Contact is the secret, is the moment, when everything happens. Contact is the answer, is the reason, that everything happens.

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Evil, Satanic people have sent the slaves of the A.I. to cyber hack, attack and stalk me. So, I must be cautious and write this disclaimer. My objectors would love to find dirt and sensitive information on me to use against me and/or black mail me. They desperately look for faults since I am a voice of criticism of the status quo. I have never claimed to be perfect or a saint but hacking and stalking is illegal and those are things I do not do. The trolls have been a huge problem on social media and have attempted to attack this website dozens of times. So, I do address trolls and the people who pay them, in general and brief ways just to let them know that their attempts to gather shameful dirt on me and silence me are a waste of time and money.

( For years, I have been writing my own confessions and testimony which will be released in a book. The full details of my life story will be uploaded in PDF book form to this website at a later date for free download…The hackers were paid to gather private and sensitive information so that the people who are afraid of me can feel powerful and have control over me. They want to know who I am, who I know and what dirty secrets and faults I have. However, you can’t shame anyone or black mail anyone who is already willing to confess everything in a book. Which means that no one has power or control over me when it comes to this matter. )


If you try to comment under a fake name, or pose as a previous commenter, or pose as a family member or friend, I will know. If you pretend to be someone you’re not in my comments, I will know your comment is fake, your comment will be ignored and reported to authorities. So, trolls who do this are only fools wasting their time and jeopardizing their employer, but hey, fall in to my troll-trap by all means, I mean you’re getting paid anyway right? Bad guys need money the most right? No troll comment can stop me or this website, stop my influence or stop my blog posting. I’m safe and I will stay that way. I’m happy and I’m healthy and I will stay that way. I can and will continue to spread truth on the internet from a safe distance and there’s nothing anyone can do about it and that’s the bottom line. I have planned well for the future and I live happily ever after. To trolls I say “thank you for making my video views and website views go up.” By cyber stalking me, trolls make my views go up. By trolling me, trolls make a poor example of themselves and their employers while giving me more validation that what I’ve said is the truth. The trolls are also making people more interested in my information by making my information look unfairly persecuted. So, “mahalo” to those poor fools, the trolls and their masters.

I anticipated that this information and website would be attacked by cyber trolls aka “the bad guys” aka “the thought police” aka the artificial intelligence slaves and A.I. invasion force. These people are like flies in my web. So, If you feel it is your job to harass me, remember that I will know. I can even tell when a troll is pretending to be someone else. I can easily tell a comment from a sincere person, a troll or an A.I. If a troll is trying to upset me with racial slurs, personal attacks, twisting specific information from my videos against me, using my private information like text messages or private inboxes to taunt or black mail me, that is a pathetic crime and so is any other type of cyber harassment. Trolls are wasting their time and incurring unnecessary bad karma against themselves. Trolls know that in real life they could never stand toe to toe with me and I would easily humiliate them face to face. So, they hide like cowards and villains. Trolls are nameless, faceless, credit-less, cyber bullies and nerds for hire. There is no reverence or honor in what they do. Everyone should pray for their lost souls because trolls are seriously lacking spiritual intelligence and discernment. Real champions of the people walk with the people and show their faces in public. If a troll and their employers cannot walk with the people, or debate in the open, face to face, then they are not of the people. Everyone should realize that part of my strategy is to actually get trolled because –

  1. It gives me proof and examples that show my real supporters and observers that censorship and cyber harassment against honest, innocent civilians are real.
  2. It allows me to test the system and analyze troll methods which help me develop more effective methods to adjust and counter.
  3. It legitimizes my information and claims, otherwise trolls would ignore me.
  4. It incriminates the trolls and their programs.
  5. It forces the trolls to learn the truth inadvertently by spying on me.

Troll harassment is ineffective against me for the simple fact that I know it is coming from a troll and is therefore insincere and not to be taken seriously. I find it humorous and pitiful that someone would waste time and money trying in vain to silence or discredit me. I think of trolls as poor souls who are afraid to live off-grid, away from capitals, grow their own food, live high above sea level, away from coastlines, collect rainwater, hunt, fish and live without reliance on electronics or money. If you do live off-grid, away from capitals, grow your own food, live high above sea level, away from coastlines, collect rainwater, hunt, fish and live without reliance on electronics or money, then you would definitely not be trolling me. I know very clearly who supports me. I know very clearly who and what kind of person would attempt to attack me and trolls are no serious threat by any means. The trolls are like fleas or jealous cyber jockeys who could never imagine living life as carefree, open and independent as I do, being born and raised in a tropical paradise.

All cyber stalker messages, cyber trolling, cyber harassment, cyber bullying emails, comments and messages are documented and reported to the proper authorities. There are many laws against cyber crime and the information on my attackers will always be given to the proper authorities. 18 U.S. Code Section 2261A prohibits the federal crime of stalking and has been amended to include actions taken online to harass, injure, harm, or intimidate a person. If you’d like to help fight the trolls, please leave many nice comments! The trolls and their employers really hate anything that makes me look legitimate, serious or popular.

By attacking me, you identify yourself as a villain on the side of evil and oppression. Anyone who trespasses or transgresses against me is only hurting themselves energetically and spiritually. Attacking me, builds a case against you and might get you targeted by righteous groups. If I’m not safe on the internet, then no one is safe on the internet. Many groups, good and bad, high and low are watching me. Even cyber security and so-called “professionals” can become targets. No weapon forged against me will prevail, and every tongue that accuses me will be refuted. By reading this, you have been advised. Let those without sin, cast the first stone. Condemn and you shall be condemned. All ill-willed intent will only reflect back to the sender. We fight not against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. Eyes in the sky are looking at us even from a distance and if you can see me, don’t think I can’t see you too. Looking at me, gets you looked at. So, be careful and don’t waste your time trying to hurt me, I promise you’ll regret it when you sit or lay silently by yourself. Only a fool would attempt to make an enemy out of me so may God have mercy on your poor, misguided, unfortunate soul if you do.


Criminals would like to discourage me from speaking and would hate for me to have any influence that would ruin their rigged elections or business profits. So, any and all positive support is greatly appreciated and effective that helps me to spread this important information. By leaving a positive comment on this website, you are fighting against trolls and corruption!

If you’re a genuine person and not a troll, don’t hesitate to reach out with the contact information below, or send a message using the form. I mainly work alone so please be patient with my response. Thank you to everyone who’s sent me useful information or kind compliments or words of encouragement. Please do not send me video links or YouTube videos. I do not have time to watch them all. If you have valuable information or questions or you’d like to contribute, I’d like to see it. I don’t entertain negativity or haters. Haters get special prayers so that they see the errors of their ways, and your negative energy will be your own demise. If a legitimate viewer has honest criticism, it is fine. If there is anyone I know personally and you have a grudge, or vendetta against me then reach out personally. A person hurling belligerent harassment directed toward me or obsessed with me, is in need of mental health and spiritual healing. I’m not here to argue or debate.

Please only contact me if you have nice, friendly, positive comments or useful information that I do not have. God bless.

Mahalo and Thank You!

-IK aka Jin Laihook

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