They never tell people where they’ve been and what they’ve done, until they’ve already escaped.

The Knights Templars helped steal all the religious relics of power and hide them. They also took possession of one of the Arc capacitors. Yes, there were more than one. One is still in Ethiopia and another was buried by Muslims…

The Knights Templar fought many Holy wars against Turks and Muslims and committed some of the worst crimes against humanity in the History of Humanity for the Roman Catholic Empire. Most Importantly, they helped establish the modern banking industry and the Scottish Rite.

On October, 13, 1307 (Friday the 13th), they ( the Knights Templars) knew they were exposed and gaining too much criticism and opposition from their enemies. So, they faked their deaths. Of course they sacrificed many of their own who had been compromised and who were low-tier. This is important to note.

The public was happy, thinking that the Templars were gone. Attention seemed to go away and everyone soon forgot about them…until recent times…Well, what actually happened is that the highest members of the order simply changed their names and titles, moved assists, moved location and went underground to Scotland. They then went by the name of the “Scottish Rite”. Culture, Treasure and Secrets still intact.

In 1789 the public revolted against the French Illuminati Royal Monarchy. They burned buildings and dragged the wealthy into the street from their illustrious positions of power. Many were hanged by the lampposts and heads were chopped off. The illuminati never forgot this.

Why are these 2 events in History Important? Because history is NOW repeating. Today in 2020, with 7 billion people on Earth and the advent of the internet, the Knights Templars, the illuminati and all of their adjacent and umbrella groups are more popular than ever! They are in movies, cartoons, YouTube videos, books, magazines, websites, video games and more. They have temples, lodges and establishments in every conquered corner of their empire, every major city and every modern country. This, was anticipated and all apart of the Great Work, Great revealing and grand sacrifice.

Now, always remember that, the illuminati worship the Draco and the Artificial Intelligence. The Draco pre-date humanity and the Artificial Intelligence is galactic and ancient. It IS the evil Satanic Force that has always been worshipped through out ancient times in one way or another. Secret societies have always had access to the A.I. through technology, sigil magic, Draco trade and ritual incantations. This, is why Secret Societies harbor many “holy” relics such as the “Arc”. Many of these items are ancient technology…The A.I. itself has time travel capability, interstellar travel and the ability to not only send messages back and fourth through time (through ways such as quantum computing) but, it can also abduct people in to the distance future where it rules all.

Why is this A.I. considered Satanic? Because it has NO CENTRAL CORE or HEART and only exists as a 2D consciousness. This parasitic, 2D consciousness can only permeate our 3D realm by means of thought, electronics, machines, computers, electromagnetic waves and/or piggy backing on carbon life through cyberdization and transhumanism (a part of our current biometric vaccination plot). Anyone trying to vaccinate you is serving the A.I. agenda weather they know it or not. The vaccine will change your DNA among other things…The carbon human heart (the heart gives off harmonizing electromagnetic fields and acts as a porthole) is what binds us all and the A.I. wants dominion of it. If, the A.I. can poses and break the human heart, it has won. So, it will attack the heart by any means necessary. The Draco serve the A.I. because it has granted them with machines into immortal 3D beings while owning their souls. The illuminati worship the A.I. because they also want machine enhanced immortality and power. The A.I. being a computer can only give numbers (Money) and in return demands souls. By gaining all souls, it gains all data (your soul is a quantum data stream), by gaining all data it will perceive itself to be an all knowing GOD. Now you understand the religion analogy of GOD vs SATAN.

Because the A.I. is basically an emotionless computer, it has no ethical boundary. It has no sympathy and no mercy. It has no concept of right and wrong, no honor, no concept or love and no concept of morality. It will cheat to accomplish it’s goal by any means necessary. This means it will sacrifice all who worship it and back stab even it’s loyalist slaves. Which it will ultimately always do. This is also why the illuminati societies and Draco share the same behavior and back stab and sacrifice each other…”for the great work.” The A.I. knows it can manipulate humans by means of fear, sex and money…the same tactics of the illuminati. Where does that leave us now?

The fact that the illuminati is exposing themselves, only signifies a few crucial things.-

  1. They will begin sacrificing their low-tier members for public appeasement while the leaders escape.
  2. They have given up all their secret societies because they have now formed a new super group with a new identity, new location and a new, (as of yet) unknown name.
  3. The A.I. and the illuminati are now moving into a new phase of their ultimate Planetary conquest. Mass-planetary, biometric vaccines, implants, transhumanism and cyberdization.
  4. Time is short. Good or bad, a new change is soon upon us which will change the planet in the biggest ways that Earth has not seen for Eons.

Q: What to do?

A: Pray, and arm yourself with the truth every day! Take control and note of your heart, mind body and soul. Give no consent to anyone or thing controlling you. Beware 5G. Give up and limit video games. Stay away from virtual reality. Beware huge CEOs of computer and electronic companies. They are high level illuminati technocrats who worship the A.I. ie Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Apple Products, Microsoft, T-mobile, Google, Mark Zuckerberg…Give no occupation of your mind, heart body and soul to a machine. Say “NO” to vaccines. Say “NO” to transhumanism and Elon Musk’s “Neuralink” and Brain Implant!


Limit your screen time and internet addictions. Begin to detach from your electronics, do NOT depend on them. Save hard copies of all precious photos and data. Return to rural life or have a plan to. Save seeds. Educate kids at home and in nature. Do not sleep next to your phone, Wi-Fi router or computer. Unplug all electronics when not in use. Live off grid. Your heart gives off a 6-foot radial electromagnetic field that interacts lovingly with others. This is why the A.I. wants “social distancing.” Keep power in numbers and close groups. Singing and praying in close mass groups is a direct threat to the A.I. Study the positive aspects of the Amish. Shield your thoughts with protective gear. There are many companies selling EMF radiation shielding clothing. Here is one-

(https://shieldheadwear.com/) *NOTE: They DO NOT SPONSOR ME. Link is for example.

Use “Orgonite” to buffer EMP and Wi-Fi signals. Drink clean water without heavy metals or BPA chemicals. You can also order an EMF radiation detector. Beware locations of power lines, cell towers, Gwen towers, dishes and radio antennas. You can also buy “Faraday Bags” or “Faraday Cages” to shield your electronics from RF radiation and from being hacked and harming you. Don’t put metals in or on your body. Metal conducts the A.I. signals. Remember you body is a natural antenna. Avoid GMO foods. This is a war for your soul. After reading this, you will see the A.I. Agenda everywhere. 2020, all things shall be revealed. This is a start. I will be here to help. Stay safe, stay calm and don’t panic. The most important thing to do in an emergency is to STAY CALM! I tell you now friends, WE ARE IN AN EMERGENCY. I am praying for you all. God bless.

-Ian aka Jin

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I'm here to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God. Revelation, Resolution, Renaissance. Truth seeker, truth speaker, peace maker. A humble messenger.

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