Guide to UFO pilots

Guide to “UFO” pilots

A guide to UFOs with a general explanation, answers and information on “UFO” related topics. Everything you need to know and get you started is below. There is a lot of mystery, misinformation and missing information to the very convoluted and mostly secret “UFO” program. Many things must be clearly understood if one wants to understand the answer behind the enigma of what people think a “UFO” is. This blog post along with its info-graphics should be studied and read thoroughly and carefully. Once done, the reader will have a better understanding in to the general reality of “UFOs” and their occupants. The 5 infographics in THIS blog should be studied together to complete a base knowledge for understanding the answer to “UFOs”

First, we must understand what a “UFO” is. The term Unidentified, Flying Object could mean anything from a bird, balloon, ball lightning, swamp gas or an actual nuts and blots top-secret machine. The term Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon could also mean anything from a ball lightning, a hologram, a vortex or a top-secret military space craft. Both terms are broad, but the information in this blog will pertain to machines that were built, made or created with the intent to travel through space and/or time.

Next, we must understand how these crafts operate. There are many types of propulsion that would qualify an object to be considered strange or top-secret. These range from typical jet engines to Ion engines, nuclear engines and rocket engines, anti-matter drives to the secret of mercury plasma engines, torsion drives, magnetohydrodynamic drives (MHD) or electrostatic propulsion…Some of these crafts use multiple propulsion methods. The more complex and secret craft, use electrogravitics. Electrogravitic Systems are mostly secret because the technology requires no fuel in some cases and works on the very real zero-point energy. This is possible because the entire universe is electric as stated by Tesla. The public is kept from this technology and science because it would make gasoline obsolete and the oil industry is a monopoly which runs much of academia and trade economy. After all, there is no money to be made from Zero-point free energy. The nature of these crafts are also dealing with covert war tactics, space travel and time travel so the public is kept in the dark because with current geo-political situations and economics the implications would be extremely disruptive. Most of the advanced craft that leave the Earth, that are disk, torpedo or ovoid shaped are of a magnetic nature. They are using what is known as torsion physics. This is the natural magnetic force that creates tornados and ocean waves. The mainstream is paid to dub this science as bunk but it is done so at the demand of the oil industry. You may study Viktor Schauberger to learn more. He helped the Germans create some of the modern secret space craft during the time of the 1930-1940s. You may also look into the Nazi/Vril “Haunebu.” If these crafts are traveling through time or vast distances through space, an advanced Artificial Intelligence system is often used to plot the complex mathematics needed for navigation. If these crafts are manipulating the electromagnetic field, then sometimes they are not traveling linear like a rocket but rather, they are using a worm-hole type principle for what is sometimes perceived to be instant travel from point A-B. This is done because that travel is done so out-side of 3D linear space time.

So, the abilities of these magnetic crafts are immense. Remember, that to create and manipulate your own localized magnetic filed and then exist in that bubble makes you inert to all surrounding gravitational fields. To some it up briefly-

A “UFO” that can generate and control it’s own electromagnetic field can- teleport, time travel, travel through solid matter, hover, move in any direction at incredible speed without G-forces and become invisible to the naked human eye. They can travel planet to planet and they can travel interdimensionally.

Understand that because of money and political issues these crafts are operated and monitored with the utmost secrecy, denial and aggression by only a very few groups. Please see the first info graphic above. You will see 5 general categories. These 5 groups are also responsible for hiding the nature and operations of their UFOs. Many methods are used for security and censorship, sometimes including murder. Anything from redact, retract, ridicule, distract, deny and destroy. Unfortunately, most mainstream scientists and media are in on this cover up. They are paid to be and intimidated to be in on it by the oil industry and the 5 groups that are listed.

1. Domestic Earth Humans.

2. Hidden Countries. Hidden Countries include those underwater, underground and on the surface but not marked on the map. Rendlesham Forest incident is one such occasion where a probe from Hy-Brasil was monitoring the nuclear activity of  RAF Woodbridge. These countries are not on the Illuminati Map and do not wish to be because they want no tourism, warfare or trade with any banking countries. They are completely self-sufficient, sovereign and independent and some of them are ancient. Some of them have silent seats at the UN and will attack aggressively if they are invaded. So since they share the earth with the rest of us, they are invested in it’s sustainability by not allowing nuclear radiation, disease or pollution that would disrupt the biosphere of the planet. That does not mean they will save you or intervene should you chose to live in a banking country under the rule of the Rothschilds. Some of these underground countries include a Dinosaur race and some of these countries and nations allow interstellar visitors and travel.

