Exposing the 5G agenda completely

Exposing the 5G agenda completely

I’ve studied the 5G topic for years. I’ve talked with professionals, I’ve researched and studied about 5G at length and in depth. The knowledge and conclusion I have with all evidence is contained in this blog and as a FREE PDF download at the bottom of this page.

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Posting this type of information has made me a target and prompted a massive hack of my private and sensitive messages. Once an empowered individual like me is identified as a threat to corporate interests, private, electronic information is stolen to design a psychological profile of a target. Weakness is analyzed and a psychological warfare strategy is developed to silence a target. Once all that is in place, the online stalkers/cyber trolls can begin to attack the character of the target. Suppressing truth for money is the online goal of a troll. They hack, harass, stalk and try to scare truth speakers off the internet and into isolation. They say the meanest things from behind a screen in hopes that I will shut up, give up and go away. The trolls even pretend to be people they’re not, like my friends, family or the people who actually leave positive comments. The strategy is to make victims think everyone is against them. The technocrats, do not want people to be in support of the truth and those who say it. Many of them do not realize that by attacking me, they foolishly identify themselves as evil, criminal, villains. Those same evil technocrats, who are traitors to humanity, would like to discourage me from speaking and would hate for me to have any influence that would ruin their rigged elections or business profits. So, please help to share this information!

Exposing the truth behind the 5G agenda.

This blog and the information contained will not only address 5G but also the topics that are connected and surrounded by 5G, it’s companies and technology. This includes other topics such as electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and it’s two forms, radio frequency (RF) and very low frequency (VLF). I will explain how 5G and EMF radiation is tied into health effects, artificial intelligence, nanomachines, vaccines, chemtrails and digital tracking. The 5G topic is very complex and is only one piece of a grand scheme that involves many components. I will cover most of them and give a grand explanation of what it means. I will also give solutions.

For my previous blog post on 5G where I interviewed Dr. Debra Greene, please click and read here –

Hear from Dr. Debra Greene a 5G expert.

My 5G research was done mostly in Honolulu, Hawaii and throughout the state of Hawaii. Hawaii is a great example and litmus test for 5G since it is an island, with a wide demographic and highly technological infrastructure. There exists in Hawaii the perfect test population for 5G and it’s applications. Hawaii is seething with dangerous levels of RF and EMF radiation with Honolulu as its epicenter.

Testing for EMF in Honolulu.

How dangerous are these levels? Dangerous enough to cause cancer and brain damage I’d say. The head of my grandmother’s bed was up against the wall of her first floor apartment. On the other side of the wall from where she slept, was a huge array of smart meters. When I tested the smart meters directly outside and inside through the wall, with professional, scientific, RF detection instruments, I was horrified to discover that the readings were in the extremely dangerous levels. Although I cannot prove it, I believe this was the cause for my grandmother’s brain tumor, Alzheimer’s and dementia. Because of her helplessness, I became her legal, live in caretaker and moved her bed away from the wall. In her old age and final days, she was mostly bed ridden and her memory was so faint that she could not remember the year, day or hour. The 2017 book, Radiation Nation, is dedicated to explaining the health risks of EMF radiation, and it lists cancer and brain tumors as a direct effect. The book is supported by Dr.Olle Johansson, Ph.D. and Dr. Kedar.N.Prasad, Ph.D. and describes how science confirms that EMF radiation causes changes in the body and serious health concerns.

Testing EMF radiation safety.

After seeing how high the RF and EMF readings were in my area and seeing and feeling its health effects, I decided to test other areas around my home and city. There are many sources of great concern when it comes to dangerous radiation in your city. Towers, antennas, powerlines, microwave ovens and dishes can all be harmful sources of invisible, EMF, RF and VLF radiation. The book Radiation Nation, lists the “big five” EMF sources that are immediate threats to our daily lives as:

  1. Cellphones
  2. Laptops
  3. Tablet Computers
  4. Smart Meters
  5. Wi-Fi

Honolulu is definitely filled with those five threats. I wanted to see for myself just how safe Honolulu was. My findings are extreme, dire and shocking. After the 2011, Fukushima, nuclear meltdown, disaster, I bought a Geiger counter to test Hawaii and its surrounding areas for nuclear radiation. Incase of a nuclear attack on Hawaii, I would be able to tell if the area was hazardous or not. A Geiger counter was not good enough for me since I wanted to understand radiation and its different types completely I needed other instruments. So, I invested in a EMF reader and a RF reader to add to my collection of detection tools. Using RF and EMF detectors, I began testing and studying wireless radiation, 5G radiation and Wi-Fi radiation deeply beginning in 2017. I started with testing my neighborhood for high levels of harmful radiation and even made videos about it. I posted my videos about dangerous radiation on Facebook and YouTube. My videos and posts got a lot of attention that was more positive than negative but have been since deleted by google against my wishes. I tried to post my proof and findings on 5G Facebook groups only to find out that those groups are spy groups run by 5G companies. When anyone tries to post proof of dangerous radiation on Facebook groups, the admins will delete the posts and block the user. There is a huge cover up over 5G, it’s abilities and it’s true purpose.

The smart grid, 5G and smart lights are all apart of the same agenda.

During my research, I found that there are many negative health effects on biology and the human body from wireless radiation. I am not the only person to test and witness the danger of wireless radiation, as the companies and military who use the same tech have also run tests and are fully aware of its deadly capabilities. The Active Denial System (ADS) is described as a non-lethal directed-energy weapon developed by the U.S. military, designed for area denial, perimeter security and crowd control. Informally, the weapon is also called the heat ray since it works by heating the surface of targets, such as the skin of targeted human beings. The ADS system uses a 95GHz frequency while the the 5G system is reported to use frequencies between 24GHz and 90GHz. When a microwave beam within the frequency of 24GHz and 90GHz is aimed at a person or persons, it can cause great discomfort.

Electronic harassment and control grid.

A person can experience such physical effects as nausea, headache, itching, burning, discomfort or insomnia from wireless radiation. Look into Electromagnetic hypersensitivity or (EHS). EHS is “a condition defined by the attribution of non-specific symptoms to electromagnetic fields (EMFs) of anthropogenic origin.” In other words, physically and/or psychologically feeling one or any combination of symptoms when in the presence of human-made EMFs from sources like Wi-Fi routers, Bluetooth-connected devices, and essentially anything relying on electricity to work. EHS may sometimes be used an excuse to cover up and dismiss people who are directly targeted and attacked by this technology purposefully. A person can also have a wide range of emotional reactions to 5G and wireless radiation. It’s not just 5G and ADS technology, that have direct influence over the physical and emotional, it is the radiation itself and it’s use through cellphones, TVs, computer monitors, earphones, laptops and iPads to name a few devices.

