YouTube just pulled THIS bombshell video down!

The original video was titled “PSA Surviving Lockdown
The description was “How to Survive Lockdown and what will happen.”

(A tale of censorship, deplatforming, vaccines and lockdown with Covid timeline!)

In the above video, I talk about “Medical Martial Law“, a stimulus check, no return to school, riots, protests, fires and military giving vaccines. I talk about Bill Gates and DARPA. I talk about unemployment, the great system reset and rationing for food shortages. The date of the upload was March/20/2020. It was one week after Trump declared a national emergency (Friday, March/13/2020). In this video, I literally warned of everything that happened and is yet to happen. Since YouTube has just pulled it down, the video is now obviously more relevant than ever! The video description had links such as the court cases-

Court Case:

As well as a link as to who runs/funds the CDC-

Who funds the CDC:

A link to when the pandemic was planned-

When the Pandemic was planned:

A link to children saved-

35,000 kids saved! By pentagon task Force reporter:

Why is a video that I uploaded in March/2020 pulled down in November/2020, 8 months later? Well, a lot that I said in that video has come true and happened since I accurately stated it in that video. Importantly, the video was originally a Facebook live video uploaded to my two Facebook pages. ( and ) at the time the Facebook fact checkers and algorithms had not yet censored me. My Twitter account had already been deleted without notice or explanation back in August 2018. That was the weekend before the CIA operative known as Alex Jones (formerly Bill Hicks) had been deplatformed. Alex Jones was picked to be the first example of deplatforming and censorship to everyone else who tried to use google sites to release truth. Suddenly, in early September, 2020, my Facebook page with over 4000+ followers had been deleted without explanation or warning. This was the month that Gen. Gustave Perna stated that all Americans would be getting vaccines in 24hrs under operation “Warp Speed”. That FB page was just my back up. I still had my main FB page ( with over 6,500+ followers. Operation “Warp Speed” was actually introduced in April 2020. Clearly a vaccine was always the agenda.

Now in November, 2020, “Sleepy Joe” has announced his “Coronavirus Task Force”. Then finally on Sunday, November, 15, 2020, my main Facebook page was mysteriously deleted without warning or explanation. That social media site was my primary weapon against mainstream propaganda because I could garner thousands of views and shares on a single post. I had that page for over 10 years with 6,500+ followers who were doctors, lawyers, military, police, firefighters, nurses, reporters, friends, family, teachers and co-workers to name a few. Then, coincidently, mafia puppet, millionaire Governor of Hawaii, David IGE, issued a statewide mask mandate with a $5,000 fine and a year in jail penalty the very next day (November 16th). Many “blue” states are doing this along with curfews. Then, November 17th, Facebook and Twitter go before the senate to testify on censorship in a public circus, live-streamed on YouTube to hopefully placate guys like me.

I believe they took out my Facebook because I could interrupt the mask mandate propaganda. The mask mandate is to set people up for the vaccine mandate. They wont let you leave your house until you get vaccinated. Once you do, you will be able to take off your mask and enter stores with a bracelet showing you’ve been vaccinated. Essential workers will get a badge or some such system. On November, 17th of 2020, The public spectacle of confronting Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey on the NEWS about topics such a Hunter Biden’s Laptop, Trumps censoring, New York Post censoring and Politico Website censoring had no baring on me not being able to warn my friends about vaccines on Facebook. So you see, they’re not really under the gun of the senate. If they were, the senate would of confronted Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO on his Satanic pedophilia…which they didn’t.

On my YouTube page – (yet to be deleted) I posted a MSN news story that said American police were being trained with Hitler quotes. That post was deleted by YT without my consent within hours. Later, MSN deleted the story itself. I wrote along with that post that- “there was a time when Jews had a chance to leave Nazi Germany before the holocaust. As Americans, we are now living in that same time.” You can see why my post was deleted. Take a wild guess who runs the USA… “Zion” and “Nazi” are very similar words for a reason…In one month from October to November I lost 100 subscribers from Youtube due to Shadow banning.

Well, I found the same story under a new link-

So let’s recap a general and relative timeline shall we-

2010: Rockefellers publish a manifesto entitled “Operation Lockstep”. This ultimatum explains how the Rockefellers plan to complete the New World Order by faking a global outbreak.

2011: CIA decides to tell the NEWS that their 911 operative Tim Osman aka Osama Bin Laden is dead and give him a proper Naval Burial by throwing him in the ocean. The CIA also kills their North Korean puppet operative Kim Jong-Il, and put his puppet son in as figure head. A weather weapon is shot at Japan causing a Tsunami and creates the Fukushima meltdown.

2012: Jimmy Savile exposed for sexually abusing 100s of kids.

2013: Rockefeller Edward Snowden is picked by the CIA to blow the whistle on domestic spying via cellphones, email and social media.

