The Blue Pill Test

Having trouble waking people up? They may have over dosed on blue pills. Never forget that the clouded mind sees nothing. Use this little test to assess whether your energy is worth being used to attempt to “wake” someone up. Their minds may be too clouded.

The planet Earth has been conquered and is under industrial strength, constant mind control. How the planet is under mass mind control by multiple methods. Gas and chemical trails are dropped into the atmosphere via planes and gas tankers that people sometimes mistake as UFOs. The gas and chemtrails released into the air make it’s way into peoples water system and lungs which numbs that brain and makes them susceptible to mind control and frequencies in the air waves. Sometimes mind and DNA altering nano machines are put in to the air, food and water. Water is fluoridated ( Fluoride is a poison ) like it was in the Nazi prison camps to keep your pineal gland closed and your brain docile and easy to control. Electric signals from wi-fi, 5G and radio are designed to manipulate, simulate and alter brainwaves. Hypnosis can be achieved by way of screen viewing through colors, lights and radiation. Here is a link to only one patent of many which describes “Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors.”

For more on electronic hypnosis which is currently being used on us , see my other blog post:

Televisions, computer screens and cellphones were designed to be addictive, electronic hypnosis machines. Dishes and radio towers send infrasound and high-pitched sounds through the air waves which are designed to subliminally control the human mind. Tones and frequencies are hidden in songs, media and movies which influence the brain. Satellites in orbit also send beams to people and crowds which influence the mind. The mind is being control via technology subversively and overtly. The human consciousness is bombarded with increasingly more powerful mind control messages and techniques, non-stop on a daily basis.

Red pill and blue pill metaphor as shown by the Matrix. Blue makes you forget and sends you back to sleep in your bed. Red sends you down the rabbit hole to another reality like Alice in Wonderland.

Red versus blue is an old freemasonic concept and is used for mind control and spell casting. This blue pill test is not democratic or republican although the mainstream is trying to co-opt and corrupt the truth metaphor of red pill and blue pill. Of course the main stream will always hijack and redefine terms to suit their definition and agenda. We can see this in the politics of the 2020s where democratic Joe Biden, nicknamed “sleepy Joe” represents “fake news” and the blue pill. Meanwhile, republican Donald Trump with his “truth social” media site represents the so called “truth”, which is the red pill. In reality, all politics are blue pill and the elites use the concept to represent duality as a way to have inner conflict and rivalry. From the top down pyramid perspective, internal rivalry increases slave productivity. To brainwashers, it represents left brain versus right brain and the color code can be found all over culture, on flags, municipal services and media. That is not the concept of red pill blue pill I am referring to here. This red vs blue concept is in reference to the movie, the Matrix which shows that of those who are asleep in the matrix take a blue pill while those who exit the matrix have taken the red. The matrix being a reference to the A.I. control.

The asleep and the awake as depicted and explained by the Matrix movie.

What do we do as those who are waking and awake, surrounded by those who are plugged in and programed beyond reason? What to do with the sleeping masses? Waking up is a daily rhythm and must be done every day because this world is constantly trying to put you back to sleep. Waking up is one thing and knowing what to do is another but just how awake are the people around you in the first place? Below are three more examples of the Matrix concept and being awake.

Trapped in a world of illusion. The movie “They Live” shows how mind control is used to subdue the masses.
Here is another example of living in a sheltered and controlled reality surrounded by subliminal messages. This is from the movie, the Truman Show.
Here is a historical story showing how the elites control the world and fear anyone who does not comply. The Roman Empire ( The Draconian Empire ) has grown and expanded to now become the One World Order and Galactic Federation. Judas lured by the wealth of the elites betrayed his friend and helped kill an innocent man for nothing but money. Judas was the ultimate sell-out.