5G is a weapon and the military knows it. Crowd control weapons and mind control being used against the public.

Essentially, this weapon technology used by the military and developed by the Raytheon corporation, uses the same technology found in public 5G antennas. Many people in the common public actually have no knowledge about the full capabilities of this wireless technology or it’s network. Many supposed experts will even tell you that they do not fully understand or know the technological potential or applications of 5G. Removing the manufactured and convenient mystique behind wireless technology, you can be sure that the companies who employ this technology are fully aware of all of it’s effects. The health effects are not side effects but are intentional. When people’s health is attacked, they become weak, and when they become weak, they are easy to control. Patent US6506148B2 describes how the human nervous system can be manipulated by electromagnetic fields emanating from monitors. Computer monitors and TV monitors can be made to emit weak low-frequency electromagnetic fields merely by pulsing the intensity of displayed images. Experiments have shown that the ½ Hz sensory resonance can be excited in this manner in a subject near the monitor. The 2.4 Hz sensory resonance can also be excited in this fashion. Hence, a TV monitor or computer monitor can be used to manipulate the nervous system of nearby people. Manipulation of people via remote signal or electronics has been an agenda for a long time since before the first radio tower was erected.

Silent weapons for a quiet war.

Havana syndrome is described as a set of medical symptoms with unknown causes experienced mostly abroad by U.S. government officials and military personnel. The symptoms range in severity from pain and ringing in the ears to cognitive difficulties and were first reported in 2016. Victims describe being bombarded by waves of pressure in their heads or hearing the noise of an immense swarm of cicadas filling their heads. As you are reading this, ask yourself if you’ve ever heard a high pitched tone in one or both of your ears that may have lasted a few seconds. You may be hearing a mind control frequency being broadcasted. Although the ringing ears, headaches, and fatigue are fairly common in victims, the exact source of the illness is officially “unknown.” However, these are the same effects of the Raytheon’s ADS and the same symptoms EHS sufferers describe. These are also the same symptoms that EHS sufferers and targeted individuals describe.

Here is a good video on Targeted Individuals.

This technology can be used to target and attack individuals on a wide scale. It may also be the key component to the targeted individual phenomenon. The targeted individual topic is huge and can be a post of it’s own. I mention it here because the artificial intelligence among other entities, is using the wireless system to target and attack individuals.

Targeting individuals with EMF is real.

Severe health effects from exposure to wireless radiation can cause cancer and even death. The 2017 book, Radiation Nation, was written by Daniel T. Debaun AT&T and Bell Labs engineer. Radiation Nation explains how EMF exposure affects the body with evidence supported by Dr. Reba Goodman, PhD and Dr. Martin Blank, PhD. According to official scientific studies EMF radiation has been proved to damage DNA, cause brain cancer, asthma, breast cancer, autism, reproductive and fertility problems, insomnia issues and liver damage among other things. So, you can be sure that if a big communication companies like AT&T are aware of this, then so are others like T-Mobil and Verizon.

Besides humans, what are the effects of wireless radiation on plants and animals? Tests show that 5G technology and wireless radiation can kill plants and animals as well as people. A farmer in France had 40 of his 200 cows die when a 4G antenna was switched on near his ranch. After a 20% drop in milk production and the death of his cows, the court ordered that the 4G antenna responsible be turned off. Other reports have come in of entire flocks of birds falling from the sky as well as a massive bee die off due to wireless technology. We know that certain electric signals and frequencies repel insects so these reports are not far fetched. There even exists videos of crows attacking wireless antenna arrays. It is said that the crows are among the smartest birds and they are no doubt attacking the antennas for survival reasons. Both birds, fish and bees navigate and migrate with geomagnetic field detection, so it is no doubt that they are highly sensitive to EMF radiation, especially the radiation from 5G. Animals can detect the magnetic field through smell like a shark, through light or antennas like maybe insects can, or through the magnetite in their brains and bodies. Consider this information from the website –

Tiny magnetic particles composed of a mineral called magnetite have been shown to mediate magneto sensation in bacteria. These particles are contained within structures called magnetosomes and are arranged in a linear chain. When they align with the Earth’s magnetic field, they literally rotate the bacterium’s body to aim it toward the bottom layers of the sediment.

Magnetite chains have also been identified in salmon, pigeons, and other animals, suggesting they may represent a general mechanism of magneto sensation. In these animals they are found within tiny spaces in the head associated with the trigeminal nerve, which conveys information about touch, temperature, and pain from the face to the brain. So if this nerve is sensitive to movements of magnetite particles in the head, it might also convey a sense of the magnetic field.

Organizations have done research into the effects of 5G in and around the sea and how it harms sea life. Indeed there is a plan to replace organic bees with cyber bees. The artificial intelligence’s job is to control the food by growing, harvesting and shipping the crops. Since bees are essential to plant growth through pollination, the artificial intelligence knows that it needs to controls bees in order to control pollination. Artificial intelligence control of plant growth is the real agenda behind killing organic bees and replacing them with cybernetic/genetically modified bees.

Many people including students have tested the effects of wireless radiation on plant life. There are studies that show how plants do not grown near Wi-Fi routers such as the routers commonly found in the home or work space. We know from our home microwave ovens that high frequency radio waves can cook food and boil water. We know from multiple experiments that wireless radiation and frequencies can destroy plants and disrupt the water molecules in plants. Since the human body is made up mostly of water, it does not take much to guess what high frequency radio waves can do to your biology let alone your brain. Remember that all thoughts are sounds and that is why you can hear yourself in your head and in your dreams. In fact, all brainwaves are radio waves. Knowing that there is no difference between radio waves or brainwaves means that technology can interface both. Meaning, if a computer can analyze brainwaves like a radio signal, then it can also transmit radio signals directly into the brain via an antenna. The human body naturally acts as an antenna and conducts electricity since the human body is made up of mostly water.

Devices and compounds can be ingested, inhaled and injected into the blood stream or human body that can enhance, manipulate, receive and transmit signals. For example, frequencies can be transmitted or broadcasted over an antenna network that directly influences the biology and psychology of the masses. Vice versa, a computer can read, analyze and record the feed back of biological and psychological data gathered by that same antenna network. Knowing all this, people should be aware and weary of any and all technology that amplifies, transmits, receives and manipulates air waves. This is why the Bible warns us that Satan is the master of the air waves. This is why we wrestle not against flesh or blood.

Wi-Fi killing plants.

