Maui Mosquito Mutant Mayhem

The evil Bill Gates, WHO and CDC mafia that killed thousands of people with the COVID-19 vaccine, have been using mutant mosquitos in a continuation of their global depopulation and transhuman agenda. Now it’s coming to Hawaii! Unless, we stop it now!

YouTube video link. Maui Mosquito Mutant Mayhem.

Please sign this! It takes 30 seconds or less. The GMO Mosquitos are flying needles used to transmit and carry blood born pathogens and nano particulates. Whatever official reason they are telling you for doing this is a cover and excuse. This is a global agenda and continuation of the plan-demic agenda. The intent of the people who created this is ill.


Email Testimony
by Wednesday 3/8/23

Oppose This Project:


Sample Testimony to Copy and Paste:

Subject: BLNR Meeting 3/10/23 9:15am Agenda Item C2 “Informational Briefing on the Hawai’i Forest Bird Extinction Crisis and DLNR’s Proposed Strategy to prevent their Extinction on Maui and Kauai”

I’m opposed to the planned biopesticide mosquito releases on Maui. This project is an experiment on our island home. There are serious risks, and the outcome is admittedly unknown.

The lab-reared mosquitoes will be infected with a different strain of Wolbachia bacteria, which could cause them to become more capable of spreading diseases like avian malaria and West Nile virus (bird and human). While state agencies and wildlife officials are hoping this novel strategy will prevent extinction of native birds, it may cause their extinction, and it could impact human health.

Scientific studies document the risks of horizontal transmission, increased pathogen infection, evolutionary events, population replacement, and accidental release of females (who bite and breed). This project would also have significant environmental consequences, including viewscape and noise disturbances, and impacts to the untrammeled, natural qualities of the wilderness character.

I do not accept the Environmental Assessment’s Anticipated Finding of No Significant Impact (DEA-AFONSI). The scope, risks, and experimental nature of the plan require detailed, comprehensive studies and documentation of the impacts to our native birds, wildlife, environment, and public health. I demand an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

More information:

In the above YouTube video, that I made live on Facebook, I mentioned that there have been other GMO mosquitos in such places as Canada. Although Canada officially reports that they have not yet released any GMO mosquitos, I have seen independent reports from people online who are finding these types of mosquitos as far north as Canada. Hypothetically, even if the mosquitoes are not released in a specific area, they may still be able to migrate to unintended or intended areas, far from their point of origin.

Here is a news article from Canada about these monster mosquitos:

Let’s hope that by the time people figure out that no laws were passed that protect them from mutant mosquitos, it’s not too late.
The agenda that Bill Gates serves must be stopped. If Bill Gates is behind it, you can be sure that it’s not in your best interest.

If you still think that Bill Gates is a great guy or a humanitarian who cares about everyone’s health, below is a good video exposing him.

The evil globalist puppet Bill Gates desires to depopulate and trans-humanize as he is an A.I. puppet who profits off of technology.

The above video eposes how Bill Gates manipulates India. Bill Gates is bad news and here are some links to prove it. Bill Gates goes from computers to vaccines to mosquitos and perhaps he hopes no one will notice his over arching plan and how all those things are related. We know Bill Gates and evil globalists love to test their bioweapons in Africa. It’s no surprise that you can find experimental mosquito testing and experimental vaccine testing both in Africa. The news link below even suggests how mosquitos can be used to vaccinate people! The article goes on to say that Japan has even tried it!

The WHO knows how deadly normal mosquitos are. Strange that someone would assume mutant mosquitos would be a good thing.

The WHO and CDC as we’ve learned from the pandemic, are in the pocket of tech companies and global corporations have also released information on the monster mosquitos. We now know that the CDC and WHO are bought off by anyone who pays them such as Bill Gates, so can you trust anything they say about mosquitos? Do you trust Bill Gates, the WHO and the CDC after they brought you the pre-planned pandemic and COVID-19 vaccine after it killed thousands of people? They told you the COVID-19 vaccine was safe and look how many people it killed.

In my YouTube video above, I mentioned that mosquitos can be engineered to carry “Nano particulates” and why not? The pharmaceutical industry has been interested in mosquitos, vaccines and nano particulates for years. Below is a link with more information on a small scope of the concept.

Concerning this mosquito agenda, this article below exclaims how “scientists are playing god.”

What’s worse about all this is, apparently the same mosquitos that are set to be released in Hawaii were already reported to have backfired else where! See this link below!

I am not the only one warning about this. Just like with the pandemic, many people have said similar things to me about these GMO mosquitos, even in the mainstream’s controlled opposition. However, Hawaii’s mainstream news is suspiciously quiet on this topic and would like to cover other stories in Maui instead. As I said in my video, the local Hawaii news is not touching the dangers of this mosquito agenda as it is happening right now in 2023. Most news stories are from 2022. Notice how the news uses the term “altered” in the link below and not “genetically modified” or “bioengineered.”

I wonder if the Hawaii’s mainstream corporate news media who only follows globalist agendas will mention the petition or any of the dangers regarding these flying monsters. If they do, I won’t be surprised if it will already be too late or lost in a sea of other news distractions. Apparently, the globalist are looking for any excuse to push this agenda everywhere they can until 2024 and beyond. Please sign the petition, speak up, speak out and share this information while we still can! This effects us all!

For more on the COVID-19 vaccine death cover ups and other harmful technology used in conjunction with this globalist depopulation and trans-human A.I. agenda see my previous blog posts. Links below.

Are tech companies killing insects with 5G while replacing tech insects who are controlled by 5G?
The vaccine was said to be safe and it killed many. Now the same people are bringing you mosquitos! Smell anything fishy yet?

Stay safe, stay calm, stay together, stay strong. Aloha and Mahalo.


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