Alien Federation of Israel

There is a reason the Rothschild Family crest has a UFO in the middle.
This is the video that got my main YouTube channel taken down.

The above video, is a clip of an NBC story edited together with a Wall Street Journal interview of Lord Rothschild himself talking about Israel. This video is the reason that my main YouTube channel – is now gone. I am not even allowed to sign in. Here is a screen shot of the result.

I am now the only person I know who has been kicked off of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for telling the truth.

There is no Freedom of speech on the internet and there is no American first amendment on Social Media. Social Media was never Social Media and was always Social Rating. Same as it is in China, which is why all social media apps have back doors to China. All your on-line data is mined and monitored by China thanks to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. The same Rockefellers and Rothschilds who run the American and Israeli space programs. The same Rockefellers and Rothschilds who are attempting to pitch a space war between Russia, China and the USA. They want this manufactured war to introduce a false flag alien attack in order to introduce a space travel industry and a One World, Rothschid and Artificial Intelligence Controlled Government. They have been growing and cloning fake aliens in underground laboratories for decades.

In December, “The Galactic Federation” and it’s “Aliens” made mainstream headlines as Haim Eshed, former head of Israel’s Defense Ministry’s space directorate, told Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper that Trump knows about aliens and there is even a joint base on Mars.

See one article here-

If you’re awake or have been following me for any amount of time you know that Israel as we know it, was started by the Rothschilds in 1947. The same year a Roswell UFO disc was recovered in New Mexico and taken to Area 51 in Nevada. Notice that Rothschild is a pseudonym for “Rose Child” and Roswell is a pseudonym for “Rose Well“. This family loves to use the Ra/Ro/Rao/Raoh/Rauth sound to identify themselves. This is why they are associated with Rosicrucianism, (The Rose Cross/Red Cross) and Pharaohs or “Far Rose“. They can hide their real name and origins but they can’t hide the sound they love. This family, like most illuminati families, know the Universe is built on sound. Uni = One, Verse= Sound. There is power in sounds and words which allows spelling aka spell casting or broad casting or a spell aka spelling words…and they know that all thoughts and brainwaves are sounds. Their reliance on this knowledge is their strength and weakness. The next time they change their names it will undoubtedly contain the “Ra” sound.

Here you can see an old Rosicrucian drawing of what is supposed to be a UFO from 1618 called “Temple of the Rose Cross”

As I’ve said, the illuminati are the original aliens from Mars and Phaeton ( Phaeton or Phaethon also called Tiamat or Maldek or Marduk or Krypton, was a giant planet that was destroyed by an Ice comet. The 3200 Phaethon Asteroid is merely a piece of the planet. ) and have conquered Earth over 6,000 years ago since Babylon. They have IQs of 300 and have been flying around in UFOs this whole entire time which is why the Rothschild Family crest has a UFO in the center (not a shield). The Aliens they are in league with are, the time traveling Dinosaur people from the past who are called “Serpents” and “Dragons” in the Bible. This reptilian race is using the illuminati as proxies while rewarding them with wealth and spoils in exchange for enslaving the rest of us. This Dinosaur people ruled the planet before humans and still desire to walk the Earth in modern times. We are the tax slaves used for sex, blood, and energy while the illuminati believe themselves to be the slave masters. The illuminati are the vampire slave masters who have to kiss up to the Dragon/Dinosaur race for impunity. This is our reality here on Earth. Earth is a prison planet. You’re either with them, a victim or against them.

Trump and Biden along with all other presidents are Israel worshipping, Kabbalah number technology users called Zionists. A Zionist always puts Israel first. Kabbalah is a primitive low-tech computer system, who uninitiated call- number magic, gematria or numerology. It is how they count and make money aka Babylonian money magic. My YouTube video explaining these things was taken down because an “Agent Smith” deemed it “Hate Speech” even though the video is nothing but their own words and contains absolutely no hate speech. I even state in all my media – “I do not condone nor participate in hate speech, racism, sexism, classism, violence, bulling or harassment.” Unfortunately, these Zionists like Mark Zuckerberg who is a Rockefeller control the major technology industries like Google and Facebook which are needed to count, manipulate and make their money so, I am completely censored on most all Google platforms now. Remember that the Israeli space security chief says that- the “aliens” told Trump not to disclose anything. So ask yourself, “who’s really in charge and who is taking orders from whom?” See the quick 1 min video below.

A quick explanation of who is censoring me and why.

I would never attack a race, country or religion and I am very specific in stating that it is the Rothschild dynasty (who run these institutions with money) that are the corruption. Israel and America are not the problem. It is the rulers who have deceived their citizens, sold out their fellow humanity and taken advantage of their power who are the major problems. So, what does this mean? It means that they have always kept “UFOs” a secret and have no desire to tell the public anything or allow anyone to leave this planet and travel the galaxy of free will. It means that time on Earth is up (due to coming pole shift) and they don’t care if they act like they are telling the truth. They don’t care if they are exposed because they’ve always had a plan for that. The Rothschild are 10 steps ahead. Their plan is, if Earth humanity ever wants to travel space, they will only be traveling to other Rothschild owned colonies or similar enslaved planets that still run under a Artificial Intelligence control, Reptilian rule and Tax system. They will not give Earth humans any intergalactic freedom and anywhere people travel in the galaxy, they will be forced to use the Rothschilds permission, infrastructure and technology to do it. It will continue to be a Master and Slave dynamic no matter what planet or asteroid you try to go to. The Rothchilds have been using slaves, clones and abductees to build these colonies for the last 100+ years. The same way you need to pay for a plane ticket and use a jet to travel to another banker owned country, is the same way you will be traveling in space. Just a bigger prison for the haves and have-nots with the 1% at the top. Meanwhile, they simply use teleportation technology ( that they will continue to keep from everyone) to travel. That is their plan and that is your future unless you wake up now.

Israel is named for Is=Isis, Moon Goddess / Ra= Sun God / El= Saturn aka Satan. Moon, Sun , Saturn is their solar system control network with operation facilities located on and around each heavenly body.

Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

-I.K. aka Jin

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5 thoughts on “Alien Federation of Israel

  1. Thank you Jin for for ypur information so much! Some of the info is known to the awaken humanity, some is quite shockong and conects some dots. But you know what is missing so much? It is “what can we do?” part! The silution! That is something that gives hope to move to the direscion of love ant light. What can we all do? Othervise after reading of all this truth I just ger scared and want to forget it all to not go crazy ant live my remaining life with at least some joy.. Once again, thank you so much for your imput and sheding light on the truth!! Love and peace! Jurgita

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    1. The answer to “what can we do” must be decided by “we” as in-us. As more people know the truth, those that know, must create the solution as a group. One person can’t decide for everyone. No one is free until we’re all free. We’re all here together and what we decide as a whole will be our fate. So my suggestion for now is to simply wake more people up first. Anything 7 billion people put their minds to becomes possible. We must avoid isolation and division in my opinion.


  2. Jin there is a Human on this planet too who is now called I AM RA THE ONE INFINITE CREATOR And he rules space now he has got rid of all them nasties from earth and his full space there gone


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