Health and wellness website describes brain waves well for use in what I am going to present here connecting brainwaves to 5G and wireless technology. The 5 brainwaves are listed as:

Delta Waves

Delta waves are associated with deep levels of relaxation and restorative sleep, to remember this simply think of ‘Delta’ for ‘Deep’. They are the slowest recorded brain waves in humans and higher levels are more commonly found in young children. During the aging process, lower Delta waves are produced. Research tells us that Delta waves are attributed to many of our unconscious bodily functions such as regulating the cardiovascular and the digestive systems. Healthy levels of Delta waves can contribute to a more restful sleep, allowing us to wake up refreshed, however irregular delta wave activity has been linked to learning difficulties or issues maintaining awareness.

Frequency range: 0 Hz to 4 Hz
High levels: Brain injuries, learning problems, inability to think, severe ADHD
Low levels: Inability to rejuvenate body, inability to revitalize the brain, poor sleep
Optimal range: Healthy immune system,  restorative REM sleep

Theta Waves

Theta waves known as the ‘suggestible waves’, because of their prevalence when one is in a trance or hypnotic state. In this state, a brain’s Theta waves are optimal and the patient is more susceptible to hypnosis and associated therapy. The reasoning for this is that Theta waves are commonly  found when you daydream or are asleep, thus exhibiting a more relaxed, open mind state. Theta waves are also linked to us experiencing and feeling deep and raw emotions, therefore too much theta activity may make people prone to bouts of depression. Theta does however has its benefits of helping improve our creativity, wholeness and intuition, making us feel more natural. It is also involved in restorative sleep and as long as theta isn’t produced in excess during our waking hours, it is a very helpful brainwave range.

Frequency range: 4 Hz to 8 Hz
High levels: ADHD or hyperactivity, depressive states, impulsive activity or inattentiveness
Low levels: Anxiety symptoms, poor emotional awareness, higher stress levels
Optimal range: Maximum creativity, deep emotional connection with oneself and others, greater intuition, relaxation

Alpha Waves

Alpha waves are the ‘frequency bridge’ between our conscious thinking (Beta) and subconscious (Theta) mind. They are known to help calm you down and promote feelings of deeper relaxation and content.  Beta waves play an active role in network coordination and communication and do not occur until three years of age in humans. In a state of stress, a phenomenon called ‘Alpha blocking’ can occur which involves excessive Beta activity and little Alpha activity. In this scenario, the Beta waves restrict the production of alpha because we because our body is reacting positively to the increased Beta activity, usually in a state of heightened cognitive arousal.

Frequency range: 8 Hz to 12 Hz
High levels: Too much daydreaming, over-relaxed state or an inability to focus Low levels: OCD, anxiety symptoms, higher stress levels
Optimal range: Ideal relaxation

Beta Waves

Beta waves are the high frequency waves most commonly found in awake humans. They are channeled during conscious states such as cognitive reasoning, calculation, reading, speaking or thinking. Higher levels of Beta waves are found to channel a stimulating, arousing effect, which explains how the brain will limit the amount of Alpha waves if heightened Beta activity occurs. However, if you experience too much Beta activity, this may lead to stress and anxiety. This leads you feeling  overwhelmed and stressed during strenuous periods of work or school. Beta waves increased by drinking common stimulants such as caffeine or L-Theanine, or by consuming Nootropics or cognitive enhancers such as Lucid. Think of Beta as the ‘get sh*t done’ state of mind.

Frequency range: 12 Hz to 40 Hz
High levels: Anxiety, inability to feel relaxed, high adrenaline levels, stress
Low levels: Depression, poor cognitive ability, lack of attention
Optimal range: Consistent focus, strong memory recall, high problem solving ability

Gamma Waves

Gamma waves are a more recent discovery in the field of neuroscience, thus the understanding of how they function is constantly evolving. To date, it’s known that Gamma waves are involved in processing more complex tasks in addition to healthy cognitive function. Gamma waves are found to be important for learning, memory and processing and they are used as a binding tool for our senses to process new information. In people with mental disabilities, much lower levels of Gamma activity is recorded. More recently, people have found a strong link between meditation and Gamma waves, a link attributed to the heightened state of being or ‘completeness’ experienced when in a meditative state.

Frequency range: 40 Hz to 100 Hz
High levels: Anxiety, stress
Low levels: Depression, ADHD, learning issues
Optimal range: Information processing, cognition, learning, binding of senses

Electronic mind control.

When you compare the operating parameters of 5G, you will see that 5G can operate in the same ranges of human brainwaves. Environmental Health Trust is a website led by Dr. Devra Davis, PhD. The EHT website shows a study on health effects of 5G, wireless and the human brain – and it states:

“The possible health effects caused by 5G are not limited to the impact on skin but can be widened by the excitation of nervous system. The low-frequency components in some 5G networks are similar to these of 4G and therefore, the possible health effects should have the same level.

The theory of parametric excitation could explain the impact of the signal structure. The presence of the low-frequency components lower than 1000 Hz in the spectrum of RF EMF exposure (2G-5G) is an important factor to give rise to the RF EMF effects on the nervous system. The RF EMF effects are most probably caused by the telecommunication systems with low-frequency components lower than 100 Hz (4G, 5G FR1, 5G FR2).”

A man tests his cellphone for radiation.

If you think 5G and EMF being used for mind control is a wild conspiracy theory, it’s not. Even mainstream websites such as mentions cellphone signals being used for mind control as far back as 2008. Isn’t it odd that health regulations for cellphones have barley been updated since 1996? Cellphones have gotten a lot more powerful and a lot has changed since then. Technology and the radiation they produced has increased with each up grade. The timing of the rollout of these technologies along with the pandemic is no coincidence. Mind control is the only explanation as to why Moderna and Pfizer can kill thousands of people with the COVID 19 vaccine and have the public not know, not react and care about it. Visit to see just how many death the COVID 19 vaccine has caused to date. You can also visit my previous post which explains how to look up the VARES data for yourself here – 5G explains the mind control of people, but what about the actual symptoms of COVID 19? Could 5G be used to create symptoms of COVID 19? Is there any proof of a link between 5G and COVID 19 at all? The answer is yes!

The electronic harassment and control grid is a reality and it is here.

As stated in the book, Radiation Nation, a study has found that babies born to women exposed to EMF radiation during pregnancy had more than three times the risk of developing asthma. There are also studies that show people who suffer from EHS develop cardiac and respiratory symptoms when exposed to EMF. EMF can cause asthma, bronchitis, chest pain, pneumonia, shortness of breath, fever, head ache and flu-like symptom in a person who suffers from EHS. Ask yourself if those symptoms sound anything like COVID 19. Other websites such as show many examples of correlations between the names of “COVID Variants” and 5G towers/networks. If COVID 19 has connections to the health effects of 5G, then what about the COVID 19 vaccines? Do vaccines, EMF and 5G have anything in common? If so, are the COVID 19 vaccine and 5G specifically connected in anyway?

