My Free Book

Here I will reveal all my experiences. I’m blowing the whistle on myself. If I expose others, I must also expose myself. For the first time I will go into full detail on my family, my back ground, my work, my memories and more. This is currently in the works and is a long and detailed personal process. Thank you for your patience. I hope my testimony helps create the bigger picture and add to the full disclosure narrative. All things shall be reveled. Coming soon…

Update: 1/5/2021,

Because I have been censored and deleted off my main Facebook (6,000+ Followers) and main YouTube (4,000+ Subscribers) I will not be attempting to share the details of my life story or involvement in secret programs on those platforms anytime soon. I will also not be simply blogging that information here. I will be focusing all the efforts of telling my personal story in a professional book format. I have begun writing my book and once it is complete, I will return to social media and more mainstream formats to publicize and promote my book. This is the only way I can avoid losing this webpage, censorship and harassment. Thank you all.


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