3. Mutants and androids. These are intended to be fake aliens to confuse and distract from the truth of the UFOs real human occupants. These GMOs were grown and built in underground laboratories with genetic engineering. This includes the famous “grey” alien. They are considered as bio-robots or Programmable Life Forms (PLF). They are controlled remotely via Artificial Intelligence and use a electronic method of telepathy. Since all brainwaves are radio waves, these beings can hear, read and communicate thoughts via radio signal. There is a plan to use these beings in a false-flag invasion in the near future.

4. Earth Time-Travelers. This is highly policed, regulated and monitored. So, it is unwise to assume that a time-traveler would ever simply be caught on film walking around in old photos. It is forbidden, impossible and not permitted to alter the time-line in this way. The time line can only be changed be the majorities population. Time travel is mostly used to observe and record data. Information is passed back and fourth in this way as well. This catogory also, includes a dinosaur race from the distant past and are NOT aliens or demons.

5. Actual Aliens. This is rare and although the Earth is actively trading with over 900 groups which is where you got such things as your cellphone, Alexa, Siri, Marijuana and Corn from, this contact is extremely policed. Nearly nothing is “unidentified”. This is because Earth is one of many locked down prison colonies. The Rothschilds see themselves as the Land-Lords of the Earth (Since most people use their money and banks to purchase land and goods.) and because of that, there is no open contact and or free trade with Earth citizens. Also note that about 70% of the alien life in this sector are reptilian, the rest is quite human and many “aliens” are actually just humans born on another planet colony. I am sorry, but Earth as we currently know it is a “prison” planet/farm and is just one of many. The fact that people do not widely know this information is just some of the proof.

Take important note that there are some individuals who permeate all 5 categories such as The illuminati Pendragons ( plural because there are actually more than 1 Pendragon/Pindar ). Some diplomats, dignitaries, ambassadors, messengers, races and traders are allowed to travel between all 5 categories as well.

Please see a previous blog post for the current situation on UFOs including some scientific patients. –

For more info about the Rothschild space UFO program see the previous blog post here-

How long has this been going on?

It has always been going on. To make things relevant, we can go back to Atlantis. Noah’s flood and the sinking of Atlantis are the same event and were preceded by a Solar Flare event that periodically pushes Earth off its axis. This happened about 11,000 years ago and all the ancient megalithic sites such as Pumapunku, The Easter Island Moai, Stonehenge, the Giza Pyramids with many of the Dolmen are left over remnants of this time and event. Information about this time will be in another blog post. Electromagnetic Gravity Technology was utilized during that time and families like the Rothschild Dynasty have actually retained that technology as a part of their family heirloom relics. This is why they have a silver UFO disk on their family crest that some mistake as a shield. However, these are the flying silver shields that the Romans wrote of from 216-66 BCE. The ancient Hindu Sanskrit described these aircraft as Vimana. These craft were reported all over the world even at the time of Thutmose III from 1501 – 1447 BCE ( Thot – Moses ) and as far back as the Bible. You will see many texts regarding Ezekiels wheels, Chariots of Fire…

Mentioning the Bible…Now, it’s important to make the clear distinction between Aliens and Demons and what the bible actually is. Many people mistakenly lump all aliens and UFOs into the category of Demon. It is NOT that simple and it is NOT that black and white. If you or I travel to another world in a UFO that does not make us Demons. There are Demons and there are Aliens and sometimes those entities get confused for one another. As stated, some “aliens” are just humans from another planet colony and some dragon/dinosaur reptilians get called demons but they are simply a race that existed before humans. Even the bible does not call these reptilians demons and specifically calls them serpents and dragons. Quickly, it is important to note that the bibles events were re-rewritten, edited and censored since the time of Atlantis. The first bibles were written on emerald and metallic tablets, and later translated into Sanskrit, cuneiform, Aramaic and then Hebrew…The Freemasonic orders, Constantine the Great, King James and Sir Francis Bacon heavily edited the bible which created confusion, gave more power to themselves and hid the crimes or their ancestors. See the bottom info graphics for a distinction of Aliens and Demons.

The difference between Human and Non-Human-Terrestrial and Extra-Terrestrial categories.

To learn more about the Reptilian race read this blog post-

Now please see the info graphic below to learn about the wide range of beings that have a distinct difference as being here in the 3D physical dimension as opposed to being a Demonic spiritual entity outside the 3D physical dimension.

The difference between a 3D physical being and extradimensional being. This includes Humans and Demons.