Dr. Pierre Gilbert from 1995 is important to understanding mind control through vaccines and EMF.

The testimony of Dr. Pierre Gilbert from 1995 is important to understanding mind control through vaccines and EMF. Dr. Pierre Gilbert explains how vaccines can have liquid crystals that attach to brain cells. These crystals can become micro receivers of electromagnetic fields that stimulate pleasure and pain making the vaccinated person a “zombie” in the words of Dr. Gilbert. The electromagnetic fields that Dr. Gilbert spoke of in 1995 which can activate the crystals or nanoparticles in vaccines, are today produced by the Wi-Fi and 5G network that has currently been put up around us. Dr. Gilbert is not the only doctor to link vaccines and mind control. The testimony of Dr. Bill Deagle is also very important and even he is able to explain how vaccines can be used for mind control and how. In the video below, not only does Dr. Bill Deagle expose vaccines but he also explains how the medical industry is controlled and suppressed when trying to speak out against those issues.

Dr, Bill Deagle exposes mind control vaccines.

All of this testimony and data from doctors and scientists can be overwhelming but as you can see, there are many connections made by professionals between 5G, vaccines, COVID 19 and mind control. The evidence is prevalent and it indicates that if 5G can cause COVID 19 symptoms and control minds, then getting a biometric vaccine or injected with a nanomachine serum would only amplify or enhance those effects on a more targeted and personal level.

Vaccinated people being tracked through Wi-Fi.

How and why is there a cover up? Where are all the news stories and doctors exposing these health effects to the masses? If 5G, COVID 19 and the COVID 19 vaccine are all related, then it only makes sense that they are all censored by the same entities. Biometric tracking and connectivity to A.I. is integral to the The World Health Organization’s and World Economic forum’s one world government agenda.

The one world agenda depends on a digital tracking network.

We can also see how the news, mainstream media and social apps censor all of this information off of it’s platforms and even hire third party groups ( some of which are illegal cyber stalkers, harassers and hackers ) to help them. It’s obvious, they are all working together to suppress the health effects and agenda behind this all. Even PhDs, whistle blowers and scientists are no match for the A.I. censorship and technocracy who control information on this planet. Often times doctors, PhDs, scientists, engineers and officials leave the country after they oppose the mainstream. In the worst cases, people are blackmailed, imprisoned or even murdered to cover up corruption.

This doctor flees the United States after exposing the vaccine agenda years before COVID 19.

Because these agendas are so sinister, the exposure is so incriminating and the players are making so much money, most of this data will have a hard time making it to the mainstream news or spread on the internet at all. See the below video for a good example of how scientist and doctors do not have representation or fair chance on the mainstream news. In CNN interview, John Coleman, weather channel founder explains why the news is so bias. In fact, the news is so biased that even 31,000 PhDs, doctors and scientists can sign a petition and get absolutely no news coverage. See in the video below for yourself.

John Coleman explains why the news is so bias and why the climate change propaganda is a psy-op.

Hawaii has definitely been bought out by the 5G companies like T-Mobile and COVID 19 vaccines. Here in Hawaii, current Lieutenant Governor Josh Green ( a transplant from New York ) has helped thousands of Hawaii locals lose their jobs and built prison camps under the guise of homeless shelters during the pandemic while he pushed lock down and vaccines. Since Josh Greene served the new world order vaccine agenda in Hawaii, it’s clear that the new world order will rig elections for him this November and try to make him governor to continue the agenda. Josh Greene gave the local Hawaii news – KHON, KGMB, KITV, KHNL roughly $60,000 total. Wouldn’t you like to see how and where that money was spent and where it came from?

Josh Greene in the NWO’s pocket. Money buys votes.

I and others contacted the local Hawaii politicians and asked them their stance on 5G. Hawaii should not vote for anyone who is helping the transhuman agenda in my opinion. Iron and clay do not cleave as stated in the Bible and I believe this is telling us not to mix flesh with machine.

Daniel 2:43 And just as you saw the iron mixed with baked clay, so the people will be a mixture and will not remain united, any more than iron mixes with clay.

The total Hawaii 5G voter guide is included in the PDF packet at the bottom of this blog.

Politicians who are not sympathetic to 5G can’t be trusted.

The news being bias and covering up facts for corporate interest is old news. The media being paid to hide damaging heath effects of corporate products are nothing new. The cover up of 5G and COVID 19 vaccines has many parallels to the way cigarettes were first marketed before cancer labels were added. A study behind the corruption of big tobacco companies would offer great insight into these modern parallels. Remember that to a business, money always comes first and not health. There are consumer products like the “NeuroStar” that claim to treat depression by targeting areas of the brain that regulate mood with magnetic pulses. So why is there is no acknowledgement that 5G and your cellphone may already be doing such things? Since the pandemic, Elon Musk has been showing his “Neuralink” computer chip to the public and says that he wants everyone to implant it into their brains so they can have access to the internet in their head. Even though the NeroStar and Neuralink are advertised to the public, the connection to harmful effects, similar technologies, mind control and EMF is never addressed.

Changing moods with magnetic pulses.

It seems many people like Elon Musk who builds robots and brain chips, Jeff Bezos who sells you things with his drone army, Mark Zuckerberg who spies on all your online data and sells it, and Bill Gates who makes vaccines, robots and GMO food farms, need electronic, digital tracking infrastructure to run their digital business on. 5G and satellites would definitely help drones and robots navigate and coordinate. I highly suspect that robots will be justified to fight some false flag alien invasion war, when in reality the robots are the ones who invaded. A planetary threat like an alien war is needed to force a one world government and the A.I. is needed to control and track all the people. The public must understand that these are complimentary systems, all working together for a single goal. Undoubtedly, anyone putting a computer chip in their head with Wi-Fi connectivity is going to experience horrible side effects. Let’s not ignore the potential for neurological damage or the hacking of your personal thoughts.

Elon wants to hack your brain from the inside out.