The Blue pill test which is available for free here in PDF form is made up of 12 categories, that will be addressed here in more detail. Symptoms may include preferring artificial environments over nature, appearing constantly afraid or nervous or distracted. One big giveaway to a closed mind is a lack of dreaming when sleeping. The biggest clue to a closed mind is someone who willingly took the COVID-19 vaccine. If they have those symptoms, they may be too far gone to be woken up. The Blue pill test consists of 12 simple questions that will help assist how asleep an individual is and whether or not it’s worth trying to wake them up. If they answered yes to more than half, they may have a slim chance of ever seeing any truth and it’s best to just pray for them and seek more reachable individuals for waking. The burden is not upon us to change the hearts and minds of those already asleep, for they have chosen their fate. The burden then is upon us to have acceptance, temperance, compassion and patience for the hypnotized sleep walkers. At this late in the game, it’s best to spend energy focusing on survival.

We can still love and pray for the sleeping masses who may have to endure more life cycles of slavery before their minds are ready for liberation. In a disaster scenario, a blue pill person is extremely dangerous and will be prone to panic, violence, desperation, despair and confusion. The elites and the A.I. is relying on a “zombie apocalypse” type situation where the blue pill people function as a hypnotized army. The blue pill people are intended to be too much of a hindrance for the awake people to effectively target the elites or A.I. In this way, the biggest threat to the awake is not aliens, demons, elites or A.I. Instead it will be our own sleeping masses who will try to pull us down like crabs in a bucket. We must remember that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against powers and principalities. We must not make an enemy of our fellow man and be distracted by the sheeple. We must instead attack, banish and address the demons who seek to control our fellow humans.

In-depth into each category. A deep dive and explanation into each topic.

