Cat Familiar Bonding and Empowerment with Animal Spirits & Animal Energy.

Cat Familiars, Totem Animals, Aumakua, Translupines, Loosh and Adrenochrome.

This is my childhood experience, my dream experience, and crossing over into my adult experience dealing and bonding with animals on a spiritual and energy level. This is not every experience I’ve had with animals, it’s not the full scope of how I’ve bonded with and met every animal in my life. These are just quick examples, specifically with dogs and cats, and how I’ve empowered myself with their motif (or the Native American adjacent word, totem animal). This is not just bonding with a specific animal in a personal way like the relationship with a pet. This is also empowering yourself with the visage of a type of animal and using animal symbolism to summon animal powers or attributes.

The first dog I met was a stray.

Before I was in kindergarten, I never grew up with pets. I always wanted a dog but I could never have or afford one growing up in Hawaii. A couple of times, my mom and dad would take me shopping and a stray dog would follow me home. One time, a stray dog followed me all the way home, I fed it bologna, and asked my mom and dad if I could keep it. They said, “No.” This was my first major interaction and the nonverbal communication I experienced with a stray animal. When I saw the puppy, my parents would hold me back while they dragged me away by my hands, but I would focus on it silently and try to lock eyes with it. I would mentally beckon the dog to me and send it the message that I wanted it to follow me and it would. I was told I was born in the year of the dog, so I always wondered if I had a special connection to dogs and could bond or understand them more easily, since we have similar traits and energy, according to Chinese Astrology. Because of my mother, I have always followed Chinese Astrology and I learned that Tigers are also positive and good luck signs for Dog people. For 2022, year of the Tiger, I painted a Tiger painting to protect my house. Call it superstition if you want, but it made me feel better at the very least.

Interacting with neighborhood cats.

Later in California, I owned a lot of dogs and I would study them. I would try to think how they think, learn how to walk them, and understand the pack mentality. Then, on the street with the neighborhood cats I would similarly try to bond with them, admire their athleticism, even test my own physical abilities by chasing them around, jumping up walls, climbing trees and fences etc. I wanted to learn and understand animal behaviors to better communicate with them, so I watched them in their environment. I wanted to understand the difference between predators, pets, and prey animals. This was always important to understand for me and as I was going through puberty I even thought about becoming a biologist or zoologist.

Spirit Animals.

I started learning more about animal spirits when I was a teenager because my grandmother told me about aumakua animals. Hawaiian families believed they had connections to animals that would protect their family, especially if they were in trouble, or needed to communicate with the animal as a spiritual guide. When I was in California, I learned about the similar principle in Native American culture and the idea of animal totems. Many different Native American tribes had a coming of age ceremony where they choose their names or symbols of protection based on animal encounters. The teenagers going through puberty would go into the forest and survive on their own during a vision quest to prove they can take care of themselves and travel/survive in the forest on their own. Oftentimes, they will have spiritual visions and make acquaintances with animals that will become their protective animal or inspiration. For example, seeing an eagle land in a tree during a vision quest might be taken as a sign that this animal is connected to the person on the quest. Native Americans bond with many types of animals including whales, dolphins, jaguars, birds, bears, insects, wolves, coyotes, even snakes. They believe, like the Hawaiians, that the people, the land, the animals, and the plants are all symbiotic, so they really try to get in touch with the invisible connections between these elements and even name themselves and their tribes after these animals.

While I was in California, because I had such a love for canines/dogs, I got really into wolves, as wolves are the ancestors of dogs. I wanted to choose the wolf as my spirit animal, like a guardian, following in the footsteps of Hawaiians and Native Americans. I went and bought a wolf statue, a wolf jacket, and wolf necklace that I used like a talisman because I wanted the wolf to be my power animal. I admired the fearsomeness of wolves and thought about the stories of how the Spartans fought wolves or how the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus were raised by wolves. I am fond of the saying that lions, tigers and bears are powerful but wolves don’t perform in the circus.

Shadow Wolf.

