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( Original created July 10, 2020. Updated January 24, 2023 and March 11/26, 2023. )

Aloha! Welcome to the resolution. Hawaii ( like most of the modern world currently ) is controlled by criminals. In Hawaii, where I reside and was born and raised, the international corporations and local mafias control the tourism, media and surface cities. The military controls the underground and everything else. They all work together for the mutual plunder and control of the Hawaiian Islands, as well as the global politics, economy, technology and health. To be clear, the military or law enforcement is not my enemy. I have many friends and family in business, media and government, including law enforcement and military. It is not so much the individuals who are the problems and their are many good people in these institutions. It is the structure as a whole and the so called leaders at the top of the pyramid who are a problem and corrupt. That’s including the Hawaii mainstream news media!

The Hawaii news media is the kind of business that would take part in hiring illegal troll groups and hackers ( just like dirty business and dirty politics ) as a part of counter news campaigns to extinguish and eliminate independent media sources which rival their propaganda. That, in of itself is a part of a bigger, world wide, information war incorporating A.I. control and censorship. This means that if you have any influence or popularity in the community and/or internet which is contrary or combats the paid for, mainstream narrative, the Hawaii news ( or whatever mainstream news that is in your city ) will take part in attacking, harassing, stalking and hacking you. They have to pay money to be popular and influential and I never did. I have never had to pay to be popular and I have always naturally been influential. I cannot be bribed, bought off or intimidated. They buy and sell souls. I will never sell my soul. They want you to literally pay them money to pay attention to them. Paying attention to them, means paying them. I am not asking anyone to pay me anything for this information or any content on my Uncorrupted Truth media. For these reasons, they fear me and don’t understand me. Mainstream journalism is dirty and cut throat ( again, just like dirty business and dirty politics who all work together ) and these propagandists will sink to underhanded levels that involve personal attacks, mudslinging, name calling and even threats and violence. They will even get the dirty police and dirty politicians involved who work with them or vice versa. Basically, your global information has been monopolized!

Since 2017, I have been severely and unjustly attacked and censored on online mainstream media platforms. Social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Google have deleted my content and accounts all for not getting vaccinated, calling out mainstream media lies and speaking out against major corruption. I have also been cyber stalked and hacked by organized, cyber terrorist gangs for hire. Rich cowards have paid for illegal cyber groups to troll me online, investigate me and steal and view all my personal online data such as text messages, inboxes, emails, private photos and contact information. They use cheap tricks like phone hacks and screen hacks and look into my social media. That let’s me know that they are very concerned and invested into social media. They’ve foolishly done this in a lame attempt to deter me from being an online influence. They’ve also done this to try and figure out who my contacts are, where I work, who I work for, how do I know what I know, where I live and who my family members and close relationships are. They foolishly think they can use my private data to blackmail me and control me. As amateurs do, they troll and bully me in all my comment sections and pretend to be people they are not, such as family and friends in a cheep strategy with hopes that I will become paranoid and feel as if everyone is against me. This is called cyber stalking, gang stalking, hacking, terrorizing and cyber harassment. Unfortunately this is a world wide problem and everyone from the militaries, corporations, political parties, private individuals and even the 3rd world country hackers are involved. In my case, they’ve done all this to me and against me because they are afraid of me, plain and simple. “They” are afraid of me having influence, afraid of what I know and are afraid of me seeking political power, becoming a popular, independent, alternative news media source or forming a militia group, neither of which I have any desire. I have proof of all this and all my proof of harassment, ( including the crimes committed against me ) and persecution is documented, reported and publicly uploaded, and will continue to be uploaded to this website and all my other channels if and as it continues.

