The Truth About UFOs






A “UFO” that can generate and control it’s own electromagnetic field can- teleport, time travel, travel through solid matter, hover, move in any direction at incredible speed without G-forces and become invisible to the naked human eye. Yes, they can travel planet to planet. Yes, they have been used by the Illuminati for ages. Yes, they travel interdimensionally. Yes, they take people in these crafts against their will. Earth is on lock down.

There is a multilayered magnetic shield trapping everyone in and only through advanced magnetic technology can people physically negate the barrier. 99% of UFOs are Inner-earth Domestic, Illuminati, Secret Military or Inter-dimensional Criminals. Earth has been a conquered planet for thousands of years. Nearly nothing is “Unidentified”. Everything coming in and out is monitored. You weren’t told because you are a TAX slave on a Slave planet.

More than 80% of the people who go to UFO conventions are people who think they have seen a UFO (Strange Light or Craft), been abducted, a genetic, military or science experiment or spiritually lost. So the Government creates UFO conventions to round you all up and identify you to see who remembers what and gauge how much the public actually knows. Most UFO conventions are sting operations and could make a targeted individual. If they had to commit 911 just to erase the fiscal records of the space program… why would they give someone a piece of paper proving they’ve been abducted? Giving “PROOF” defeats the purpose of secret program. Obviously everything is still classified…and the UFO program is the highest classified topic on prison Earth.

There is NO DD214 papers for secret UFO programs. Millions of people are involved in the UFO project yet less than 100 are allowed to talk about it publicly. That is a sign of a well-planned machine. The People being allowed to talk now are used to gauge public reaction with no “official” support. What would be the purpose of giving “proof” when the UFO program erases the memories of it’s victims and participants? Soon these “speakers” will be given proof in the next phase of a highly controlled leak. The topic along with all the “whistle blowers” is heavily monitored and controlled …in fact one of the reasons the internet was invented was to control and censor the UFO program.

The UFO program is and has been used to fight proxy wars, privateering, Cloning, Human Trafficking. Genetic Harvesting, Pirating, Slave Trading, Alternative 3, Covert operations and colonization… …and YES, unfortunately, Satanism is deeply involved.

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I'm here to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Revelation, Resolution, Renaissance. Truth seeker, truth speaker, peace maker. A humble messenger.

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