Mayor Wrights Housing

“Mayor Wrights Management Sucks!”

*See the above video. An inside look at one of Hawaii’s’ oldest neighborhoods and poorly managed Housing projects. This video and post was uploaded to promote awareness and positive change. This video and post is about gentrification and the innocent people who are victimized by it. For educational purpose.

George Frederick Wright (April 23, 1881 – July 2, 1938) was a Republican Mayor of Honolulu from 1931 to 1938. In 1952 a subsidized, public housing was built and named after Mayor Wright. Mayor Wrights Housing comprises 35 one-to-two story walk-ups, totaling approximately 364 units. Soon after construction, many minorities such as South-East Asians, Tongans, Samoans and Hawaiians were moved in. After the introduction of crack cocaine to Hawaii in the 1980s, Mayor Wrights quickly gained it’s reputation as the oldest, crime, gang and drug infested, section-8 ghettos in all of Hawaii history. Like most all public housing systems, the low-income tenants are often used as the bottom pillars to distribute illegal drugs by the highly organized, world drug trade economy. Places like Mayor Wrights Housing was instrumental for introducing Crack Cocaine into Honolulu from South America. The connections were through the Navy and the CIA. People can look into the Oliver North’s Contra scandal to understand. The Heroin was being imported from China via the Triads, CIA and later by the military via the middle east. By the 1990s Micronesian immigrants started to make up more than 90% of the residents while Crystal Methamphetamine was the new drug from the Japanese Yakuza.

Daniel Inouye, who fought in World War II as part of the 442nd Infantry Regiment, later became United States Senator from Hawaii from 1963 until his death in 2012. A Democrat, he was third in the presidential line of succession from 2010 until his death. Inouye was the highest-ranking Asian-American politician in U.S. history. So, Inouye, a high ranking mob boss, had huge ties to the CIA, the illuminati and the Japanese Yakuza. Because the Senate and Government of Hawaii is controlled by Japanese Yakuza, Chinese Triads and Rockefeller Banking illuminati; the legal system, including law enforcement, is ultimately powerless against the organized and international drug trade. Indeed, Hawaii is currently run by a completely criminally corrupt regime and has been prostituted as a vacation paradise for the rich criminal elite of the Pan-Pacific. These gangs and societies have representatives and agents in all branches of Government from judges, lawyers, police officers and politicians… Only the low-level street gangs get arrested, while the elites never see any jail.

Although Daniel Inouye aka “The One Arm bandit” is now deceased, another Yakuza operative , Mazie Keiko Hirono is currently serving as United States Senator for Hawaii since 2013. Mazie, a democrat, has family ties to the illegal gambling houses and the very first game rooms that appeared in Hawaii shortly after Japanese immigration. Hawaii will always have a Japanese Yakuza representative in office to make sure that Meth and illegal gambling continue. The Japanese Yakuza also control a lot of the construction union jobs on Oahu. After Meth destabilizes the neighborhoods, the construction companies are used to build high-rises, shopping malls and hotels to accommodate the more than 4 million Japanese tourists that spend more than 2 Billion Dollars annually. Of course, they always get loans from the Rockefeller New York Banks like American Savings. The Hawaii Pacific Housing Authority and the Hawaii Housing and Urban Development that manufacture impoverished minorities to push Yakuza, CIA and Triad drugs are owned by and go back to New York financers. Even now, democrat Governor of Hawaii, David Yutaka Ige, is a muti-millionaire who continues theses Yakuza agendas. The Japanese Yakuza sell drugs and help gentrify Hawaii so they can help push more Japanese tourism for the Rockefeller owned island. They are all Democrats because the Democrats help deal with the Chinese Triads who also own a stake in Hawaii and the Pacific.

Anyone who was here for the News Years fireworks display in Hawaii, saw the millions of dollars of illegal fireworks exploding in the skies all over the island at midnight. All one has to do is know that all those illegal fireworks were imported from China and then understand that fireworks is the least of China’s illegal imports. If China can manage to ignite the Hawaiian sky with an aerial barrage of illegal ordnance, then it doesn’t take much to wonder what else do they get away with smuggling into Hawaii…The answer is opium for street heroin (prior to the Afghanistan opium field take over) and human trafficking victims. A lot of South Asian countries traffic humans from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Cambodia and Laos…Many of these Woman work in Brothels and Hostess Bars. Most importantly, China and Japan need Hawaii to traffic all their drugs into the mainland United States. Places like Arizona, Seattle, Texas and California are getting Heroin and Meth from Asia through Hawaii.