2014: Bill Gates under the Pirbright Institute create and patent Coronavirus. Patent #US10130701B2

2016 March: John Podesta and Hilary’s pedophile Emails are leaked by WikiLeaks.

2017 October: Harvey Weinstein, Hollywood rapist exposed.

2018 January: CIA shoots a missile from a submarine from off the coast of Hawaii and aims it at Honolulu. Mutiny occurs on the submarine and the missile is aborted. Crisis averted. North Korean/ Chinese/ American War is postponed.

2018 August: Alex Jones, CIA operative who reports on Satanic pedophiles is compromised and censored off Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

2019 August: Kary Mullis the creator of PCR testing is murdered. Kary said that anyone can test positive for anything with PCR testing. This test is the reason why anyone with Flu, Pneumonia or the common cold is diagnosed with Covid 19.

2019 August: Jeffrey Epstein killed. His flight list was full of politicians like Clinton, billionaires like Bill Gates and entertainers like Tom Hanks.

2019 October: The illuminati meet in NYC to commence “Event 201”. The start of the global pandemic psychological operation.

2019 November: Wu-han “outbreak”.

2020 March, Friday the 13th: Trump declares a National Emergency and gives FEMA control of the USA.

2020 March, 20th: I upload the above Facebook live video to YouTube.

2020 April: “Operation Warp Speed” a military vaccination campaign begins.

2020 April: CIA puppet operative Kim Jong Un is terminated and his sister is groomed for leadership.

2020 May: George Floyd is murdered in a Masonic kneeling ritual while saying “I can’t breathe”. The “I can’t breathe spell” and George Soros funded race wars in blue states are simultaneously kicked off.

2020 June: Senator Josh Hawley allows a bill to sue Social Media for $5000 ( same as mask fee) for censorship under Section 230 of The Communications act of 1934.

2020 September: My back up Facebook is deleted without warrant or warning.

2020 November: Sleepy Joe announces mandatory Masks, Lockdowns and Vaccines under his new Coronavirus Task Force.

2020 November 15th: My Main Facebook with 6,500+ followers goes down with out warning or explanation.

2020 November 16th: IGE mandates masks in Hawaii for his mafia buddies.

2020 November 17th: Twitter, Facebook and Google CEOs go before Senate on YouTube live to play dumb about being pedophiles and ruling the world.

So here we are now. To censor a guy like me means things are bad. I could lose my YouTube at anytime. I have created a back up just incase. Please add it so I may continue to inform you. The current address is –

The censors really don’t want me to warn you. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep this website a little while longer. God willing The Chinese illuminati/CIA don’t shutdown the USA internet with a false flag EMP attack or “Operation Dark Sky” does not come into effect. I wish I could say things will quickly get better but I can’t. I wish there was an easy answer but there isn’t. The Art of war is to confuse the enemy then blind them. We’ve experienced a lot of confusion and this censorship is the beginning of blinding. The truth is you’re not in a pandemic, you’ve been under lockdown. The pedophiles who control the NEWS and politics are the ones making you wear a mask and the ones locking you down. They are the ones who want to vaccinate you, to mutate your DNA while they will not vaccinate themselves. I’ve already explained previously how vaccines cause autism and have MRC-5 made from aborted fetus.

I’ve already explained how the vaccine is the mark of the beast, the prison camp number tattoos of Auschwitz. The vaccine will be a biometric vaccine for your social rating and tracking. COVID = Certificate Of Vaccination Identification. A=1, I=9. 19=A.I. English gematria for Covid 19 =666. 666 is Mark of the Beast. Don’t ever forget that these people are Kabbalists. Kabbalah is number magic. You don’t need a vaccine for a 99% survival rate

See the video below from the “horse’s mask” yourself. The video is Gen. Gustave Perna saying “All of America must receive vaccine within 24hrs”. The holocaust was practice for what’s about to happen. The ones who refuse will be put into camp. America, England, Australia, New Zealand and Canada are about to go through hell. They’ll do it when everyone’s home. Most likely a holiday. Before hand the news will say there’s a “super spreader event” or “Highest cases in one day…” This will scare the public to accept it. It will be ugly. Some will fight back. They want the Red to fight the blue. They want civil war. They want the red to fight the military so they have an excuse for even more sever lockdowns and prison camps. All the online censorship was for this-To stop others from warning. Many states are implementing curfews and mask mandates. Like I said, mask mandate is precursor to vaccine mandate. They took down many FB and YT accounts to stop the truth from disrupting the propaganda. They will use electronics and 5g to track you. Now you know why the Mexico wall went up-So Americans could not escape. Now’s your chance to escape the country. Hurry. You have weeks. Hard choices will have to be made. Agenda 21 is here. Good luck. God bless. Aloha.

IK aka Jin

All of America must receive vaccine within 24hrs

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