your brain. These signals inhibit you from thinking clearly and make you compliant with slavery.
You idolized your celebrities and false idols to the point that you refuse to believe that they’ve done any thing bad. These celebrities were set up to break your heart. Just because someone can sing and dance, is funny or good looking, doesn’t mean they are good people. Let go. Be your own hero.

Stay safe, Stay smart, Stay calm, Don’t panic!

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