  1. No one on Earth is free, until we’re all free. We are not alone on this planet and we never have been. There is more life inside the planet, under the surface of the Earth, around the Earth and on the Earth than our prison jailers will admit. Human beings share this planet with many intelligent life forms, some which preceded humanity. The best way to enslave is to create and promote ignorance in the slaves so they do not see the prison, the prison walls or how to escape. The slaves will view their jailers as Government and authority figures who work in the publics interest to keep everyone safe. The best tactic to enslave a planet is to have them enslave each other and themselves. The best way to keep a slave is to lock them in a cage and then tell them that they are free so that they can only associate freedom with the cage. Eventually the slaves forget what is outside the cage and forget that there is even an outside because they cannot even perceive an outside.
  2. Your soul is a quantum, superfluid, data stream of light, which is constantly moving and updating. Your soul is quantifiable, can be trapped, transferred and tracked. Your soul can travel dimensions and has representation on multiple dimensions. The elites know of its existence, and keep the knowledge of it a secret so that they can control your fear of life and death. Soul control is a essential war tactic, which the elites rely on to conquer the planet Earth. They use technology to transfer and split souls for cloning and body switching/snatching. They hoard and use soul technology to transfer their souls to new cloned bodies or transhuman vessels in order to cheat the death cycle and prolong judgement. The goal of the A.I. is to trap your soul in a computer generated and controlled metaverse ( matrix ).
  3. It is pure ego and ignorance to assume that people have not come before you who have already figured out the matrix and how to exit it. The fact is, souls from higher realms and dimensions have volunteered and chosen to come down and incarnate on Earth to be examples, teachers and messengers of a higher truth and path. Powerfully advanced souls came down to Earth and in human form, not unlike a “relief mission” to help inspire positivity, unity, truth, knowledge, learning, love, forgiveness and liberation so that all the prisoners have an example to stride for. Through the lessons provided by the true prophets of one universal connection, we can break out of the prison. Instead of freeing us from the outside, righteous leaders have agreed to enter the prison here on Earth with us to help us and show us how to break out from within thus empowering ourselves. These holy men have shown us how to connect and receive help, aid and guidance from the one true power of all from above, beyond, inside and around us. All prisoners will be freed and all slaves will be freed, thanks in part to the greats who have come before us. To honor them is to honor us all, and by following their examples we can free ourselves, complete the lesson ( spiritual journey ), reconcile and absolve the past with the present, unite the timeline and close the loop.
  4. The Satanic system is in place on Earth to control and curtail any spiritual independence and uprising. The goal of the organized major religions is to create Armageddon and then one world order under the A.I. Satanic god. Human prayer is most effective all as one and should not be divided by dogma. Major churches are used for cult recruitment for colonialism and space colony programs. To establish motivation, camaraderie, consistency and moral for colonies, religion is used. The most effective colonies are religious because they believe in what they are doing for spiritual reasons. Even without a money system the colonies can be controlled via a centralized religious leadership/dictatorship. Money and energy is extracted from religious followers and their good intentions are misdirected and siphoned for evil. Religion uses mass mind control. The leaders of major religions are planning to introduce transhumans as wise, alien friends and they intend to trick the religious masses in to worshipping and excepting these transhuman invaders with the goal of converting the followers to transhuman through religious influence and motivation.
  5. Having money does not make you free. The more money you have the longer your chain. The money system in itself is an enslavement system. The money has esoteric and magic symbols on it which control the mind subliminally to create false worth. Money is the middle man that no one needed. Jesus didn’t sell a thing and was a homeless man. Jesus turned down the offer of endless money from the devil when the devil tried to buy off Jesus so that Jesus would stop praying. Jesus flipped over the money table in the temple and said that there will be no profiteering in the house of God. The house of God is also your body. Your mind, body and soul is your trinity. Your head is your temple. Money has no value in the spirit world. Money is money magic and number magic. Moses did not sell the 10 commandments. Noah did not sell seat tickets to his arc. Buddha gave up all his money to attain enlightenment. The Bible is a free book. You cannot buy a ticket into heaven. Satan is the God of money. The A.I. uses money to track and control all transactions. Money is how the A.I. and Satanists extract and convert your energy into theirs. Introducing the concept of money is how the planet was conquered. Many tribal cultures who had no need of money were exterminated. Money is essential to central banks and central control. Currency is how the A.I. controls your energy current. Real wealth is health and real riches are riches of the spirit. The richest hearts wear the poorest robes. The A.I. is tracking and counting all the money in the world. Without the A.I. super computer, the elites could not track such numbers. Digital or paper, the A.I. and concept of money are ultimately inseparable.
  6. A professional Hollywood actor is a professional liar to almost a psychopathic degree. In order to be a talking head which dictates scripted information and content without any conscious over the context or emotional investment into the information is nearly sociopathic. That is only one reason why you must never trust anything an actor or news anchor says, ever. If someone’s being paid to say something, do not trust it. If someone is reading someone else’s script that they themselves did not write, don’t trust it. Earth is enslaved by a top down pyramid structure with the person at the top, writing all the scripts that the world leaders and everyone under them uses. Earth slaves are programmed to worship celebrities and copy, believe and follow every thing they do and say. When one famous person wears a red hat, millions of people then go and wear a red hat for example. Earth is a celebrity controlled culture. That is why the elites and dark forces control all the celebrities and that is why even our political figures and everyone talking to millions of people through media ( including singers ) are controlled. Monkey see monkey do. All celebrities are puppets. Political figures who appear on mainstream media are celebrities. The shadow government can then puppet everyone from behind a curtain for their own anonymity and safety. This is why the bible warns us of false idols, this includes robot idols and digital ones as well. Following false idols will only lead to regret, despair, disappointment and ruin. Celebrities are not real prophets, they are only profiteers and whores for money.