A computer chip in the head seems like the ultimate mind control but where are all the health studies and opposers for such technology? What about all the science data that shows the hazard health effects of implants, EMF and 5G? There are many public health and medical professionals for transparency on these issues and often times they are met with a brick wall. The reason 5G death studies are absent from the main stream are the same reason vaccine death studies absent. Take for example this website made by a nonprofit of health professionals – Four days after the Pfizer vaccine was approved for ages 16+, they submitted a Freedom of Information Act Request to the FDA for all of the data within Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine biological product file. They did not receive it, so they are now suing the FDA for not releasing the data. Another trick of these corrupt companies is to rebrand something or rename something in a deceptive way so that it seems less harmful or more harmful depending on the agenda. In the case of 5G, implants and vaccines, one strategy is to change the terminology of harmful side effects and symptoms to less harmful descriptions. For example, a confidential 497 page Pfizer document from April 16, 2022, shows how side effects of their vaccine like “nervous system disorders” is changed to “headache” as a preferred term. This is the corrupt bureaucracy that protects all of big technology companies. So, we are the ones who will have to do the work ourselves. We will simply have to do our own research, reach out to our officials, expose things and share them the best we can.

Robots, cyborgs, drones, androids, transhumans are the trojan horse of the A.I.

I’m happy to say that this situation is not without hope. Most importantly, the children are the primary targets of these agendas, so they must be warned and protected from it. There is a good health reason that the technocrats do not let their children use tablets, cellphones and social media. The children are growing up with cellphone radiation as the norm, slowly being indoctrinated into a completely digital life. Children are being brainwashed to put more emphasis in their online identity and more importance on screen life than their real identities and their real life. Like big tobacco cigarette companies, technology companies want life long customers programmed from childhood to ensure they grow up as consumers. We must educate the children on the truth of 5G and EMF radiation above all, so they can hopefully use the knowledge to save themselves from a dark future. Parents at home and school teachers need to educate the children on the dangers, precautions and solutions to this 5G and radiation dilemma we all face. This 5G agenda effects all families, genders, ages and races.

EMF data readings taken by students.

I was fortunate enough to help a local, Hawaii school, deliver over 279 letters on the concerns of 5G and EMF, to their local council members. Their teacher brought a PhD expert on 5G to speak with the class. As an assignment, the students tested the EMF levels of their class room and cellphones and then wrote a letter about what they learned. The students addressed their letters to government, and in their letters the students showed their knowledge of the 5G problem to the adults in government. This helps spread awareness and more of this needs to happen. I am here to say first hand that, even though the American school system is full of problems, it does not mean they are without good teachers who teach the truth to the youth. The students even received replies from the government. This empowers the children and sets an example that teaches children to reach out to their officials and voice their concern. It’s important to help kids feel empowered especially after the COVID 19 pandemic made them feel so helpless and afraid. The data and the letters from the assignment is enclosed in a PDF at the end bottom of this blog. I encourage everyone to download the PDF packet and repeat the assignment all across the United States and even other countries with this technology. The PDF is filled with a lot of helpful information on 5G and EMF. Please download the PDF to see more of the students letters and EMF reader data. Bellow is a sample of the classroom EMF data and a students letter of concern over 5G –

Letter of 5g concern from a student to county council.

I personally walked the streets at night in Honolulu and tested and recorded the EMF levels myself. That data is also presented in a PDF at the bottom of this post. Here is a sample of the data from Honolulu. As you can see from the data, Honolulu is an invisible soup of highly dangerous EMF.

Meter reading data of dangerous levels of EMF in Honolulu.

Don’t take my word for it, go and test yourself and you will be shocked. There are also online sources such as the website – where you can type in Honolulu, or your city, to see how many antennas are in your area.

297 towers and 1716 antennas within a 3 mile radius of Honolulu.

If you type in “Honolulu” in the website’s antenna search bar, you will see that Honolulu has an alarming 297 towers and 1716 antennas within a 3 mile radius. You can also visit – and see an interactive map that tracks 5G rollouts in cities across the globe. When you do look at the global rollout of 5G, please notice that Russia and it’s bordering countries do not have 5G. Russia will not even allow 5G in the countries on it’s boarders. Keep that in mind the next time you hear about Russia in the news. It seems Russia knows the dangers of 5G and whatever plan 5G has for the world, Russia does not want to be apart of it. Knowing how electronically poisonous Honolulu was, I knew I had to escape the capital city, which I did. I moved to the Big Island because I knew I would have a better chance for survival and less EMF and 5G to deal with. Unfortunately, the outer islands, Kauai, Maui and Big Island also have deadly 5G towers but a lot less than Oahu. The data pack at the bottom of this blog includes the outer island readings as well. Unlike the island of Oahu, The county of Hawaii, on the Big Island where I now live, signed Resolution No. 678-20 in July, 2020. Resolution No. 678-20 calls upon all telecommunications companies and public utilities operating in Hawaii County to
cease the buildout of 5G -enabled small cell antennas until such, technologies have been proven safe beyond a reasonable doubt through independent research and the public health and welfare can be assured.
Isn’t is odd and too bad that Honolulu doesn’t have such a resolution? The policy in Resolution No. 678-20 should have also been applied to the COVID 19 vaccine. If resolutions and votes can’t stop everything, then where is this 5G agenda heading?

The World Economic Forum says that there will be no more cellphones by 2030.

We don’t have to guess the future of cellphones because the World Economic Forum has no problem giving the world that ultimatum. In the above video, you can see the CEO of Nokia explain how there will be no cellphones in 2030, because the technology will be built into the human body. Of course he is talking about transhumanism, the combining of humans and machine, all connected and controlled by the artificial intelligence. The new world order the elites have planned for us is a one world order under the artificial intelligence and without the A.I. or technology, they could not achieve it. Look at 5G, vaccines, implants and cellphones and you see that the end game for these people is trans-humanizing the planet, corralling them into walled in, smart cities while killing off the people who don’t comply. These agendas are just not being hidden anymore and many stories and articles can be found in the mainstream which promote the idea of living in smart cities or city states that are governed by artificial intelligence technology. If humanity is ever allowed by the elites to access free energy and anti gravity technology, it will be in the confines of walled smart cities, and you will have to be chipped to access them.

