The illuminati Power Structure.

Every brick has a place in the wall of the New World Order. All nails that stick out will be hammered down. All cogs that break, will be replaced in the machine. Understand where you are, then you can understand what to do. Remember that WE hold them up…As long as you stay in the pyramid structure, you will never move up. This original graphic will help you get a basic idea of who’s who and what’s what in the Pyramid of Power. Who’s above who and how are they “paid”? What does each tier value? Find out who holds power over you in the New World Order. Do you consent? Are you happy that you live in a “pyramid scheme” with only illusion of advancement? No one is free, until we’re all free. The ones above need the ones below to hold them up. This is a hierarchy. This is a caste system. This is a master and slave dynamic. This is a “ponzi scheme”. Who or what is the cap stone? What is the great work or ages? The A.I. wants to control ALL. Start here. Never fear.

-Ian aka Jin

Published by jinlaihook

I'm here to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

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