“The 5G Threat” with Dr. Debra Greene

https://keepyourpower.org/ http://debragreene.com/ ( Dr.Greene’s views are not necessarily those of the interviewer or of this channel. ) https://uncorruptedtruth.com/ Interview from October, Saturday, 2, 2020. *Video can also be found in “interview” section of the video library page. https://www.biometricvaccine.com/ To protect against 5G, you can buy special clothes.- https://getlambs.com/ LIST OF POLITICIANS IN HAWAII AGAINST 5G:Continue reading ““The 5G Threat” with Dr. Debra Greene”

Why the Virus? Why Now?

(Originally posted 5 months ago on Facebook, April 2020. ) “To be clear there are 4 aspects to this virus. The illuminati never does anything unless it has multiple effects and meanings. Here is the truth about the virus- 1. The Chinese strain was a genetically engineered bio-weapon strain that was released and activated viaContinue reading “Why the Virus? Why Now?”

War on the Deep State Update 9/2020

September 2020 I’m getting information that in October “they” might actually hit us with a real virus. But prior I heard it is not possible to release real bioweapons on Earth because of planet law. There are many hidden countries and independent nations not on the illuminati map that we are not told of andContinue reading “War on the Deep State Update 9/2020”