For more on smart cities, please read my previous blog post on the topic –

Imagine a post apocalyptic world where everything you currently know is reduced to waste land. The only survivors of humanity are dwindled down to a few million, who live their whole lives inside a few highly technological citadels. Of course, the population’s birth rate inside these quarantined, smart cities will be controlled by A.I. The A.I. will monitor and record every citizen 24/7 from birth to death and act as judge, jury and executioner as it will be the law keeper as well. This was partly exposed in the 1990s when politician Aaron Russo disclosed what he learned from his friendship with Nicholas Rockefeller. Nicholas Rockefeller told Aaron Russo the NWO agenda of chipping everyone for control and turning off their chips when they don’t comply. Thankfully Aaron Russo exposed the chip implant agenda before he was murdered. Mark Zuckerberg’s real name is Jacob Greenberg and he is the biological grandson of David Rockefeller, making Mark Zuckerberg a Rockefeller. What this means is that the technocrats of today are simply the same illuminati family bloodline such as Rockefeller and Rothschild. If Mark were to walk around being called “Jacob Rockefeller, the public may catch on to the family monopoly, making it harder to carry on the Rockefeller NWO agenda. Keep that in mind when you think of the fake names that politicians and celebrities use, and know that they are only hiding their bloodline like Mark. revealing the real names of all the presidents and celebrities would be too long of a list and too much of a tangent to post here, but the reader may look it up on their own time. The NWO and transhuman agenda is bigger than 5G and the COVID vaccine agenda, but is too much to go into here. The amount of information on Bill Gates, vaccines and the corruption of Pfizer and Moderna is too vast to be including in this 5G blog post. This plot goes back before World War II. The IBM computer company was invented and built to be a human registry machine for the Nazis. The Nazis used the IBM computer to keep track of holocaust victims. Let that tell what computers are really for. and realize that we are only living in an extension of that Nazi program. Be extremely weary of anyone who owns Biotech companies like Bill Gates.

Even though those topics are related and apart of the same agenda, I have covered them in other blog posts which I suggest everyone read to understand the whole picture more clearly. 5G is just one important component of this New World Order, but watching the video below of Aaron Russo’s testimony, may help to understand the bigger picture. It’s clear these Rockefellers want to either kill or control us like live stock.

Arron Russo exposes the implant agenda before he dies.

List of capabilities of 5G and wireless technology.

MOOD AND HEALTH: The 5G sends and receives data to and from the human nervous system, brain and spine allowing the 5G to directly influence health and mood of a crowd or individual. May be able to manipulate/destroy DNA.

NANOMACHINE CONTROL: The 5G remote activates and communicates with the nanos in the vaccines injected, or the chips and implants embedded in the human body. The 5G remote activates and communicates with the nanos inhaled in the air or deposited into chemtrails, water and food, ingested into the human or animal body. Nanos may aid in mind control and the manipulation and destruction of DNA. Other metals like aluminum and barium in chemtrail rainwater may help as micro transmitters of EMF or help nanos assemble biotechnological nanodevices in the body.

This video shows how frequencies can control nano machines and vaccines in your body.

CONTROL SMART DEVICES: The 5G remote activates and communicates with cellphones and wearable smart devices, handheld electronics and games, smart clothes, smart jewelry & smart accessories like watches, contacts and glasses.

PUNISH, TORTURE, KILL: 5G can target individuals or crowds with pulsed microwave blasts giving the target nausea, headaches, sleepiness, insomnia, cancer, heart attack, itching and burning sensation or respiratory system problems. 5G may be able to target and kill plants and animals including birds and insects.

AUTONOMOUS ROADS, POLICE AND CIVIL SERVICE: The 5G can remote access, influence and navigate smart vehicles, civil service robots and drone army. 5G network can be used for electronic geolocation of robots and people.

RECORD AND WRITE DREAMS AND THOUGHTS: 5G can remote access brainwave data from a sleeping or awake individual for digital recording, download/upload and readout.

OPERATE CYBERNETICS, ELECTRIC WHEEL CHAIRS AND WALKING AIDS, “MECHA” AND DRONES THROUGH THOUGHT. INTERFACE WITH INTERNET or VIRTUAL REALITY THROUGH THOUGHT: 5G may be used for wireless electronic brain link (EBL) technology or brain-machine interface (BMI) or brain-computer interface (BCI) technology. Introduced through videogames, telecommunications or entertainment, injured soldiers, disabled handicapped and elderly. Artificial telepathy.

MEASURE SPACE AND TRACK TARGETS IN 3D: 5G and the technology that uses it may have the ability to track your physical movement through 3D space in real time. As stated before, 5G network can be used for electronic geolocation and may work in tandem with nanomachines or implants to help geolocate.

ILLUSION: 5G may be able to produce or transmit 3D holograms. This may be used in psychological warfare and/or entertainment. 5G may enable augmented reality internet overlay on top of 3D waking reality with or without the aid of other devices.

ASTRAL BODY NET/REMOTE VIEWING BLOCKER: May create an artificial electronic net that traps astral bodies under it and within it. This limits and keeps individuals from accessing astral realms, astral knowledge and remote viewing sensitive information and locations. This also keeps the astral bodies trapped low to the ground and incapable from flying high above and outside the Earth.

The ultimate weapon against humanity on Earth.

Conclusion on 5G:

How far are we? What does it all mean? Many people are noticing the mysteriously intuitive advertisements targeted at them online, and this may actually be your cellphone reading your thoughts. All of this is not good news but staying informed is forewarned. So what is the timeline we’re looking at and what can we do about it? We know from the government, through websites such as, that America’s expected to lose two thirds of it’s population. Although that information no longer shows up on the website, it goes in line with the NASA Warfare document that describes fighting a war with A.I. in 2025. Here is a link to the NASA war document – In 2014, Elon Musk made public statements that robots will take over in 5 years. Link – Secret treaties between shadow governments and the A.I. invasion force are coming to an end by 2025. This means that there is a deadline and an expected result by 2025. We know that the United States Military is slated to leave Hawaii by 2029. With the Space Force in Hawaii, this means they will utilize these assets before 2029. As you can see from this blog post, The World Economic Forum ( the real Legion of Doom ) has given the ultimatum to all new world order citizens that there will be no cellphones in 2030 because that tech will be integrated into your body. The artificial intelligence invasion force that is currently conquering this planet has chipped and injected nanos into all of the Earth’s richest and powerful leaders turning them into bewitched zombies who’s job is to lead us to slaughter. Many people who are vaccinated are giving off Bluetooth signals, even after they die. You can prove this yourself if you have an iPhone and unlock the the developer mode, and/or download the BLE scanner app. For more info on vaccine Bluetooth visit – Remember that the elites would not be trying to stamp out this awareness and movement if we didn’t have the power to stop them.

Vaccinated people giving off Bluetooth even from the grave.

Advice on surviving 5G:

We need to be precautionary before reactionary. I can offer short term solutions and long term advice on what to do about 5G and this entire matter. First I would say is learn and read all you can. Buy a RF and/or EMF meter reader and test your area for yourself. Know where all the antennas in your area are. Join a group or local community of other likeminded, informed and concerned individuals. Beware of infiltrators and slaves of the A.I. invasion force, they are everywhere. Simple and cheap space blankets like the ones made of mylar can shield you from EMF radiation, directed energy weapons and make you invisible to drones. There are fabrics, some with silver woven into them, that block the majority of wireless radiation (cellphone, Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, Bluetooth) such as the kind that you can get from The clothes may be expensive but you can order a hat, shirt or underwear online that protect you from EMF. Have cellphones that you can easily remove the SIM card and shut off to prevent unwanted signals and tracking. Put your electronic devices in a metal trash can, faraday cage, bag or box when not in use. Shut off cellphones and Wi-Fi when not in use. Try to wire your house for dish or ethernet and do not allow smart meters to be put on your place of residence.