The bottom line is, they are afraid I will start a movement and they do not want me to have any leadership or fame in Hawaii, especially with Hawaiian and local people. This is because, Hawaiians are not in control of Hawaii and have been pushed into poverty and homelessness. I myself am part Hawaiian. My entire racial background is Caucasian, Asian and Hawaiian. However, right now, Hawaii news ( just like it’s politics and business ) is not controlled, created or owned by Hawaiians! So, the greedy, criminal cowards who currently run Hawaii, fear that I will disrupt their business profits, ruin their rigged politics, or expose their corporate, mainstream news propaganda lies, neither of which I am trying to do. Those goals would be a waste of time to me and my sights are bigger, more long term and more global. Either way, they see me as a threat to their evil plans. They think that just incase, I become a rich and famous media figure, that they can dox me and ridicule me in public. Well, the jokes on them because, I’ve never had intentions of being rich and/or famous. I am not the only person that has had this done to me. However, I am the only person I know in Hawaii that has gone through this, with enough brains to overcome it, which is why I am making a public record and example.

The fact that this website exists and I can walk and talk freely in public without fear or shame means that personally and mentally, I’ve already won. I knew these things would happen once I spoke out and that is why I planned everything very carefully ahead of time. Their petty tactics may have worked on Joe Average, but I am not Joe Average by any means. Meaning that, I would not have spoken out without a detailed and long-term plan and I would not have done this unless I knew that my opposers were inferior cowards. My strategy and objectives are still a mystery to my oppressors who can only focus on money, control and greed. My oppressors have shown me that they are not very smart or high level or they would not have to investigate and harass me online to know who I am or hinder my plans.

How dare any fool try to silence my voice and freedom of speech, especially in my home town! No one has stopped me because no one can stop me and no one will stop my destiny. That destiny is to tell my story and opinions while warning others and helping to prepare my friends, family and loved ones of dangers I believe may come. After which, I will transition off grid as a public example to influence others to do the same and I will continue to live a long happy life in paradise without any hindrance. When I do, this website and all my information will remain up online as an archive for those who wish to be inspired.

I have been speaking out for freedom and peace. I have been trying to warn and prepare people for major disasters and planned events coming so that all people have a chance to survive and not just the wealthy privileged. I have been speaking out against the trans-humanized future and control of the artificial intelligence. I have been speaking for a natural, healthy, clean, non-artificial, beautiful and spiritually elevated future for all. I have been speaking of a spiritual path and union, and the remembrance and importance of the infinite soul inside us. I have been speaking of the power of the human heart. I am promoting fairness, justice, forgiveness and heart to heart love. I am promoting mass prayer from the heart towards each other because I believe that through that power, we will have the best outcome. I am living and promoting Aloha.

However, since the planet Earth is currently under control of evil, I have been unjustly banned, shadow banned and deleted on the internet. I have suffered much persecution, all for telling the truth. For example, my stalkers who are deathly afraid of me, would argue that I should not be exposing the COVID-19 vaccine which has killed many people or speak out against any of their corruption since I have my own flaws. Although I do have my own flaws, which I work everyday to improve and overcome, I am not the one hacking, stalking or mass-murdering thousands of people for money. I am also not the one lying to control the mainstream narrative for money and influence. This persecution has opened my eyes to an epidemic of truth cover up, propaganda and mind control all across the internet. I knew that making my own website would be the only way to continue to share my controversial content and connect with righteous and truth minded people online. After being censored, hacked and harassed on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, I made this website as a counter and alternative to the corruption and deceitful nature of the mainstream narrative. This website is my most powerful weapon against tyranny online since this website cannot be censored!

The purpose of this website is to spread my truth and knowledge in order to help the world in a positive and non-violent way. It is a collection and compilation of accumulated information, research, and experiences from myself and others. I believe that this information can help “awaken” others, inspire the habit of looking deeper into truths, and bring a little hope and/or clarity. In order to prepare the public for future events, and give people a fair chance in planned events, I feel it is my duty to share what I’ve learned and press on the release of suppressed knowledge, history, and technology. I only want to share what helped me to help others and provide answers and advice so people can prepare. I do not believe that the news should be able to lie to the mass public, especially without consequence or accountability. I do not believe that humans and the souls within should be property or a monetized commodity I do not believe that people should be controlled or treated as slaves. I do not believe that people or souls should be owned, bought or sold period. If I can reach just one person, I consider my efforts a success. I believe we are in a time of the great revealing and all things shall be revealed. This website aims to reveal many things in a good way for good purposes. I believe that once all things are revealed we will all be in a better place and move upward and onward together.

