Cure for Covid

*See the fact sheet above. This blog will be about the facts presented in the image of this post. Please feel free to copy and save, print out, share or post up these facts to help people.

See- ( )

Covid Fatality Ratio. From the CDC website. See the link above.

“Infection Fatality Ratio”

0-19 years: 0.00002% Chance of dying…

20-49 years: 0.00007%

50-69 years: 0.0025%

70+ years: 0.028

When I told people about this, some of them misunderstood. Having a 0% fatality ratio doesn’t mean that nobody died. What it does mean, is that out of a population of 7 Billion, the odds of dying from “Covid-19” are very slim. That means a very small percent of people who actually contract the virus will die.

It is important to note that most everyone who “died” already had prior illness or preexisting health problems. Further more, it has been oddly suspicious that many Governors and Mayors of states will not allow outside testing, auditing or independent fact checking of these death tolls. Many have even claimed that some doctors, coroners, nurses and families have been paid to exaggerate these numbers. The corporate News media also plays a big roll in manipulating data. Since the News media is paid for by the billionaires and trillionaires for political agenda and commercial profit, they have an incredible incentive and important part to play in perpetuating false data and objecting to any independent facts…more about that later.

“PCR tests cannot distinguish between live virus and non-infective RNA. This means the test cannot distinguish covid from a cold or measles” – Department of Health.

Although that statement is true, when googled, mainstream News media such as (ABC) try to debunk it. Many “fact checking” sites are paid for by political campaigns, corporations and billionaires to cover their own crimes and perpetuate their own lies. After all, anyone can make a website…just look at mine…

“There is a chance a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family or viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold”- Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

*See link for above statement-( )

Many people who get tested or contract pneumonia, the flu, fever, the common cold… etc. are diagnosed with Covid-19. This enables the media to endlessly perpetuate the virus narrative every flu season. As we know, there is no cure for the common cold and there never will be. Case in point, in 2019 pneumonia killed 4,000,000 people worldwide while Covid has only killed 631,000 in 2020 by comparison. Covid is the perfect excuse to scare everyone into doing whatever the governments say and limiting citizens in anyway those governments see fit. It is normal to get sick every year. Notice how the media never promotes vitamins, fruits or vegetables as a preemptive measure or aid in curing. This is because the agenda is a bio-metric vaccine.

“The widespread use of masks by healthy people in the community setting is not yet supported by high-quality or direct scientific evidence.” -World Health Organization.

Did you know that “the mask” is a satanic ritual? Also, the Artificial Intelligence is learning to identify people by their eyes only, with obscured faces, even if you wear a motorcycle helmet. This is crucial to the Artificial control system. Once the A.I. has the entirety of society mapped, it can then monitor and police you. Wearing a mask can also cause a number of health problems such as Legionnaires’ disease, shortness of breath, acne, hyperventilation, dizziness and even allow you to breathe your own bacteria in. Further more, people like Dr. Ted Noel have proven the ineffectiveness of masks to prevent the spread of nanoparticles through the air. In reality, they want you to take a vaccine in order to remove your mask. The vaccine is the next part of the plan.

*See the link- ( )

So what is the plan and purpose of masks and coronavirus?

Step 1: The mask.

*limit access to travel & food.

Most stores and restaurants will not let you enter unless you have a mask. This is prepping you for a mandatory biometric vaccine. As you’ve probably noticed, travel has been limited and testing is required in many cases before flying. People are not allowed on the bus without a mask.

*Tech Billionaires get 637+ Billion richer while 840,000+ Americans go unemployed.

This is to crash the dollar in order to force everyone into a “universal income” or digital currency. You can see the Forbes article where it states that tech moguls like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos as well as Microsoft have actually profited during this “pandemic”. While local business closes, Google, Zoom and computer based commerce sky rocket for the A.I. agenda.

*See the link for the above statement- ( )

*Blame China for WW3.

As the English speaking countries crumble, China will become the number 1 economy. You will see certain people in the Media blaming China for many things, including the “Virus”.

*Make the Police look inept.

Planned riots and black vs white racial issues divide the country while police are helpless and accused of being racist and corrupt. This will give the A.I. the authority it needs to police people, seemingly without racial bias.

Step 2: The Biometric Vaccine

*Biometric Vaccine Push.

The idea is to make people beg for the biometric vaccine with the promise that if they get vaccinated, they no longer have to wear a mask. What is a Biometric vaccine?

“Blockchain-powered Digital ID is here and currently being tested in the U.S. It’s already being implemented within the homeless population in America in Austin Texas. Hereafter it may be labeled under the term BioMetric Vaccines where Big pharma and micro-processors can be imbedded inside the skin. A Digital ID that’s interfaced directly with your computer hard drive and controlled by the [Tech] giants.”- as stated by .

Unfortunately, the homeless have always been used to test drugs and more by governments. Most likely the states and cities with the most homeless will have vaccines first.

*The A.I. can trace and track all people vaccinated.

So, really the vaccine is just an excuse to put tiny machines in your blood stream to connect you to a computer monitoring and control system. This is why the vaccines will come pre-packaged and won’t be allowed to be independently tested or opened.

*Small business eliminated.

When all small business is eliminated it will force those people who owned those business to be the first to get universal income. It will also force everyone else to get their food and goods from big corporations like Walmart, Costco, McDonald’s, Burger King, 711, Target, Amazon and Walgreens… etc.

*Police defunded.

With the police defunded, this will justify private security companies, UN troops, Foreign troops and eventually The A.I. with it’s drone army to take over in control of policing humans.

Step: 3 The GOAL

*Cashless society. Social credit rating system. Digital money.

Some people have noticed the advent of bitcoin and crypto currency. Well, to move into a completely digital currency, the paper fiat money needs to diminish its value. This is accomplished by the closing of banks, and the crash of the American economy. Once the number 1 economy is dismantled business by business, the new digital system can be implemented. Many approaches to this are taken such as “universal basic income” as we see in South Korea ( ) Or Hawaii’s own Restaurant food card- ( ). Whether it be “social rating” or “Apple Pay,” the point of all of these methods is to get rid of cash and put all currency in domain of the A.I..

Notice how most of the same Tech giants that have profited since the pandemic have also invested in digital currency or the systems that the digital currency will run on.

*Only those plugged into the A.I. can travel or buy food.

We see this happening in China now…

*A.I. becomes the police. If you disobey, the A.I. shuts off your food and travel.

Finally, the GWEN towers, satellites, dishes, antennas and Wi-Fi systems can use the new 5G grid to monitor you and police you! If the cameras see you breaking the law, or if you are tracked to an area that you are not allowed or if you even say or do anything forbidden online, the Artificial Intelligence can send out a beam that injures you or even puts you to sleep. We have seen this with the military’s “Active Denial System.” The A.I. can also deploy it’s drone army to monitor, hunt, and assault you. When this happens you will be living in a 1984, Orwellian, New World Order, where Big Brother reigns supreme.

*A.I. is worshipped as God.

Yes, its true. They worship the A.I. as their God and they want you to too. In 2017, the first robot named “Sophia” was given citizenship and democratized. This is so the robot can work for digital money, replace you and ultimately pay you for working for it. Soon education will be completely digital and children will receive “electronic brain link” (EBL) downloads of information instead of going to school. Elon Musk has already debuted his “Neuralink”. In many ways people already rely on their smart phones for all answers, entertainment, communication and interactions. Some people are already worshipping google as God. (See- )

See also- ( ). To find out more about when this pandemic was actually planned.

If any of this happens, it’s because you didn’t stop it. If you’re reading this, you are the resistance.

-Jin aka IK

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