False Flags 2021

Martial Law, Civil War and Chinese War Excuse. Photo from Star-Advertiser on Friday 1/15/21.
Video of the Hawaii State Capital filmed Jan,10,2021.

On Jan, 6, 2021, professional rioters who are trained, organized and funded by billionaires along with with professional photographers were told to storm the Capital in DC, wear TRUMP hats and pose for pictures. Anticipating a massive false flag, On January 10th 2021, I went down to the local state capital in Hawaii and explained how not only that all the State Capitals have been abandoned for a long time but also how there is an underground escape network and highly advanced security monitoring system and anti-riot protocols. You can see the video above for more. Or watch the video here on my new YouTube channel – https://youtu.be/3mj2m7CD1G8 . Thank God I made that video on Sunday and put it out early Monday in the AM. Literally the very next day on Jan, 11, 2021, The “Local Hawaii News Now” (Private funded Corporation) announced that “The FBI is warning of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitals and in Washington, D.C., in the days leading up to President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration, stoking fears of more bloodshed after last week’s deadly siege at the U.S. Capitol.”

The FBI and 30,000 troops have been monitoring and organizing around all 50 state capitals in preparations for this. The Media would like to convince everyone that, simple “TRUMP supporters” are funded, organized enough and smart enough to coordinate an organic, 50 state wide protest ( or domestic terror attack ) on the United States. Amazing how what the media portrays as white supremacy, redneck, Q-anon conspiracy nuts who are just normal civilians can organize well enough to warrant the full defense of the National Guard along with the FBI and daily, full-media coverage. All simply initiated by a President who has been censored off of twitter and Facebook.

In reality, a 50 state wide protest, ( that has never been done ) takes billions of dollars, is completely and carefully pre-planned by professionals, with the cooperation of the mainstream media and takes FBI level organizing…is the sort of event that the average TRUMP supporter is completely incapable of. Most normal people are just concerned about COVID, stay at home and only witness events on their phone. The NSA along with the Military has done studies and operations and have determined that the average citizen does not have the knowledge or professional organization abilities to commit a successful attack or coup on any United States Capital building. So who is paying for it and who is planning it? You may learn about George Soros, Antifa/BLM, ( who are illuminati NWO soldiers ) and what is called “Agent Provocateurs”. See the graphic below to see where the funding for these false flag capital attacks come from.

Millions of Dollars by the companies who perpetuate Covid, control the mainstream media, censor free-speech and fund Antifa and BLM violence.

Let’s also not forget that the CIA among others have advanced quantum computers that can “predict” riots and social uprisings 5 days ahead. See an article here- https://sociable.co/technology/cia-siren-servers-social-uprisings/?fbclid=IwAR2InDVae7_I4IaDe80SDYoTsjwkgNwNXjxjmkTa1ZYq5S8eR4erHE9kxsI

So where was the CIA warning 5 days before the Media circus on the 6th? Either the CIA helped commit the attack on the capital or, the attack was just a planned media stunt and not an uprising at all…Well, the CIA no longer has any affiliation to the United States on their  official logo anymore. See the picture below-

CIA now seems to be run by the Artificial Intelligence as the new black logo shows a geometric design.