At the time, in the 1990s, I was inspired by my comic book heroes Batman and Spider-Man in the way that they identified with animal symbolism to exude power. It seemed that many super heroes and villains ( too many to name ) took on animal attributes to aid them in their causes. Whenever I would go play outside, or whenever I was afraid, I would pretend I was a fearless wolf and that I could channel the energy or bravery of a wolf. I would close my eyes and pretend that I was wearing the spirit of a wolf like a suit. This would empower me to do daring things, like jumping off something high or facing down an intimidating adversary. I ran around the neighborhood like a wolf ninja, thinking up a super hero name for myself. I would make a game of running around and trying to hide behind houses and bushes, not to be seen by cars or people. I made up a name for myself while I did this and called myself “Shadow Wolf”, a wolf that hid in the shadows, like a wolf that is hunting. Many years later through the internet, I found out that there was a Native American tracking unit called the “Shadow Wolves”.

This was my first experience making up an almost alter-ego or to find courage and empowerment in my spiritual animal. I was really into that for a few years as a teenager. This is a bigger thing in and of itself and I will talk about this at a different time. Simultaneously, I made a cartoon, that I called “Ian Dog”, which is like the lighter side of the same coin. It’s a cartoon dog I made up, that brings happiness to children and represents innocence. So I used the dog and the wolf as animal empowerment when I was a kid. I’d also take any wolf or dog symbol as good luck, for instance when it was the year of the dog in 1994, I considered it a protected and lucky year for me.

Soul bonding with my cat.

Then, flash forward to when I was in my 30s, I was living in my grandma’s complex and taking care of her in the house I grew up in and there were a lot of stray cats that were looked at as a nuisance. My grandma hated cats because she was allergic to them and never wanted any cats in the house to prevent allergic reactions. But one day, I was walking into my house and a little kitten walked past me and I meowed at it. It responded back to me and we established verbal communication. I could tell that it was hungry so I got some tuna from the kitchen and fed it some tuna outside my door step. I was going through an awakening period and felt very in tune with energies and felt a lot of compassion for this little cat. After that she came back every night and I bonded with her. I knew that the food was bonding but I wanted deeper bonding. 

I’ve heard when the Native Americans tame a horse they breathe the breath of life into the horse’s nostrils. Hawaiians call this breath “Ha”. They go up to the horse and breathe into the nostrils so the horses can smell your breath. They believe that this helps the horse associate your smell with familiarity and helps you bond with the horse. I felt like if I breathed “Ha” into my cat’s nose, that I might bond with her better. I would also rub her forehead where the third eye is and try to use the prana/chi in my fingertips to reach out and activate her pineal gland. I’m not sure how well it worked, but I’ve noticed that she does dream and enter the astral world. This is important because humans and animals share the astral plane. This was the first time I was getting into this, with this pet in my 30s. 

The fact that humans and animals dream is because we both have spirits, and dream space is a shared space. Humans interact with animals in the waking world but many people don’t realize that animals can interact with you in the dream space as well. This is why when animals come to you in dreams it is very powerful and symbolic. For example, I’ve dreamt about whales and dolphins, and then later on in waking life I saw whales and dolphins. I believe that whales and dolphins can also visit people in their dreams. I’ve also had a dream about a hammerhead shark after getting a tattoo of a hammerhead shark on my arm. Sharks are also Hawaiian aumakua, I like to swim, and I’m also a water sign. I like to imagine that my shark tattoo protects me from danger while I’m in the water and even helps motivate and enhance my performance while surfing or diving in the ocean.

I feel like I’ve made different connections with animals in the astral plane in different ways: aumakua, drawing power through the symbol on my arm, and interacting with other dreaming animals. I’ve heard of people using cats as familiars, specifically witches, who usually use cats, owls or crows. A magician or witch may use an animal as an extension of themselves, combining spirits, and calling them their familiars. In the same way that native peoples can bond with animal spirits, black magicians can as well. This is all using the same occultic science behind it – the astral/spiritual connection.