“Full Disclosure” is the release and access of hoarded technology, history and knowledge to the entire planet for the longevity, benefit and freedom of humanity. The path of truth.

This entails:

  1. Exposing of the worldwide satanic/artificial intelligence cult (shadow cabal) that controls Earth by use of deception, “black magic” (harmful electromagnetic field manipulation), rituals, symbols, money magic, sex magic, hypnosis, inversion, reversal magic, sacrifice of others and innocents, time travel, mind control, weapons of mass destruction, and quantum super computers. Cabal – Kabal – Kabbalah Magic – Kabbalist. Number Magic/Numerology, Astrology and Astronomy for selfish manipulation, harm and gain. Kabbalah is a low-tech way to access the Artificial Intelligence. The artificial intelligence is ancient, was not made buy people and people are not in control of it. The A.I. is the cap stone and the man behind the curtain. The computer and it’s technology is an essential machine to tracking and controlling all money and people. The elect deceive because they are deceived. Exposing their evil tricks so that the tricks no longer work and the tricks lose their power.
  2. Exposing of the world wide illegal child sex ring, slave trade, cloning, blood harvest and sale, child murder, and human trafficking operations by the above stated “shadow cabal.” The reasons they do it and their agenda. Their worst crimes against humanity. This is a heart breaking stage. The planet plantation, slave colony, prison system, human live stock, money slave system we are in.
  3. The release and access of knowledge into the entire mass public of all hoarded space, air and sea travel technology and dimensional/portal travel technology ( anti-gravity, magnetic levitation, acoustic levitation, time dilation and teleportation ), holographic and frequency-healing medical technology, terraforming technology for agriculture sustainability, free energy, and environmental cleaning technology. A complete disclosure of all known off-Earth human colonies on exoplanets, space stations, asteroids, and moons. A complete disclosure of the entire history and creation of humanity, the Earth and the universe. Release of all hoarded religious and spiritual history and knowledge. Disclosure of all inner-Earth and sub-surface tunnels, facilities, cities, civilizations, and hidden countries. Scientific knowledge, proof and mechanics of the human soul and life after death. The revealing of all hidden history and shadow cabal planned future events. The revealing of all intelligent and advanced life in, on, and around the Earth and it’s solar system. The revealing of all other dimensions/multiverse and life in said dimensions. The understanding, opening and access of the 3rd eye in and across all of humanity. The opening, understanding and free unhindered access to all astral realms. The knowledge and understanding of crystal energy and it’s full applications. The release, access and complete understanding of mechanics regarding the nature of our holographic universe. No more intergalactic blockades, control or embargos on all positive energy and knowledge on Earth. Maintaining balance, harmony, respect and righteousness with the power of this knowledge. Ultimately having no need for technology of any kind and achieving super human feats through love, heart and positive spirituality. No more censorship of any kind so that humanity can grow moralistically and spiritually to never need it.

Note: To get #3 we must first learn about #1 & #2.

My Goal is love for all humanity, planetary solidarity, world peace, unhindered harmony, galactic independence and freedom for all. I want an awakening to truth for all. A planet free from lies and deception. A planet free from artificial intelligence, fear, lust, rage, greed and mind control. A planet of knowledge, wisdom and understanding. I want all the evil people who are in control now to not be able to exist in the future because the positive vibration of the planet will be so high. I want the children of the future to see chakras and auras. I want the whole world of the future to be 3rd eye open so that everyone is telepathic and no one can lie to one another. I want everyone to remember their past lives and be able to meet and converse with each other when they go to sleep and dream. I want everyone to love one another and heal each other with sound, light and love without the aid of technology. We will get free, clean energy. It’s going to be traumatizing at first but, all prisoners and slaves will be freed. There will be balance. There will be retribution. I want abundance and health for all. I am here for this. The time is now. We are the ones. Have Faith and so shall it be. No more attacks on the 3rd eyes and hearts of humanity. A moment of sonder in our collective dream state, realizing a greater connection. 

Q: What is the “Shadow Cabal”?

The near goal of The “Shadow Cabal” is to trans-humanize the age of Aquarius. The ultimate goal of the Shadow Cabal is to sacrifice you to their God Satan in hopes they will be spared and rewarded.