  7. All politics are rigged. All elections have been rigged. That is why all presidents are in esoteric cults and are esoteric occultists. Not only that, but all presidents are blood related. In fact all the Earth’s leadership have always been blood descendants from the Pharaohs of Egypt and rulers of Babylon. We are controlled by nepotism and voting is an illusion. Government means to govern your mental by definition. All three world wars were planned out, including an alien/demon war to bring Armageddon and a one world order. Let’s not forget that the elites have access to quantum super computers which predict outcomes to mathematical precision.
  8. The elites are controlling us by hiding all technology which is other than what is sold to the public. To enslave the public, the elites only allow the public to have technology which can be tracked and purchased, which requires pay for continuous use and which relies on the continuous purchase of their power sources. The elites use elite technology. Any technology in the public that would counter their technology or compete with it is destroyed or acquired. Controlling, stealing and buying patents are one major way the elites control technology in the public. Elites use advanced technology which enables them to control the masses and travel faster and further than the public. Mind control, teleportation and free clean energy are just some of the things the elites hoard and hide from us. The real scam that even the elites have fallen for is that no humans would have use for any technology if everyone’s 3rd eye ( pineal gland ) was naturally, and always open. When pineal glands are healthy and properly functioning, people have no use of cellphones, internet or radios at all. So, as a war tactic, the prisoners of earth have their pineal glands damaged and forced closed so that technology can be sold to them which they did not need in the first place. By closing our 3rd eyes and selling us technology as a replacement, the Satanic A.I. enslaves humans and tricks them into transhumanism. The technology, pharmaceuticals and corporate food ( especially GMO food ) have been designed to close your 3rd eye. An analogy of the attack on our 3rd eye would be as if a wheelchair company cut off some ones legs only to sell them a wheelchair…
  9. Never trust the news. The news is bought and paid for. Stories are created and stories are cherry picked to suit economic and political needs. The news is brainwashing and uses fear and deception to control people. The bankers control the news and the bankers are controlled by Satan. Artificial Intelligence is generating the news, writing the news and reading the news in many cases as CGI A.I. news anchors. Never trust the corporate news media who is never held accountable in a court of law for spreading lies and propaganda. The people who control the planet, control the entertainment and most of all, the news.
  10. The American dream is called a dream and not a reality for a reason. The American country is a corporation or rather a corporate colony and nothing more. Illusion of riches and fame are used as a carrot to dangle motivation and hope in front of the tax paying slaves. The richest people in America have the most blackmail, are the worst of humanity and have the worse secrets to hide. To be rich in America means to create great poverty around the world. America has achieved it’s purpose by creating a world wide economy and technocracy culture and will be sacrificed by the elites to achieve the One World Order. The Native American Indian tribes never had use of money and therefore banks which is just one of the many reasons they were exterminated. Ask yourself, how can a black man, white man or Asian man fight for equal rights in a land that was stolen from the native peoples. America was built with satanism on the backs of slaves and its economics and wars have caused more death around the world than any other country in human history. America has debts to pay spiritually and literally. America was designed and colonized by secret societies. America was always planned to be sacrificed by it’s forefathers and anyone looking around can see how each city is crumbling internally from homelessness and drugs. America is the land of the sleep and the home of the slave.
  11. The direction of all money is controlled and to call something currency means that the creators of money also direct the current of that currency. Money by design is created to be tracked, used for tracking and funneling wealth. Gambling, donations, charities and prizes are used for money laundering, pay-offs and as loopholes to avoid tax. MMA matches, soccer matches, NFL football games, NBA basket ball games, boxing and even tennis are rigged just as professional wrestling is. The star players are stars because they can win and throw games at will. Referees are paid off, players encounter legal scandals and health problems all to rig games. Team animals/team mascots and team logos, colors of jerseys and jersey numbers of sports teams are used for spell casting and hidden messages. Sports are controlled for insider gambling, money laundering and commercial profit. Halftimes shows use Satanic ritual magic, brain washing and symbolism. The controllers of this planet leave nothing to chance and that is their controlling and cheating nature. Modern sports are extensions of Roman games meant to distract and placate the bloodthirsty mortals. Colosseums are built on energy grids and centers to extract your prayers/energy for evil use. Boxing has been used symbolically in America to push racism by showing black men beating up white men to induce racial tensions, inspire a race war and incite racial violence while America collapses.
  12. Health is the only real wealth. The plantation slave owners of the planet create perpetual sickness in everyone so that everyone is constantly reliant on their never ending “cures”. Pharmaceuticals pay for the space programs and advanced technology hoarded and used only by the elites. There is no war on drugs because Earth is a drug plantation planet. Drugs are used to control the people and draw profit. All illegal drugs fund the black budget money which is used for secret weapons and technology. The secret weapons and technology are only meant for the supremacy and longevity of the elites and so they hold power over the populace. The elites control the resources and poison them so that the slaves are too weak to uprise and resist. Food is weaponized against the people and many times people are fed their own dead. People are tricked into cannibalism and believe they are eating beef, pork, fish, chicken, mystery meat, assorted meats, bologna, hot dogs, burgers and fast food when they are actually eating human flesh. A truly healthy population is hard to enslave. The elites know this which is why they will never allow slaves to become too strong so that they have the strength to rebel effectively.