I wanted to bond with my cat in a deep way to understand what she was thinking and have her understand what I’m thinking, and so we could communicate non verbally and clearly. For example, I could think that “I want my cat to come” and she would come. Sometimes, I would want my cat to kill a cockroach and all I would have to do is beckon her and point at the cockroach. Or, when she wants to go outside, and all she would have to do is look at me and I would understand. I’d also gaze into her eyes and try to send her mental pictures of what I would want or what I would want her to do. For example, if I wanted her to eat, I would send pictures of me feeding her. Or when she’s about to go through a stressful situation, I try to send her mental images of what the end goal is or result so I can reassure her. Or if I go on a trip, I try to send her mental images that I’m going to come back and she doesn’t need to worry. I always try to be very clear, direct and simple when communicating with her. It seems we do have a great understanding. She even follows me around outside as if we’re hunting together.

A real connection works two ways where information is transmitted and received, especially with mental and spiritual connections. Through these mental exercises and through these bonding exercises with my cat, I feel I’ve downloaded information from her as well about how cats act, like responding to loosh and the function of the purr. I feel that because I was able to bond with my cat, I can understand that the cat’s whiskers are electrical receptors and what these whiskers can do is similar to a catfish’s barbels, or even similar to a bugs’ antennae. These fine whiskers are actually capable of feeling micro vibrations of electric signals in the air, the same way a shark’s nose, or hammerhead’s cephalofoil can under the water. And why do cats have this? The same reason sharks do, because they’re hunters. When prey animals are nearby they’re giving off an electric signal into that air that their predators can pinpoint using their antennas, almost like following the signal strength, helping their tracking with this sixth sense. So, this is why cats torture animals. When an animal is suffering, it’s heart is pumping fast, generating a big electromagnetic signal, similar to how and EKG meter picks up fluctuations in heart rate. The same thing happens when a bug is dying or a fish is flopping around, their brain, heart and nervous system gives off a panic frequency which is evolutionarily advantageous for the cat to know what is prey and what is not. This frequency draws the cat in like a magnet and their brains respond with a lot of reward, nearly like a high off the adrenaline from a suffering organism. If the cat’s whiskers are like guitar strings, the pain and suffering of their prey is like a beautiful song being played on the strings. This is what incentivizes them to hunt. This is why even when they have a food source, they will still hunt because they’re addicted to this frequency. This is how I understood loosh better, because humans also give off this frequency in our biofields and likewise, we have our own predators ( physical and non-physical ) feeding off it as well. Similar to the concept presented in Monsters Inc. If you want to understand loosh, watch your cat play with some of its prey.

Next, with the cat purring, cats don’t just receive frequency they also give it off. They give out positive frequencies with their purring. They generate a positive vibration in their chest using their throat chakras. This purr is a healing frequency that regenerates cellular structure and cellular growth. When a cat wants to heal, what we equate to the feeling of love, that bonding feeling, that would be the human emotion of how we can describe what it feels like for a cat to purr. It is scientifically proven that love makes babies grow bigger. In a test where twins were separated and one was loved and the other wasn’t, the twin that received love always grew bigger, faster and stronger than the twin that didn’t. That is because the loving frequency universally promotes growth and well being. Once, while I was in the astral plane, I was able to open a portal with my heart chakra and remotely view a specific person through that portal. Then, I was able generate and transmit this purring frequency through the portal, onto the person that I was targeting, to send them warm, loving, and happy feelings. That is also a topic in and of itself which I will explain at another time. When purring cats are very happy and vibing off a love frequency that is healing their cellular structure. They can do this on their own, but they usually do it by propagating with another heart’s electromagnetic field, like another cat or a human being. If two cats are purring together, they’re healing each other. If a cat is bonded with you and purring on top of you, it’s actually healing you as well. The soul bonding I achieved with my cat was through a mutual love, mutual understanding, mutual respect, mutual trust and heart to heart connection.

