Why the Virus? Why Now?

(Originally posted 5 months ago on Facebook, April 2020. )

“To be clear there are 4 aspects to this virus. The illuminati never does anything unless it has multiple effects and meanings. Here is the truth about the virus-

1. The Chinese strain was a genetically engineered bio-weapon strain that was released and activated via 5G by the Chinese illuminati and Bill Gates.This strain will absolutely kill you. This is because The Rothschilds and Rockefellers have moved assets to China. The 13 bloodlines are merging for the One-World agenda. The Li family/Dragon Families are the Illuminati rulers of China. This was done to start the travel ban for the up-coming dollar crash so the bankers can sacrifice their stocks and low-level illuminati pawns to move in to cryptocurrency which runs on 5G and the illuminati computer systems. Don’t worry, they don’t release super virus weapons without a cure and counter measure to protect themselves. “Quarantine” is used as Martial Law. This is also set up to cause a CHINA vs America War.

2. The normal strain is the flu/common cold, that many people get and live through. This can kill you with small chance but can be avoided by normal good hygiene practices. This is the strain in the rest of the world. The news is paid by the illuminati to advertise this in a massive psychological operation. The goal is A.I. dependence.

3. There is a Placebo/hypochondriac/munchausen syndrome effect that make people sick due to worry. These people actually have no virus but experience symptoms due to panic, stress and anxiety.

4. Then, there are the liars that are saying they are sick such as the pope, Tom Hanks, The Rock and more because they are using the virus as an excuse for running away and/or being arrested for their deep-state pedophilia, satanic sacrifice and satanic ritual abuse crimes…

Of course the media is owned 100% by the “deep state”/illuminati and is using this crisis as a cover story for the general public. The “good guys” are also allowing this cover story to exist as they try to quietly arrest many deep-state, pedophile, money laundering, racketeering and murdering criminals in politics, media and church. If it all goes well, we be free of the oil system.

We do need to watch out for the Artificial Intelligence as it has infected nearly everything at this point and is a big problem. The illuminati are dug in like ticks and things are very complex and convoluted. This “virus” is just one phase of a big plan. It’s 20/20 and all things shall be revealed. The important thing is Protect your loved ones, friends and family first. Stay safe, be ready, stay positive, pray and don’t panic. God bless.

There’s more to it but I hope this clears things up for you all. On a final note, any and all diseases can be cured with technology such as the holographic med beds, lights, frequencies and nano tech that the elites have and with hope will be released to the public. It would help if you in mass, start to demand the release of these patents and technology… Aloha.”

Further More-

The world ruling illuminati, know that a cyclical “Mass Coronal Solar Ejection” event is imminent. This solar event will knock out all electronics, cause a communication black out and create a window of opportunity for survivors to break free of illuminati control. The goal of the illuminati is to have everyone vaccinated with a bio-metric vaccine and connected to the internet before this event. The Artificial Intelligence wants as much Earth data to download off world before its Earth Based systems are destroyed. Also, these vaccines will change your DNA and hider the solar flares ability to evolve your DNA though light radiation absorption. The more tech in your body, the more you will suffer and/or parish.

The virus was an excuse to lock-down the planet in preparation for this event and create an excuse for the vaccine, make everyone work at home on the computer via the Artificial Intelligence systems and/or become jobless. Working on the computer and becoming jobless makes people dependent on digital currency and a universal basic income, digital credit system (controlled by the Artificial Intelligence.)

So, the elites will continue to push excuse for lock down in order to get un-employment numbers up to the point people will accept a credit system. That is why you are wearing a mask and that is why you are on lock down. There is no real, world-wide, out of control virus. The illuminati controls everything as of now.

Now you should understand all you need to about the virus. Virus=Mask=Vaccine=Artificial Intelligence Control=Transhuman Slave.

Corona Virus=Crown=Sun Corona=Coronal Mass Ejection.

-Ian aka Jin

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I'm here to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Revelation, Resolution, Renaissance. Truth seeker, truth speaker, peace maker. A humble messenger.

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