About Uncorrupted Truth


Welcome to the Uncorrupted Truth Official Web Page.

This is a brief explanation of what this website is.

This website is created to spread my truth and knowledge in order to help the world in a positive way. It is also a collection and compilation of accumulated information, research and experiences form myself and others. I believe that my information can help “awaken” others, help them look deeper into their own truths, just brighten someone’s day, help to inspire or bring a little hope. Perhaps this website and it’s links will help the push of suppressed knowledge and suppressed history into the public domain. Hopefully my information can help the public release of suppressed technology and prepare people for future events. If I can reach just one person, I consider my efforts a success.

“Full Disclosure” is the release and access of hoarded information, technology, history and knowledge to the entire planet for the longevity, benefit and freedom of humanity.

(This entails)

  1. Exposing of the World Wide Satanic/Artificial Intelligence cult that controls Earth by use of “Black Magic” (Electromagnetic field manipulation to hurt), Time Travel and Quantum Super Computers.
  2. Exposing of the World Wide Child Sex Ring, Slave Trade, Child Murder and Human Trafficking Operations.
  3. The release and access into the public of hoarded Space Technology, Holographic-Healing Medical Technology, Advanced Free Medicine, Free Energy and the complete Disclosure of all known Off-Earth Human Colonies on Exoplanets, Space Stations, Asteroids, and Moons. Disclosure of all Inner-Earth Cities and civilizations and hidden countries.

*Note: To get #3 we must first learn about #1 & #2.

The Goal is Planetary Solidarity, World Peace, Unhindered Harmony, Galactic Independence and Freedom for all. We will get Free, Clean Energy. It’s going to be traumatizing first. All prisoners will be freed, all slaves will be freed. There will be balance. There will be retribution. I will be with you through it all. Have Faith and so shall it be.

This website is also connected to the Official “Uncorrupted Truth” social media links that share some of the same information. Feel free to follow them.

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