Democrats are not the key factor and even Republicans like George Bush were CIA operatives, high level illuminati, Mossad collaborators and Freemasonic Cabal members. Republicans and Democrats are both Freemasonic and all take orders from the Rothschild Dynasty who own China and Israel. It’s unfortunate that in order to liberate Hawaii we have to abolish, ban, arrest and exile the Yakuza, The illuminati Families, The Triads, The Masonic Orders, the CIA and the NSA…An uphill battle for sure. Ending public housing systems, game rooms, drugs, casinos and human trafficking in Hawaii can not happen without the public awareness that all these institutions are connected by the same shadow.

The Hawaii Public Housing System itself is a complete criminal offense and joke against it’s tenants. What is billed as Low-Income, Section 8 Housing is nothing more than a modern day prison camp/refugee camp for Polynesians and illegal drug distribution center. Guns are given to the tenants and gangs. Tenants are used for Manchurian candidates, gang members, drug dealers/runners, gang-stalkers, kidnappers and prostitutes. There is a “rival” housing to Mayor Wrights and it is called Kuhio Park Terrace. Mayor Wrights Housing aka MWH is known as a “Blood” neighborhood whos gang members wear red. Kuhio Park Terrace aka KPT is a “Crip” neighborhood and their gang members wear blue. What most people and even gang members don’t know is that these Slum Gangs are created by Freemasonry principals of Red vs Blue as seen in Democrat and Republican politics. Even the Italian Mafia was started by a 33rd degree Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini. The illuminati makes street gangs compete with each other to not only draw public blame and attention away from the illuminati but also to create incentive to increase drug sales due to street rivalry.

In 2011, a class action lawsuit was filed against Mayor Wrights Housing. The property itself has never fully used any of the millions of dollars of funds it received for re-development and renovation. Millions have been embezzled and are used to pay out co-conspirators. No one had attempted to sue the criminal operation in its history until 2011.

Mayor Wrights class action lawsuit filed April 2011.

Suddenly and in a panic, the Housing Management Mafia, now worried about the public dismantling their embezzling scheme, came up with a counter plan and distraction. When someone is starting to unravel the criminal plot, the criminals decided to blame the victims…So, following Hegelian dialectic the Housing Management hatched a deceptive plot. The Mayor Wrights Housing management criminals could not afford and did not want their detainees and street gangs to turn on them.

They do a story on KHON2 NEWS pointing the finger at housing tenants being “too rich” to deserve a settlement. The argument that Democrat Representative, Rida Cabanilla tries to say, is that- because some of the tenants have Mercedes, BMWs and SUVs they’re cars are too nice for public housing and therefore do not warrant a settlement. The attack on nice cars began and was encouraged. Neighborhood kids were put up to the task to throw bricks through cars and even slash tires. This type of attack on the cars was what supposedly sparked a knife fight in January 2012 shortly after the lawsuit was filed. These automotive attacks continue till this very day. Keep in mind that the manager of Mayor Wrights Cynthia Yoshida was first and foremost a parking lot manager whos executive powers and responsibilities never extended past the cars and the parking lot. Cynthia, was an underfoot stooge in the grand scheme but perfect for a slumlord role. She’s not too bright but rude and entitled enough to boss private security, crooked tenants and inept maintenance men around like her personal cronies.

News paper clipping about the stabbing that happened on my grandmother’s front law in Mayor Wrights Housing.

The January 2012 stabbing on my grandmas front lawn, is clearly staged or incited by the management to justify the imprisonment and transformation of Mayor Wrights into a make-shift FEMA prison camp. At the very least, the incident is taken advantage of. All this, under the guise of “Public Housing” which is actually a privately owned business and policed by private security goons… Once the media could draw enough attention to the stabbing, the extra federal funding was approved for a private security, the surveillance cameras, the prison fence and sonic/microwave beam weapons. Later the manager Cynthia Yoshida paraded herself in a NEWS story that used camera footage to convict a wallet thief. This media farce was to promote the effectiveness of security cameras. Although, no such housing camera system has ever convicted a criminal of vandalizing a tenants car or helped identify burglars who break into tenants housing units who rob them while they sleep.