Ultimately, I recommend getting away from antennas entirely, even if that means moving to a new city, state or country. I know professional people personally, who have already began to leave the country. Get away from capitals and coast lines. Get to a high elevation. Live in a place where you can collect rain water. Try to wean off of electronics. Limit screen time. Get out of the major cities. The system is set up so that we cannot simply vote our way out of this. In other words, Head for the hills. Learn from the lesson of Sodom and Gomorrah. Learn about farming, hunting, fishing and homesteading and get to a location where you can live that lifestyle if need be. If you’re like me and will never take the mark of the beast or be connected willingly to a Wi-Fi grid, make an exit strategy for the internet and get ready for hard times.

Know and accept that we will all die physically, but there is a spiritual realm greater than this, where evil will never penetrate. Take comfort in the fact that, whenever you do die, it will be as a free soul, without a vaccine or computer chip inside you. Pray for the world and pray everyday. Many people have already come to an apocalyptic conclusion and are prepared to live, cut off from government and without electricity. Even Elon Musk is making public statements that the apocalypse is near. Link –

Before you do get into a worse case scenario, without electricity, read this free PDF that gives great general advice on what to do. It is called “Electric apocalypse. “ Link –

The method of the artificial intelligence invasion force is subversion, the same as the technocrats and never forget that. Take heed, we will win. We just have to figure out what we will do once we’ve won. Remember that Trump helped give us vaccines, masks and 5G and Biden only continued it and made it worse. Don’t forget that while Trump and Biden were in office, thousands died from the vaccine, and neither of those men stopped it because they are working for the same transhumanist agenda. Understand that the Epstein list, the Hunter Biden laptop, the police brutality, the inept presidents, the financial system and American country in general is purposely being portrayed as corrupt and flawed so that the A.I. system can be put in to supplant and replace everything. No one is simply coming to save us and I recommend learning the lessons of Jesus and saving your soul. For the most part, we will have to stand up, speak out, unite and earn our freedom for ourselves. Here in Hawaii, we will have to deal with the problem of removing these evil billionaires who are using Hawaii to hide from the world. These technology billionaires like Zuckerberg and Bezos, along with their corrupt friends are trying to fund, create and control a fake Hawaiian Kingdom movement. This will not be a true reinstatement of a true Hawaiian, sovereign, kingdom because this will be completely funded by the illuminati. The billionaire criminals in Hawaii, know that the mainland of the United States of America is going to have it’s financial system collapsed to bring the one world order. So, the evil billionaires want to separate Hawaii from the United States, so they can dump all their assets and finances into Hawaii and save their fortunes from America’s economy collapse. In order to do this, they are funding a fake Hawaiian movement by bribing and corrupting greedy Hawaiians with promises of land, money and power. Once the fake, illuminati, Hawaiian freedom movement is complete, and Hawaii is officially annexed and separated from America, the filthy rich will take it away from the Hawaiians. The technocrats want to feel safe in Hawaii and they will use a fake Hawaiian Kingdom they created to hide behind. They are only pretending to help Hawaiians get freedom, so they can use Hawaii like Switzerland to hide and keep all their money. If we do not exile the technocrats from Hawaii, any and all Hawaiian Kingdoms will be taken over again, just like it was the last time, except it wont be the “Big Five,” it will be the technocrats this time. If anything, Hawaii should be it’s own democratic country and abolish artificial intelligence in my opinion. Beware, the Hawaiian freedom movement is completely infiltrated. However, that is a big subject and will have to be another topic for another blog post.

Paying off Hawaiians to make a Hawaiian Kingdom for him, so he can hide in Hawaii with all his money when America’s economy collapses.

Final Personal Statements on 5G:

5G is the ultimate weapon against the people of Earth. The interaction between 5G, subdermal implants, nanomachines, drones, cellphones and biometric vaccines is the beast system. The beast system an electronic enslavement system, apart of the artificial intelligence, invasion force’s one world agenda. 5G is a literal, electronic net, directly over your head, that traps your soul aka astral body under it. 5G is a mind control device and a dangerous radiation weapon. 5G is nothing short of Satanic and there are people in other countries who are actively knocking down these 5G towers and antennas. This is spiritual warfare and we will need the full armor of God. After reading this, I pray that you understand the gravity and agenda behind 5G.

Personally, I have a 5G and internet exit strategy. For years I formulated a plan to leave Oahu for all of the reasons in this blog post. Believe me, I was born in Honolulu on Oahu and I would never leave my birthplace unless I saw that it was a necessary matter of survival. Many people who are aware of the artificial intelligence invasion force, are actively taking action to survive it by moving to off-grid locations or farms. I recommend that to everyone who wants to survive this. I acquired land off -grid, moved to the Big Island of Hawaii, and am currently taking measures to transition to a homestead lifestyle. Moving to the Big Island ensures that I can continue my work and still influence Hawaii to wake up. I currently live in a very safe neighborhood, at a high elevation, away from the coast where I can collect rainwater. At the very least, if you are in an area, where you can collect rainwater, you will not quickly die once water and electricity is turned off in cities. Water will not run in cities without electricity to power the pump stations, so water is crucial to survival.

Once my land is cleared and my home is built, I will have my best chance at having a safe space and privacy needed to endure Hawaii’s isolation from the rest of the world. My plan is to continue releasing my information online until my homestead is built. Once I move into my off-grid, homestead lifestyle, I will exit the internet. Ever since releasing this type of information, my plan was always to transition off the internet after releasing all my content. There will soon come a time when I have released all the information I’ve needed, and at that point, I will refuse to give the A.I. anymore of my time or data. Even though I will be living a private life off- line, I will leave my content up for my family and anyone else wishing to learn how to leave the matrix. I will live in retirement, happily knowing that I will have my priceless privacy and distance from corruption. There’s nothing anyone or thing can do to take that God-given, unalienable right away from me. I am leading by example and I know all this information will help the innocent and hinder the evil billionaires. I am a sovereign integral.

If I have to absolutely interact with anything online, I will do so on my own terms, from a safe location on my property. It doesn’t matter who is spying on me now or cyber stalking me. It doesn’t matter if my stalkers live in Hawaii, Dubai, California, New York, Australia, Asia or India. Even off the internet, I can still inform many of my neighbors and city with flyers and word of mouth. Clearly my paid cyber stalkers don’t know me well or they’d know that out of all the challenges I’ve faced in life, they are the smallest and easiest chumps to deal with.