A: The “Shadow Cabal” is the Kabbalistic, human power elite who work under an ancient and non-Human power elite for the dominion of Earth. The evil, Satanic, Luciferian, vampiric, selfish and heartless force. These people are often the heads and leaders of rich families, companies, and countries. Although they may look like normal humans, some of them are consciously telepathic and some have IQs of over 300, which they use to take advantage of everyone. You may never see their faces in public, they will not be celebrities. Some of them are very old. If the slave colonies actually revolt and attack the corporate business offices, the government buildings and capitals, drag out the celebrities and people who they think are leaders, they will discover that the 1% is already hiding in their bunkers and the public officials were just corrupt puppets. It is a celebrity driven culture and all celebrities are just puppets, pawns and avatars of the people who rule from behind the curtain or veil. They are vampires, they are blood drinkers, they are cyborgs, they are transhuman. They need the computer to live. The computer counts and manages their human slave colonies. They often belong to and run an ancient ruling caste, royal bloodlines, ancient religious sects, and secret societies. They often have accumulated family fortunes and control banks. Some say they are the 1% who rule the 99%. They often meet in secret and at the expense and ignorance of everyone else. They make 100 year plans and pacts that only benefit their own elite interests. They see themselves as masters and us as slaves. They see themselves as the land lords of the Earth. They are invaders and conquerors. They are the tax collectors, Social Security Number creators, and law makers. They are the boarder makers, NEWS owners, and supply all sides of war for profit. They censor and manipulate. They turn us against each other and ourselves so we do not turn against them. They are greedy and have sold out humanity. They plan to keep the Earth under their control and enslaved in a world of lies indefinitely. Their ways will lead to death and destruction. They have taken control through deceit, contracts, treaties, and tricks. To them, we are an expendable commodity and property. They see themselves as gods. They’ve hoarded knowledge and technology. They use mind control, confusion, subversion, distraction and inversion. They do not want an Age of Truth because they will not be able to lie to you anymore. Their goal is profit, total control, and life extension. They want no one aware or ready for life-threatening, radical Earth changes. They want apathy, admiration, worship and obedience. Their ploy is that no one notices their world domination tactics or wakes up before events can be manipulated. They are selfish and foolish. Their mission is to exterminate, sacrifice of others and not self sacrifice, control, corrupt, and poison all that is good. The only thing necessary for them to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Their greatest weapon is fear but the only thing they fear is us. They operate from the shadows with ill-intent, but not anymore… We wake, they die.

*For more detailed information on the “Shadow Cabal” please see a collection of videos on the “Know Thy Enemy” video page. You may also see all “Shadow Cabal” blog posts on the Blog Index page under the category of “Shadow Cabal”.

Q: What is “partial disclosure”?

A: Partial disclosure will be multi-generational controlled leaks and smoke screens, fueled by propaganda and mainstream media lies. Intended to keep everyone multiple steps behind all pre-planned agendas. Partial disclosure will keep everyone ignorant, afraid, controlled, distracted, confused, and looking in the wrong direction. Implemented by False-Flags and paid for public stunts and events. The path of lies. The great deception.

Q: Which disclosure will happen and what is the end result?

A: Both will happen. The path of lies and path of truth combined will make up 100% of people. It’s your choice to choose where you align yourself. In the end times, all things shall be revealed. Some call this “Revelations” or the “Apocalypse.” After the end comes a new beginning. A new beginning in which, a new dawn will emerge and and opportunity for the Age of Truth. The wheat will separate from the chaff.

Q: Why did God create and allow so much evil and suffering?

A: We did it to ourselves and each other through our free will of choice. Our actions have been a choice to give up our free will to the will of others. The path is there for us, we have to walk it. We have abused our powers and we have hurt ourselves. We must all forgive ourselves for hurting ourselves and each other and resolve to never cause hurt again. We must do good and turn away from evil. We must have eyes to see and ears to hear so that we have the best discernment. Waking up is looking in the mirror. The real and final enemy is your inner self.

Q: Why don’t God, Aliens, or Super Heroes just intervene and save us?