So, why are they doing this and what will happen? Martial Law has been a plan for this nation since before the 911 attacks in 2001. Let’s remember that 2021 is the 20 year anniversary of the attacks on September 11th. Now, there is a lot of synchronicity here and numerology is important to the Kabbalah magic of all the illuminati’s plans. After the “terror” attacks of 911, air ports changed forever. People were made to get “random checks”, full body scans, take off their shoes and belts and were no longer allowed to see family off from the gate. The September 11th attacks involved the number 9-11-2001. With two ( 2 ) planes that crashed the twin ( 2 ) towers. It is now 20 years later. In the video at the top of this blog, I talk about how the Capital has a significance with the feminine age of Aquarius. Man and then woman to usher in the new age of water after a sacrifice under fire. Some say that this is a prophecy and the illuminati knows about it. 9/11 was the real birth of Christ. By committing a terror attack on his birthday, everyone now thinks that 911 is a horrible, sad day. Meanwhile, Satan’s day ( Saturnalia ) is called Christmas and is wrongly celebrated as Christ’s birthday. The illuminati replaces Saturn worship aka Satan worship for everything good. Keep in mind that Saturn does a 20 year solar cycle. So, a Satanic spell that was started in 2001 will have a culmination in 2021. Don’t forget that the twin towers represented Jachin and Boaz or Man and Woman. By destroying them and then building the One World Trade Center, the illuminati symbolized the destruction of man and woman to bring fourth the transhuman and the One World Order or New World Order. Having a transhuman as president in 2021 would be the perfect outcome to the 911 black magic spell they committed 20 years ago. Learn that the black cube is Saturn worship and there are now 2 inverted black cubes where the twin towers once stood. Also, know that the Hawaii State Capital seen from the sky is an inverted black cube. The illuminati is all about inversion…

Now, know that the day before Joe Biden’s inauguration is 1-19-2021. Here, we have 911 backwards/inverted so expect a sacrifice of some kind. A building, a person, something must be sacrificed. The way Christ was scarified. Possibly an assassination? Now realize that Joe Biden’s inauguration in on 1-20-2021. Not only is this number begin with 120 followed by 2 in the middle and ending with a mirrored 021- 120(2)021; but it has two 1s, two 0s and three 2s…a sequence of 322 skull and bones. 3/20/2020 (322) was the day we went on National Emergency last year…322 is the Freemasonry number from Yale and is the transhuman number that means 3 pairs of 22 chromosomes. Most importantly is the fact that 1/20/2021 is the start of the month of Aquarius. So, the illuminati ( knowing that Aquarius is a female dominate age ) will start Aquarius by using Biden to usher in Kamala ( who is a transgender man ) as the first female president who will then get Michelle Obama ( who is also a transgender man ) as her VP. Instead of a natural born woman running Aquarius they want to use a transgender or inverted woman to run Aquarius for the illuminati. Specifically, a transgender woman who is also a Satanist. They do this for the same reason they sent Lucifer ( Bad Man ) to disrupt Jesus ( Good Man ) . It’s all about symbolism, with Good vs Evil and Duality. That is the way of the illuminati. This will ultimately make way for the female robot they want to run the New World Order. The positive side of this prophecy is that the second coming of Christ will introduce the Aquarius female savior. She will be a natural female who can give birth and restore nature and end war. A mother for all. So, the illuminati has been actively trying to get a cyberdized or transgender female in her place. This is the “Whore of Babylon” prophecy. Look into the movie “Metropolis” which is supposed to take place in 2026. Biden will be taken out with the 25th amendment. There has never been a female president because we are still in the Age of Pieces. When we have a female president, it will symbolize that the Age of Aquarius has officially begun. The goddess of America is Liberty or Columbia who is originally Isis. They want a negative version of This female deity. You will see Beyonce, Madonna, Lopez and Gaga all using Isis and Whore of Babylon symbolism. This is their plan anyway.

Now, the illuminati can pay Antifa or BLM groups or NWO troops to wear TRUMP hats and attack Military at the Capitals. This will make nation wide Martial Law mandatory. Bingo, we have the long awaited martial law achieved. Thanks to the good cop and bad cop act of Trump and Biden who both work for the Israel Rothschilds. I need to make it very clear that I am not a TRUMP or Biden supporter. I did not vote for Trump or Biden. I know they are two sides of the same coin who are Freemasonic puppets representing Red vs Blue. All presidents are related. Trumps real name is Drumpf and he is a Freemasonic knight of Malta, Dutch Royalty, Hollywood actor and Epstine collaborator who is a billionaire. Kennedy and Lincoln were assassinated, so no president will ever “save” anyone under our current system. Many people were triggered by the News of the Capital on the 6th and many people are hypnotized by the News to believe that Biden or Trump have any power or make any decisions even though they are simply reading scripts. I have seen information that Biden is actually no longer even alive. We’ve been seeing many “deep fakes”, cyborgs, clones and body doubles. The masks help hide identities…Lord Rothschild runs the presidency and the Monarchy. Both Red and Blue are being used to start a civil war which will eventually lead to the collapse of America as we know it. They are sacrificing the country the way they did Rome. The illuminati culture is that of sacrifice. Many people do not want to hear this but I ask you, do you really think that America, a country that was built on backs of kidnapped, African Slaves on the stolen land of Native American genocide is a just and righteous country that will last forever? Do you really suppose that this country built by Elite Freemasons who raged war on so many countries with a muti-trillion dollar national debt has no dues to pay? You may have heard that Benjamin de Rothschild has recently been assassinated at the age of 57, and he was the Pendragon. As I’ve stated in my last Blog, There are more than 1 Pendragon/Pindar and when one dies, he is simply replaced.