After studying, reading and understanding the top 3 infographics. You may now be wondering about the distinction between “Dimensions” and where you fit into that picture. It is a big and deep question and answer. The more you learn, the bigger and more complex the answer becomes but it is important to understand all these concepts if you wish to comprehend the full scope of UFOs clearly. You may start to see why this information has been kept from the general public and has not been widely released, until now. The UFO question is the biggest question and secret in Human history and leads to the deepest philosophical and religious spiritual meanings. Please read and understand the infographic below as a brief introduction between dimensions and where you are. Dimensions are more than just a physical barrier but also a conscious awareness. Dimensions are divided spiritually, physically and mentally.

You are currently aware and existing on the 3rd and 4th Dimensions.

You are currently aware and existing on the 3rd and 4th Dimensions. The 3rd dimension is the world you perceive when you are awake. The 4th dimension is the world you see when you are sleeping and dreaming or experiencing psychedelic drugs such as DMT, Mushrooms, acid or Ayahuasca. It is important to state that I do not participate in, advocate or condone psychedelic drug use. As stated, dimensions are separated by awareness and taking a drug in order to experience these other dimensions could lead to very negative effects. There are beings who live in these dimensions the way we live in the 3rd and 4th and they may or may not have good intent when interacting with you. Often times these being will have a profound and spiritual effect on the subject and may trigger a religious experience or psychological break. Angels come to people in a natural state, in dreams and prayer. Dreams and prayer are ways to perceive higher dimensions. Drugs are the way demons communicate to people from other dimensions. All dimensions have life. A clueless or experimental drug user who is very unprepared and unaware, will often go insane or become a victim in these extra-dimensional experiences. There is a reason only shamans and priests were handle with these tasks as they had the knowledge and discipline to understand what they were seeing. A young person taking DMT may be mislead and begin to see everything as demonic. Or, a naïve person taking Ayahuasca may ruin their life. Smoking weed and taking mushrooms is a way to experience and have symbiosis with plant consciousness. All experiences could be misinterpreted as “alien”. Like all things, there is a good side and bad side depending on knowledge and intent. It is good to be spiritually prepared in order to protect yourself in all realms.

Finally, to understand all life on all dimensions or consciousness and awareness please study the infographic below.

All life on all dimensions with consciousness and awareness.

Q: But what about Bob Lazar and his element 115?

A: Bob Lazar was allowed to introduce element 115 for a planned Space Travel Fuel economy in which you will have to purchase 115 from the Rothschild’s for all your space travel needs. Anyone who produces a free-energy device will be located via satellite and silenced.

Q: Can I contact friendly ETs and have them take me off-world?

A: No. Because we are on a quarantined world, all ETs need permission to land and trade and only will do so under strict monitoring in designated areas. Any people trafficked were done so in a trade and cataloged. Any rouge ships trying to come to Earth without permission will be shot out of the sky instantaneously. Any and all crash debris will be clandestinely retrieved. There is a defense grid with weapon satellites from Earth orbit to Mars that will shoot any unauthorized craft out of the Earth Space Defense Grid.

Q: What about Stephen Hawking, Michio Kaku, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Carl Edward Sagan or Donald Trumps Space Force?

A: Like Josef Allen Hynek, All the people listed above work for the cover up under the Rockerfellers, Rothschilds, Dark Fleet, MIEC ( Military Industrial Extraterrestrial Complex ) and MJ12. They are all paid, monitored and not allowed to speak publicly about the truth of these matters. Should they over step their clearance or divulge any secret information, they will be assassinated, fined, jailed or ridiculed. Space Force has been around since before it was called the United States Air Force Space Command in 1982. The “Space Force” was a secret, joint, Navy and Air Force program that was under the Earth Space Defense Force initiative. It is planned to be used to fight WW3 with China in Space and also an upcoming Alien False-Flag attack.

Q: What about Alien abductions?