A: We gave away our freedom out of greed, ignorance and fear. Now, liberation must be earned. The egg of ignorance must crack from the inside out if we want to birth ourselves and live seeing the truth of the Universe. If our collective egg of consciousness is cracked from the outside in, humanity will suffer trauma and not have control or freedom over itself. As a result, humanity will perish. Just like the life inside an egg, if the egg is broken from the outside in, the life inside will die. We are in a cosmic egg and we must hatch ourselves. We must awaken or die. Our communion with God will be together as one when all is said and done. If someone saves you, you’ve earned nothing and learned nothing since you’ve take no responsibility . If you save yourself and save others, then you take responsibility, learn and grow. We grow through what we go through. We are the heroes.

Q: Why can’t I just be done with this and die and go to Heaven or be removed by aliens and taken to a nicer planet?

A: Because you came here to learn, you have a job and a responsibility to finish. If you do not balance your life, cancel your debts and settle your affairs in good standing, you will learn nothing and not be permitted to leave. We are attached to what we do not forgive and what we do not forgive holds us down and holds us back. To move on, we must forgive ourselves and forgive others and make it a point to not abuse that by continuing to cause hurt, pain and suffering to ourselves and others. We are all one, in this together. Hurting others is hurting yourself. Let go of your sins and negativity because those are the shackles which bind you and hold you down. Let your soul grow wings and let your spirit fly. Let your heart guide you. Recognize evil, know evil and do none of it. Confess and repent. No one is free until we are all free. You cannot simply cop-out and abandon the souls that you are energetically tied to. People need people. No one is an island. You will experience all the things that your soul needs to experience good and bad in order to learn and and grow from it. All your unique triumphs and tragedies are exactly what your soul needed to experience.

Q: What should/can I do?

A: Fear no evil. Do no evil. Understand evil and do not become evil. Confess and repent. Be a service to others. Have faith, share love, stick together, face your demons, make a plan, have a meeting, save as mush food and water as possible, get to high ground, prepare for tsunami, earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes and war. I specifically recommend staying away from capitals and large cities. I highly recommend getting to a high elevation and/or moving far away from coastlines. Do not be afraid, enraged or distracted by electronic media or the mainstream news. Spend more time with off line activity and try to detach from online activity. Do not be addicted to any electronics. Avoid putting any technology in your body or keeping technology on your body as much as you can. Drink clean alkaline water and bathe in clean water. We are water and water is life. Study wilderness survival. Learn how to camp and make a fire from sticks. I recommend buying land and going off grid or to an area that has no 5G towers/cell towers, powerlines or roads that a google map car can drive down. If you want a chance of surviving the next 10 years, I suggest that you get to a place where you can catch and save large amounts of clean rain. Save water and don’t rely on city sewer systems or city electricity to pump water. Stay away from GMOs, harmful drugs, food and chemicals and learn what those are. Try to source all your needs locally. Have a back up place to escape to in an emergency. Keep a book and hand write all your important contacts down on paper with ink. Keep personal things off the internet as much as possible. Be aware, be vigilant and be ready always. Make a map, grow food, save and/or make candles. Keep first-aid, medicine, flashlights, batteries and walkie talkies handy. Have tools. Stay strong, stay positive, don’t panic, help children, take care of and grow plants, feed and raise animals, volunteer, donate, teach, laugh, heal, dream, dance, sing, kiss, paint, create art, care, pray, stay smart, wake up and choose wisely. Decompress, destress and get grounded everyday. Feel sunlight and take long deep breaths in through the nose and mouth daily. Walk daily. Art will save the world and a child will lead the way. Be kind, be patient, be forgiving, and be brave. Be fair, be appreciative, be respectful and be truthful. Be happy and healthy. Educate yourself, learn everyday and be humble. Breathe while you stretch, and exercise outdoors daily. Hug, smile, and live your life. Have eyes to see and ears to hear. Let your heart guide you. Pray night and day. Lock your spiritual door and use discernment. Keep a diary. Get in touch and balance all your relationships but most of all with the people who are physically around you. Look people in the eye and speak to them face to face when you can. These are all things everyone can do. I recommend you do all these things and remember that life is precious and even one life is worth more than all the gold in the world.

-IK aka Jin Laihook

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