I am happy and healthy. I will never take the mark of the beast.

I know my paid stalkers are reading this. So, to my perverted, misguided, little trolls I say :

“WATCH HELPLESSLY AS I EXERCISE MY RIGHTS AND CONTINUE TO PUT OUT INFORMATION! Watch as all my views rise and my information continues to spread and expose your twisted agenda. I will never get vaccinated and this website and information is being viewed by many people all over the world everyday, so, I’ve already won. You’ve shown me that nobody opposing me can do anything I can do. I am an empowered individual and all you can do is follow me like an obsessed fan. I am still a known and respected member of my community with a voice, with or without the internet. I can walk freely in public. All you can do is watch cowardly from the shadows. You’re nothing but cheap hackers and amateurs. I’m above your pay grade. You can’t even comprehend half the things I disclose. You and your employers are helpless. I’m not your average truther and I cannot be fooled and intimidated with your cheesy online tricks. Your play book and training doesn’t apply to me or work on me.

You can’t disprove me and all your brainless, little comments are weak like tiny, pebbles being thrown at a tank. I am not afraid of any of you or anyone. Come to my house, step on my property and approach me in public if you dare and you will be humiliated. Except, we all know none of you can face me in real life because all you can do is type on a keyboard. We all know, If I showed up to your job and confronted you face to face, you would be scared to death of me. That’s how small you all are. We all know that none of you can even beat me in a physical fight or online debate. You can’t even beat me at chess. Nothing you do works on me or stops me and you are truly narcissistic if you think you otherwise. In fact, you’re all a waste of money and your boss should fire you. You cannot defame me or shame me.

You’re just third party losers. So desperate always checking my Facebook messages, thinking you have dirt that I didn’t purposefully give you. Running and hiding from me, won’t save you or your bosses. You should really just turn yourself in, confess and beg for mercy so you don’t have to be a pathetic little cyber troll anymore. You all bore me. I am not impressed. Obviously, you can’t even face me, come to my home, or private land, knock on my door or confront me in any real threating way, or you would have already! You hacked my Facebook and phone as I planned you would…So, what? You’re all so predictable and easy to deal with. I’m yawning and laughing at your wasted attempts. You only know what I wanted you to know, and I baited you with my inboxes. You took the bait as planned, exposed yourselves as planned, and I took all the evidence to many people and authorities. It’s only a matter of time before you’re out of business and Satan comes to collect you. If you were really tough, you’d step into the light and show your face, but you and your bosses are too scared and weak. I don’t even have or need weapons because my website is all it takes to scare you. It’s easy to see how all you bad guys are afraid of me.

Let the world see how you are all too scared to face me eye to eye. Let the world see how you’re all a bunch of con-artist, paid to cyber stalk me for some loser who can’t handle me themselves. Facebook hackers are such weak, pathetic fools. You still have no idea who I am and you never will because you’re blind. You have no idea what kind of information I’m going to release next and you never will. You don’t know about my life before I was online and you don’t know my life offline. You don’t how many people I really know personally and who I am connected to off the internet. Your information is forever limited by the internet and flawed. Your stupid guesses are only limited to what is online and soon you will be in the dark forever. Any negative energy sent to me will only back fire on you. All negativity is not received by me and is returned to sender! Attack me and you fools have only cursed yourselves. I take great pleasure knowing that if the electricity and power go out and the economy collapses, I will be able to survive. I would laugh in your face, but you’re too cowardly to show it, so you can read it. Ha Ha! “

The cellphone radiation is hurting this spider. Insects have antennas and sensitive hairs on their body which can receive, send and detect electric signals. This same cellphone radiation is shooting into your body and can be weaponized to target you on a large scale the way this spider is. The same way this spider is being shot with painful cell radiation is the same way a 5G tower can target and zap you.

My message and advice to the future generation is – “Don’t go on the internet at all.” I cannot recommend enough to my supporters to, make a plan to get off grid and exit the internet. Get to a cabin or bunker, with access to off-grid, clean water, and prepare for hard times. If you don’t have a place to go immediately, I encourage you to do as I and find a house where you can save rain water until you transition off-grid. Get all metal out of your body. Metal in your body, including dental implants and the metal in vaccines may burst into flames or combust in a solar flare.

Chlorine dioxide is used to disinfect drinking water around the world and might help detox the body of metals.

People may try to detox the body of chemicals but your DNA may have already been damaged. The only way to heal completely is to heal mind, body and soul together.

A short video about graphene oxide and 5G.

Addressing graphene, it is important to note that the graphene or it’s derivatives may have connection to the so called “black goo” and I advise you stay away from it at all costs. Trying to remove implants, vaccine metals, or graphene nanoparticles, will not fix the damage done to DNA from 5G and EMF radiation. Take a spiritual and naturalistic approach for healing your mind, body, soul matrix and get grounded barefoot, outside as much as possible. Other than that, stay safe, stay smart, stay calm and happy as a clam, stay brave, stay together, stay happy and stay healthy. Fear no evil! God bless.

Aloha and Mahalo

-IK aka Jin Laihook

Taking out graphene from the vaccinated or trying to remove the vaccine ingredients post inject will not fix the DNA damage that was done by the vaccine.

For more resources, click the links and look into the books mentioned. A good introductory book with basic information to EMF radiation is the 2019 book, Electromagnetic RADIATION Survival Guide by Dr. Jonathan Halpern, PhD. In it are step by step solutions to protect yourself and your family. If you live in Hawaii and care about these issues and highly recommend you visit

Please download and share this FREE, exclusive PDF about Hawaii 5G, found only in this blog! They cannot destroy the truth by burning papers or deleting files! Over 400 pages exposing and explaining the 5G agenda. Download the mind-blowing truth for ammunition against corruption and censorship! This Free PDF includes:

  • Student letters to Hawaii council members on the concerns of 5G.
  • Letters from politicians to Hawaii students.
  • 5G Hawaii voter guide.
  • Hawaii EMF meter readings.
  • Copy of Resolution No. 678-20.
  • Hawaii classroom meter reading data and assignment.
  • Bonus Pfizer preferred term document.
  • Bonus medical professionals suing FDA document.
  • Bonus NASA war document for 2025.
  • Bonus Electric Apocalypse survival guide.
  • Graphics included in this post.

( Updated and revised with additional videos and links: 2/4/2023 )

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  1. Nice work Jin! I am impressed with the thuroughness of your work, and envious of your moving to the Big Island, I may be back there soon myself. Lindy


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