A: All 5 groups mentioned are involved in abducting Earths people from all countries. Memory blanking through electronic means and drug means are used for security purposes as stated in the treaties that allow abduction. The Rothschilds have been selling and trading their salves and plantation workers to ETs and exporting them to off-world colonies the same way they operated the black African slave trade. See Tony Rodrigues testimony here- He was an Alien Abducted Trafficked Slave. People, plants and animals are are taken and traded. Everything from coffee and cocaine to dogs and cats to all races and ages of people. In 1954 President Eisenhower signed one of many treaties at Edwards AFB stating a trade between Americans and technology for off-world and DNA experiments. Human Mars colonies finalized and established by 1974-1975. Obviously these programs need huge batch consignments of slave labor, military, breeding and engineering. The Abductions along with cloning serve all these needs. Any abductees returned to Earth are tracked and chipped for life. If they start to remember, they will be killed, jailed, used for disclosure, locked away, discredited, diagnosed insane or mental, become a homeless drug addict or reprogrammed. The illuminati and Military leaders of these programs are paid with bottom floor stock offers of billion dollar public corporate tech companies (Google, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Microsoft…etc ) that use the computer chips and space program technology. Think of Elon Musk. It is illegal to kidnap, enslave and traffic people and there are not enough lawyers or money to supplement the millions of lawsuits that would be filed by victims. If Black Slaves never got reparations then, Alien Abductees would be even further behind. Thousands of people are taken for a multitude of programs yearly. Once again, more general info about abductions here-

Q: But isn’t the Earth Flat?

A: “The Flat Earth” is a psychological operation by the NSA to discredit, confuse and hide all the information this Blog talks about.

Q: What about NASA and do they Know?

A: Yes, NASA knows and has a secret division that travels to the Moon and Mars daily. They were started by the Nazis and run by the Nazi Rocket scientist Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun. Braun was brought to American under operation “paperclip”. NASA’s primary job is to hide the real space programs and weather control. The weather control is done with rocket engines and satellites.

Q: But I thought the Moon Landings were hoaxed?

A: Yes, they were. The Nazis were already on the moon which is an artificial, hollowed out structure. There are many bases and ancient debris. There is also a thin breathable atmosphere at a place called the Blue Moon base. This is achieved by an electromagnetic field bubble which holds air in. MOXIE air machines are sometimes used to produced oxygen. There is also hologram projectors camouflaging many bases and structures. Places like The Lunar Operation Command, Clementine base and Clavius base are operational 24/7. Many abduction records and un-hackable sensitive data is stored on the moon. The inside is a soul catcher to recycle your soul back to earth so you may not leave the solar system. The Apollo astronauts were all Freemasons. These are only some of the reasons the moon landing footage had to be faked, edited, censored and re-shot.

Q: Isn’t all this information in science fiction?

A: Some of it is used in science fiction. The writers of those fictional stories were insiders. Insiders including George Lucas, Steven Spielberg, Sir Arthur Charles Clarke, Gene Roddenberry and Isaac Asimov…etc This is also a way that insiders are authorized to make money without breaking top-secret clearance rules. All science fiction is disclosure and it is used to give the public a very sanitized and biased view of the reality of these issues. It also creates doubt, confusion and even helps discredit the situation. Some of the profit from these books, video games and movies goes back to the real programs that sponsored them.

Q: So, knowing this, what’s next?

A: That is up to us. The official plan by the money makers, is to leak everything slowly. I personally hope to get it all out ASAP in an honest , non-violent way because I believe that will result in the best future scenario for humanity. I only wish to dispel confusion and offer a little clarity and solace. So please share this free information.

Keep in mind, that although the information provided in this blog may seem big to the uninitiated and average person, the secret societies have been well aware of these facts. Also, ancient religions and their prophets have been trying to communicate this information for millennia. It is NOT new information or “New Age”. It’s time everyone got up to speed. There is much more to all of this but this information has never been presented in such a way before to the common public. This blog, although basic and containing only a base introduction will help clear up the confusion that has separated us for a long time. Once you begin to understand this information you will have a clear acceptance and better understanding of your place in the Universe. Remember, all things are One and we here on Earth, are all one under the Sun. God bless.

-I.K. aka Jin

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  1. Aloha bredda Ian I give thanks for this info…I would love to talk more in detail to you also? I noticed you are not on Facebook any more? Is there any way I can talk and ask questions somewhere?
    On Fri, Jan 15, 2021, 11:54 PM Uncorrupted Truth wrote:
    > jinlaihook posted: ” Guide to “UFO” pilots A guide to UFOs with a general > explanation, answers and information on “UFO” related topics. Everything > you need to know and get you started is below. There is a lot of mystery, > misinformation and missing information to the very ” >

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  2. I already knew some of this, but much of it is new to me. Why was John Glen so upset after the moon landing? Because it was faked or because it happened, he saw huge alien spaceships watching him and his crew, and he was not allowed to talk about his experiences? The depression that set in after his “landing” makes me sad.
    You don’t explain what type of intelligent being an orb is. One night, when I was outside, I was able to summon a bright sparkling red one as big as 2 basketballs (put together) from a different dimension. It slowly passed about 15 feet over my head, as it was observing me, then just as slowly, it drifted away. It filled me with happiness.


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