Once the tenants received a small settlement payout, renovations still never took place but the new prison system was in place. Now, another scheme was hatched in order to frame a tenant to trick the public into thinking that the tenants are the real corrupt thieves and not the management…So, they picked a stooge and this stooge was Fetu Kolio. They dubbed him the “Mayor Wright Tenant Association President.” Fetu was used to go on the NEWS in front of the public as a “hero” (to later be made an example of) that would fight for tenants rights. He was given a small sum of about $15,000 dollars to help allocate and redistribute the funds back to the housing tenants in a sort of Robin Hood gesture for renovations. The Housing knew he was uneducated to do so and would take the money and run, which he did. Once he ran off with the $15,000, the NEWS then publicized a story defaming him to humiliate all the tenants. $15,000 was hardly anything next to the millions of dollars over decades that the Housing Management embezzled but it was enough to put a nice criminal charge on Fetu and discourage any future tenants for attempting to play a lead role in the economics.

Most importantly the Mayor Wrights manager Cynthia Yoshida is not Japanese and is not local at all. She attained her last name through a failed marriage and she was NOT born in Hawaii. She and the Mayor Wrights Housing staff have bullied and unjustly tried to evict my grandmother and I on multiple occasions and have even testified falsely against me in court in order to keep me away from Mayor Wrights. She has also towed my vehicles multiple times and one of her janitors attempted to provoke me into a fist fight. She was extremely rude to my elderly grandmother and I and has made verbal threats against me on many occasions. I would never stand for her nonsense and her mainland slumlord ways wore thin on many of the other tenants. She is too afraid to park her own vehicle on the property and will not show up on weekends. An extremely cowardly woman, Cynthia takes advantage of intimidating the elderly and immigrants who are ignorant of their rights. I encourage all tenants who read this to complain against her. She is just one of many who run these HUD and HPHA scams. Their fears of me were underestimated as they would of never anticipated that I’d expose them in this blog. Their weariness of me is based on the fact that I and my grandmother were some of the few who had the obvious right and legal know how to take matters to a court of law. Mayor Wrights knew that my elderly grandmother and I were a legal liability and desperately wanted us out for years. I’m proud to say that we left on our own terms.

Bye Bye Pua Lane.

Indeed, it was I who was one of the first tenants to call a lawyer and seek legal action against the housing. It was I who called Hawaii Appleseed center for law and economic justice and invited them to get my grandmothers testimony and take photos of the dilapidated apartment for evidence. I spoke with Gavin Thornton personally and it was he who came to my Grandmothers house.

Mayor Wrights receives a small payment at a high cost.

My grandmothers testimony along with others helped deal a small wining blow to Cynthia and the Mayor Wrights Management Mafia. Unfortunately this did not sit well with the dictators and Mayor Wrights is currently in a worse state than ever. Many of the children there are still at risk. Meth and guns are sold more than ever. Trash and litter is piled up. Many animals roam free and the tenants are under unsafe EMF, VLF and RF radiation on a daily biases. The whole neighborhood is condemned and under surveillance but tenants continue daily living while getting robbed and locked down. Mayor Wrights housing has turned into a perfect New World Order prison camp. If buses are parked at both entrances, all the tenants would be trapped in. All it would take is two buses and the poor inhabitants inside the housing would have no escape from a martial law or permanent lock down. HPHA (Hawaii Public Housing Authority) executive director Hakim Ouansafi is well aware of all of these things and is a guilty party in this public housing criminal operation. Hakim Ouansafi is also NOT Hawaiian, not local and not born in Hawaii. He and Cynthia Yoshida would never have the bravery to live in one of the units they expect their victims to stay in. All guilty parties should be investigated, audited and brought to justice. Hopefully, this blog helps.


IK aka Jin

Bye bye Pua Lane.

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