Let me also make it clear that I am not  a “Q-anon nut” as some people would wish to believe in order to dismiss me. I do not need Q-anon to know the world is run by Satanic Pedophiles. People only need to know about Jeffrey Epstine ( who might still be alive ). I have been reporting on UFOs and insider or whistle blower information since before Q-anon existed. I have talked to people personally and have personal experiences that are sufficient enough that I may draw my own conclusions and knowledge data base without anything Q anon related. I belong to no group as stated in my websites disclaimer – https://uncorruptedtruth.com/disclaimer/

People may say well you are a “crazy Christian” or “Transphobic”…Once again, as stated in my website- I do not promote hate speech. https://uncorruptedtruth.com/disclaimer/ I have many friends from many walks of life. I have many transgender friends and get along with them well. I look at an individual person and their soul. It is a fact that San Francisco is the Satanic Capital of the West Coast. Many spells, child sacrifices, murders, sex magic and rituals are held in San Francisco. It is not a coincidence that the infamous Bohemian Grove, where Moloch is worshiped, is near by. A well known, open Satanist lives there on Russian Hill. I will not say his name. He is a leader of a Satanic Church, a Colonel in the Army and a Doctor in the NSA. He is also an advocate of the Transgender movement. Whatever a person chooses to do with their sexuality is their business behind closed doors. I believe everyone has the right and the freedom to choose their identity for themselves. Not everyone who is transgender is a Satanist or is in on the New World Order agenda. Despite what the illuminati media pushes on the 99% of us and our children, only a very small percentage of the population is gay and transgender. Everyone deserves equal rights if they are not hurting anyone. I am sorry to say that the Gay and Transgender movement has been usurped and manipulated by Satanist because it is very useful to the ultimate goal of the New World Order of combining humans and machines. I was in contact with a man in San Francisco for military intel who became a transgender person and is now compromised. Unfortunately, this person was reprogrammed by the NSA with CIA MK Ultra Techniques, including memory manipulation, to be a Godless test subject of the NWO. He told me that he “does not believe in Jesus or God” and sent me a text saying “Praise Satan”. This person has every brainwashing NWO program installed. These common illuminati brainwashing trade marks include a disbelief in any truth to be considered conspiracy. A sensitive trigger reaction to anything on the NEWs or TRUMP related. Hypnotic obsession with mainstream music, TV, videogames and other media. A violently defensive reaction to anything about sexuality. A complete willingness to get vaccinated and wear a face mask without question. A complete belief in anything the Left says, faith in that Government system and Political Theater. An atheist approach and rejection of God, Christianity and Jesus. Pray for people like this. Anyone who says “I don’t need your prayers” has a demon in control of them. The truth is that everyone always needs prayers and we all need to pray for each other daily. Remember, that the illuminati wants to eliminate gender and God. This is the Artificial Intelligence strategy for world domination. With God and Gender gone, the A.I. can control human reproduction and give law and order without question. This person has many handlers and is on many medications and has been the subject of much hypnosis. Here is the text below-

An NWO mind control, transgender victim sends me a “Praise Satan” text.

