Mask Programming

How the masses were pre-programmed to wear masks. This is how deep the plan, the brainwashing, the subliminal messaging, and mental conditioning goes.

This video exposing the MASK agenda was banned off YouTube

See the above video that was banned by YouTube for exposing the MASK agenda. People ask me who I watch on YouTube and who is telling all the truth on YouTube. My answer is “no one.” The fact that videos and channels like mine have been constantly pulled down with less than 100 views and within 24hr is proof. My main YouTube channel of 16 years, “Jinlaihook” was erased off the internet last year with 1,000s of hours of content, subscribers, and views. Now, my new YouTube channel “Uncorrupted Truth” has 1 strike and it’s because the above video. They really are afraid of us.

Puppets of the Satanic Shadow Government

What this means for the rest of the world is that the “thought police” are one step closer to total control and edit of the mind. The word Government means Mind Control.

Govern Ment
Govern Mental
Govern the Mental
Government = Mind Control

We know that the YouTube censorship is unjust because although YouTube can declare a video broke a community guideline, they fail to explain how or when it was. Not even a time stamp is noted in the violation notification. But, as you will notice, at no time did I say the words “COVID-19,” “COVID-19 Vaccine,” or even “Vaccine.” In a court of law, the accused has a right to the discovery or evidence held against them. YouTube clearly does what they please and can’t even create a legitimate claim that would hold water in fair court. I contested the strike but it was instantaneously rejected. The video was either flagged by an agent or the A.I. system has become highly detailed in identifying any information that is a threat against it. Either way, that level of censorship is not good news for anyone seeking the truth… Let that be an example of how tight the “net” grows.

Below are the infographics used to support my talking points in the video. They provide a definition of predictive programming and give a short overview of mask propaganda in movies, TV shows, music videos, and fashion. I’m sure you may find many more examples. Please watch the video and read the slides for more details. Feel free to spread this information, download, and/or share. God Bless. Aloha.

IK aka Jin

Masks in movies.
Masks in music.

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