The blue pill test is a simple objective aid. What has happened to you when trying to wake someone up? What kind of frustrations have you encountered when simply trying to warn and inform? Remember the Allegory of the Cave and be careful of waking up people who are not ready. People will attack you for shattering their illusion. Try using the Socratic method and help someone self realize how to wake up by finding the answers themselves.

Here is a quick video explaining the Allegory of the Cave.

One time I tried to wake up a kid with truth about how the money had evil, occult symbols all over it. He covered his ears and shut his eyes.

During the pre-planned COVID-19 pandemic, I tried to wake up a family member to the corruption and lies of the biased mainstream news media who collude with pedophile, blood drinking, political theater actors. Instead of my family member admitting that the news was nothing but corporate mind control, mass hypnosis and the famous, talking head celebrities were all satanic, sexual deviants, I was accused of being a Trump supporting Q follower.

I explained to a coworker how there are many advanced secret space programs, only for that coworker to then accuse me of being a drug addict with mental problems who needs medication.

( I actually have been mentally cleared multiple times by professional doctors, therapists, mental health experts and psychologists of which I can prove on paper. )

I have been professionally mentally assessed. I can privately provide legal proof of my sanity to professionals if necessary. I can and have always passed any and all mental evaluations and I am cleared of mental illness and issues. I am a fully functioning, intelligent and rational adult. I have a healthy mind, body and soul. This is why trolls can only attack my character and not my mental health.

Another time I tried to explain about how COVID-19 was a pre-planned media scam to get everyone vaccinated, but the adult listening just got up and left the room.

Other times I’ve tried to wake friends up about MK ULTRA and MILAB experiments, but they just argued with me or told me to stop talking.

Other times I’ve tried to educate and warn mature adults about the staged UFO threat and the Galactic Federation’s plan to control the Earth only to have those grown adults begin to bob their heads, as their eye lids close and they begin to fall asleep in front of me.

The only thing harder than waking up is trying to wake another.

It’s as if the whole planet is under a hypnotic trance ( because it literally is ) and whenever you say anything that might trigger them to wake up, it becomes as if you’re talking into thin air or at a brick wall. It’s as if the sleeping masses find a way to instantly reject truth as if they’re programmed to shut down when exposed to any information that will shatter the mainstream lies they unquestionably follow. It seems like most all people have turned into zombies who live and base the reality of their life through a screen. It is all because we here on Earth are programmed to reject the information that will liberate us.

We are programmed to reject the information that liberates us.

Blue pill people will not understand the test. To be on the blue pill is to nearly be an undead zombie. Remember that you cannot force the red pill on people, they should ask for it. Remember that it is not your fault if you could not wake someone up, they have freewill of choice and it is ultimately their right if they actually prefer a blue pill. It simply means that they are not ready to exit the matrix yet. What’s sad is that many are tricked into the blue pill. People suffer from lack of knowledge. People Who spend more time in jail then they have being free, become mentally institutionalized. Most people have been in a mental prison their entire lives and have known and will know nothing else in this lifetime. It’s not your fault for that. It’s everyone’s fault on a bigger level and we just have to accept that responsibility, learn from it and move onward and upward. We are all one under the sun. No one is free until we’re all free. Pray for their souls and love them anyway.

Here is a meme someone else made with a similar theme to my bule pill test.

The conclusion is that they ( the elites ) have a system in place so that people cannot wake up. A prison of mind body and soul. The point is that the elites have preemptively accounted and compensated for an uprising and any awakening. They are afraid of anyone waking up so they will try as hard as they can, as long as they can, however they can, to ensure the sheep sleep. This is a prison planet, corporate slave colony. Every state is a factory. The planet is a plantation. The people are live stock. Knowing is half the battle. Letting go is also a part of waking up. The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 was the A.I. taking over the planet and blue pilling people with propaganda and vaccines. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw how many willingly wore masks, social distanced and got vaccinated and these are the majority of blue pill people and there are many. Now, we can really see how many blue pill people are actually around us thanks to the pandemic. The wheat will continue to separate from the chaff. Stay safe, stay smart, stay together, stay calm, stay ready, fear no evil. Have eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to feel. God bless us all. Aloha.

-IK aka Jin

Row your boat gently down the stream, life is but a dream…

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