The illuminati wants you fighting over Trump and Biden like a football game, NBA, MMA or boxing match. The illuminati are using Trump and Biden as Enki vs Enlil or Cain vs Abel. All symbolism. All spell-casting. All manipulation. This will cause a civil war. The Blue people, who believe in Covid and everything the Mainstream News says, will follow Biden and Kamala while the voter fraud, Epstein flight list along with FBI Biden and Pelosi Laptop info will make all the Red people claim Trump as the true president who deserves a second term. Meanwhile, the 5G Artificial Intelligence control grid rolls out right along with vaccines. The Martial Law, Vaccines, 5G and Riots along with Weather Control, Masks, Covid, Police Robots and Cashless society are all apart of the same plan to bring the New World Order. Please study the Hegelian dialectic and understand that the result is ALWAYS why they did it. Here is a link into the Hegelian dialectichttps://plato.stanford.edu/entries/hegel-dialectics/

Just this month, In Hawaii News, Honolulu police spend $150,000 of the CARES fund to buy Police Robots. Please see my previous blog and refer to “Part 2” or the plan- https://uncorruptedtruth.com/2020/10/17/cure-for-covid/ This is the beginning of the Drone Army. Any excuse to get rid of the police from George Floyd to Capital events now is in effect. As of now, at least 9 individuals who were in law enforcement have been arrested as part of the Capital siege on the 6th. There are also multiple videos of police letting people in and past the barriers. Independent social media accounts have shown that CNN ( CNN is the CIA ) were there filming things and most of the rioters were “crisis actors”. Of course “fact-checkers” and social media pulls all of this down. All apart of divide and conquer. Censoring truth and pulling TRUMP form Facebook and Twitter doesn’t make him a good guy but it does do well in dividing and triggering everyone who supports him. Like I always say- the old good cop and bad cop routine. Two letters are not allowed on social media and I will upload them below. They are censored not because they are wrong, they are truthful. But actually it is all a psychological operation to divide the country with purposefully leaked truth. See the two letters below.

A letter from Italy stating the elections were rigged…But actually they always were…
A letter from Pelosi to blame Trump.

As I said, I am not posting this for Qanon or justice. These letters are simply weapons of truth to create hate, division and shock among Democrats. Both what the Red and Blue are doing are using tools of anarchy and it’s all planned and all orchestrated by the Rothschilds. Order out of chaos. The Rothschilds say, when the public wants a hero, we shall provide one…When the public wants a revolution or uprising, we shall manufacture one… The truth is that most people have been lied to their whole lives. All elections have been rigged, even the one that TRUMP won. Finding out the truth like this doesn’t create peace but only creates civil war, makes people confused, panic and fight. That, which is all intended. Finding out truth like this only destroys what was and people will not react well no matter what side they believe. The West and East will secede from the middle of the united states and we will have a messy Civil war until the UN gets involved and China is blamed for WW3. In the near future, I believe they will destroy the coasts with tsunamis and earth quakes and once everyone is in the center of the USA the illuminati will detonate the Yellow Stone caldera killing millions. Yes, the Wuhan Bio lab that has been making headlines along with “proof” that social media and democrats have been in collusion with China will lead to a Chinese American War. It’s the red scare all over again. The same thing they did in the 1950s and 1960s with the Russians and the cold war. Scaring Americans that the commies are coming…The Rockefellers and Rothschilds have moved assets to China and this too was always a plan. They need any excuse to go to war. Back in Hawaii in April of 2018 the CIA used a Chinese Sub to fire a Korean missile at Honolulu from right off the coast of Oahu. Mutiny occurred and that missile was shot out of the sky. That missile was intended to start a North Korean war that would of lead to Americans on the Chinese boarder and in a war. That plan was foiled so the Covid lie was rolled out. This is all to get Chinese social rating in America. The plan is going perfectly. Some say the Chinese will attack our power grid and give us a black out. The art of war is confusion then blackout. Of course any Chinese attack will always be a false flag perpetrated by the CIA along with the illuminati Rothschilds. Hawaii once cut off from the mainland USA because of political and economical turmoil will be willing to except Chinese help. All China needs to do is offer money and food in a crisis to Hawaii and Hawaii will except its new overlords without a fight. A New Casino was just built in Hawaii to money launder the payments from the Chinese Communist Government to the Hawaii state politicians and businessmen. All anyone has to do is see the millions of dollars worth of illegal fireworks display on new years to catch a glimpse of how much import and export control over Hawaii China has. The Chinese have also bought the Four Seasons Hotel in Hawaii to run business deals, trade and meetings on American soil to plot their new take over. Hawaii could not and would not even elect a Republican. Indeed Hawaii will continue to be a corrupt paradise for the criminal elite of the world. The Rockefellers have owned most of Hawaii for sometime.

