The Cycle of the Heart/Earth

Aloha! Aloha means Love…

What do the Earth and your heart have in common? Why is your heart so important and why does the illuminati, Draco and A.I. attack the heart so much?

In this original graphic seen above, you will see a brief explanation of the cycle of every human heart. When we are born, our hearts are pure and full of love. Later in life, we all experience some type of betrayal or heart break event. This could be from a friend lying to you, a loved one cheating on you, a family member dying, a pet dying, an actual heart attack, or even a tragic news event or movie that profoundly effects your emotions and brings you to tears…You will experience your betrayal according to your appropriate karmic lesson. Why is this important? After your “betrayal” or “heart break”, comes the death stage. This is similar to winter. A cold feeling of depression or actual physical death is the final stage (before it repeats).

The heart must die, either physically or metaphorically to be reborn again stronger. This is the rebirth stage. This could be a new relationship after you are over a break up or, the moment your depression ends and you re-appreciate life. Or, it could be symbolized by any type of love or heart related recovery. This trinity is the inescapable nature of our current 3D reality.

Once you realize this, you will see it everywhere. Movie plots, story structure and even the life of Jesus (Birth, Betrayal by Judas, death on the cross and resurrection…). You will even see it in nature with the seasons on Earth as well as the cycle of the Sun. Now, there is far more to it.

The Earth as it rotates, creates a magnetic field. It also gives off a harmonic frequency of 432hz. When the heart pumps, it too creates an electromagnetic field! Likewise, the heart also has a frequency that is so specific, that no two humans have the same electromagnetic signature! You are truly unique. When two hearts of harmonizing resonance meet, they could be considered best friends or even “soul mates“! When two opposing frequencies meet, they may be enemies. The love “vibe” gives off a wide range with a positive magnetic attraction, while the angry emotion gives off a smaller but negative repelling force. Usually, the hearts magnetic field extends 6 feet away from your body.

That is why the A.I. wants people to “social distance” at 6 feet. When two or more heart fields overlap, the power of the resonance becomes “louder” and amplified. This effect is like when a crowd of people all clap, cheer or pray at once. The bigger the crowd the bigger the electrostatic charge! That energy can achieve many things. If 7 billion people put their minds to something, anything is possible. Do you see an evil motivation for division?

Your heart is amazing and can connect with all other hearts! It is the secret weapon and only thing that binds us all regardless of distance or time! That is why the conquering illuminati, Draco and A.I. will consistently attack your heart. They want to make it so weak, so that you cannot continue to the rebirth stage. Also, since your hearts magnetic field syncs with the Earth, they can break everyone’s hearts with mass events, and simultaneously break the Earth, destroy it for good or trigger the “Age of Chaos”! In fact, this is where and why the Earth gets it’s name…from HEART! Notice that the two words are the same letters with the “H” in opposite places- EARTHEARTHEARTH…

Now, you will have eyes and ears to see the Darkside consistently attacking your heart in all media! Protect your heart and believe in love! Love breaks all chains! To save the world, we must heal our hearts. When all of our hearts break, the earth will be lost. If this must happen to us as humanity and Earth as a whole, know that death is NOT the END! Just wait, have faith and the Re-birth stage will be next! Faith is the true power of the heart. With out faith, you would need proof for EVERYTHING. If you needed proof for everything, you would have NO TRUST. With no trust, you would have NO LOVE! So, have faith!

Your heart is a portal and with it you can even teleport! But that explaination is for another time. One Love!

-Ian aka Jin

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6 thoughts on “The Cycle of the Heart/Earth

  1. Wonderful! I use the technique I learned from Gregg Braden at the beginning of my yoga. Breathe in and out of the heart energy center, 3 times, then say to self I am so grateful for…fill-in the blank for yourself. This is a heart brain coherence technique. Always loved earth and heart being all the same letters, I wonder if that’s true in other languages,

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