War on the Deep State Update 9/2020

September 2020

I’m getting information that in October “they” might actually hit us with a real virus. But prior I heard it is not possible to release real bioweapons on Earth because of planet law. There are many hidden countries and independent nations not on the illuminati map that we are not told of and they have threatened to intervene on any weapons effecting the Earth. The illuminati it seems can only control the banking countries they own with spell casting. Apparently, all biological threats are easily tracked and scanned from advanced satellites. The bio weapon from china was quickly neutralized last year by bio warfare units. Any and all disease can be cured with advanced hologram, nano machine and beam tech. But the media has been responsible for the brainwashing that the common flu is the deadly covid 19 up till now. So far it has worked to lock down Earth. Fear is their most powerful weapon of control.

I’m not sure how or why a real virus could be released or how the illuminati plans to do this but i know they are desperate and are losing so they will take the big final risks. Perhaps it is the vaccine, or tests that will administer the virus? I suspect it may not be a virus but a chemtrailed or 5g roll out weapon that will simulate virus symptoms. Apparently we will be locked down indefinitely until 2022? This will completely collapse America as a sacrifice as was planned (Like Rome). The illuminati seems to have regained control of their weather manipulation satellites and are using them to burn america, with paid arsonists (Like Rome). This is obvious because many arsonists have been caught (the media will not report) and the fires conveniently and suspiciously stop at the Canadian and Mexico Boarder.

George Soros funded the BLM and Antifa race wars that are in full effect. The Mexico wall is to keep everyone who is a SSN tax slave trapped in the U.S. country. Sadly, the Earth Alliance and illuminati have negotiated because the illuminati had placed bombs all over the world in major cities , volcanos and underwater methane deposits long ago when they were building America… They have many laws, contingencies, black mail and sabotage plans, that If they were to get caught or jeopardized these bombs/plans would be activated like a kill switch for their insurance. The situation seems dire. I’m sorry friends. It is up to us! I wish i had good news. It seems the prophesies must be fulfilled. Contracts were signed and many gave up their rights long ago. There are the “Galactic Federation of Light” space fleets waiting to help, but because of planet law they cannot come in unless summoned in mass. The egg must be cracked from the inside out. Trump is slated to be the last President and will fulfill his 2 term agreement. Not even he or Q can stop what’s coming. They plan to kill at least 1/3rd by 2025. The gears are in motion and unless people take off all masks and take matters into their own hands and find harmony, we will simply be passengers on the ride.

Internet videos and posts are just not enough. Take care of friends, family and loved ones. Many people lived through the great depression and WW2… So can we. Have faith. Stay strong and don’t panic. It will get worse before and after elections. I wish I had good news but as long as the majority chooses to follow their pedophile-vampire-over lords, we are in trouble. It all comes down to free will after all. If some one chooses to jump off a cliff, there’s not much to do but pray for them. We won’t be able to save all, but with this information at least we can save some. Aloha friends. I’ll be here with you all till the end. Don’t give up. Hang on.

Published by jinlaihook

I'm here to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Revelation, Resolution, Renaissance. Truth seeker, truth speaker, peace maker. A humble messenger.

2 thoughts on “War on the Deep State Update 9/2020

  1. Well if they’re going to release a real virus, maybe it’s time to actually wear the mask? I know it doesn’t help much. But..


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