After the month of Aquarius starts on the 20th of Jan. The start of February ( In Aquarius ) will see a mandatory Covid test for anyone who wants to fly off island. Now remember that all restrictions and policies implemented post 911, never went away. So, a mandatory Covid test to travel is only a precursor to a mandatory vaccine in order to travel. If you need to fly away, now is the time! The cameras have not only recognized faces but can now recognize body language, weight and height…Biometric monitoring and control by the A.I. is the goal. Only those with good social rating who fall under the grace of the A.I. will be allowed to travel. Once these policies take effect, they will never be removed the same way the 911 restrictions never left. Biometrics and face scans along with social rating will effect your travel from now on.

Last year I made a video mentioning a 3-10 day black out and mass arrests. That may happen soon as a result of events. Please have food, medicine, walkie talkies, light. toilet paper, fire and water stored. Just because truth announcements come over the Emergency Broad Cast System and we lose internet or power does not mean that the illuminati has lost. you will still have to survive and watch out for panic and unprepared people. I talked about these events and featured the video in a previous blog. See that blog here- https://uncorruptedtruth.com/2020/11/19/youtube-just-pulled-this-bombshell-video-down/

I have also uploaded and recorded a recent video on how to prepare. You can see the video on my YouTube here – https://youtu.be/BzEiS02pe_M or watch the video below.

A video on how to be ready fro 2021.

Whether it’s physical or on the internet, everyone is being corralled into categories and areas. This is a precursor to a culling. The controlled conspiracy theory people will be given new apps and venues and the Deep State will continue to use their mainstream media. Both sides controlled by Israel, working for the Artificial Intelligence, are being made to fight each other.

Please know that Q stands for Q clearance or Presidential Clearance and Anon or anonymous, is a military Hacking group. I am a part of neither. So, Qanon is nothing more than a public relations, psychological operation who syphons info from it’s followers around the internet while feeding them coded intel from the military. It is a controlled conspiracy movement. Nothing more. Qanon wants you to hurry up and wait, stay home while they do everything and commit Martial Law. They do not want you to fight for yourself. Know that “Fact-Checkers” are paid for by CNN, Social Media moguls and operated by intelligence agencies/cyber security and are just counter intelligence and cover stories to hide the crimes of the high profile criminals who run the world. Anyone can be a fact-checker. They have NO authority in Medical or Law. This blog has just as much, if not more authority than a paid “Fact-Checker” who is nothing more than the “Thought Police”. Amazing that Covid will seem to go down once Biden is in office and offers you $2,000 to take a vaccine. 2021 will be crazier than 2020 but please just know that this is all planned.

All these events so far have been staged and used to take free speech away. Next they’re going to take away your second amendment with staged gun violence at the capitals. The way the Wuhan virus was used for a mini sample to lock down the world is the way the US Capital events on Jan 6 are going to be used on the 20th to lock down all 50 states. Every single thing that happens for the next 10 years is thoroughly panned and you’re all just watching a show. Turn off your TV and Social Media. Many people are hypnotized by the radio waves, subliminal messaging and Wi-Fi signals. If you can’t wake them, don’t beat yourself up. They will not wake up because they have chosen not to. Take care of your friends, family and loved ones. Pray, grow food, collect water and protect your neighborhood. Eat and exercise healthy. Live, love, laugh. Put faith in your heart. Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Stay strong, stay safe, stay smart and don’t panic. Aloha. God Bless.

I.K. aka Jin

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