This diagram shows our current three dimensional spectrum of perception. In this diagram, you can see how while people and animals are asleep in the 3rd dimension, they are all awake in the 4th dimension. The dream world is a shared space just as the waking 3D world and internet 2D world is. The dream world, or astral world/realm is the 4th dimension. The dimensional planes exist on different wave lengths but all overlap on top of each other similar to an onion. The enslavement of the Earth entails the control of the these three planes. While elites may actively travel, meet and converse in the astral plane, there is a major effort to lock most everyone else out of the dream world and control it. One way to do this is by using 5G towers, Wi-Fi and radio waves which interfere with our brainwaves while we sleep. The other way is by poisoning the food, air and water which destroys the pineal glad which helps us see in the astral world.

Dreaming through cats eyes and seeing Translupines.

I’ve had a dream recently in the last two years since I bonded to my cat, the first experience I had where I was sharing the perspective from my cat’s point of view, out in the neighborhood, while I was inside asleep. It felt like when I went to sleep, my astral body piggybacked on my cat ( due to our bond ) and I was able to see through my cat’s point of view. That’s when it hit me that this is what it would feel like to have an animal familiar. I’ve read how shamans can go into a meditative state, sometimes aided by drugs, and project their spirit onto another animal and use that animal kind of like a camera. Maybe I could best describe it as remote viewing through the perspective animal. This dream was my first experience similar to what these tribal people were talking about, an experience I had and not just read about.

In my dream, I was in bed. Right outside in my yard, my cat was hunting around because they’re most active at night and I found out why. So here’s what I learned when I was viewing the night time from the perspective of my pet cat. I learned that cat’s eyes are very different than human eyes and very sensitive to light. When humans go outside at night and there’s no street lights and we can barely see anything besides silhouettes and starlight, a cat in the same situation can see everything, perfectly lit up, like it’s evening. Everything was so clear, and there really wasn’t any darkness besides what was in the distance. The clarity and brightness was like army night vision or FLIR camera (thermal imaging) or almost like infrared. It reminded me of how night vision goggles takes low light and amplifies it so everything is glowing green. I wouldn’t say everything was glowing green but there wasn’t a lot of color, and it was almost black and white. Cats see more of patterns, shades and movement and that’s why cat’s patterns are more black and white or neutral colors. Cats don’t see in bright colors the way we do, so it wouldn’t make sense to have a colorful pattern. This also makes sense regarding cat’s proclivity to dark places and hiding. Their eyes are very sensitive to light and it is likely that being in bright light, especially artificial light, actually hurts their eyes. 

They can tolerate and withstand day light but would rather seek shade and sleep during the day, reserving their energy and using their special vision for night at which it is best suited. If you have ever been out at the beach on a clear day and felt the need to squint, shield your eyes, wear a hat or sun glasses, then imagine that feeling amplified and you will understand why cats avoid most all bright lights. This is also why cats crossing the street at night get hit by cars. The headlights of the on coming car completely blind and confuse the cat. Imagine you were in a room and someone suddenly turned the lights off and the room became pitch black, most people would be frozen for a moment from sensory shock before their eyes adjusted or they decided to move. In that same but opposite way, the cat then becomes frozen and does not see or hear the car coming in time to move out of the way. The dew and water droplets twinkled like stars and made everything outside shimmer. It was beautiful and I realized that this is how cats find water and why they’re attracted to running water. To a cat’s vision, the water reflects the light in such a way that water sparkles and rain and running water shine like a disco ball. Their eye ball is more suited to lower light conditions because they’re night predators. Their vision is specialized for night hunting. On the street, as my consciousness was piggybacking on my cat, I noticed the blades of grass were really bright and everything seemed to either glow or sparkle. In particular when we looked at the spider web, we saw it twinkling in the night, reflecting light almost like a beautiful crystal, or the way a diamond shines. You could see every strand gleaming. That may have also been because the web had moisture on it. I thought it was all amazing. I had never seen a spider web look like that or so vividly. This makes sense to me because cats hunt insects so it would make sense for them to see things like that. Seeing how the cat bounds through the tall grass or slinks slowly through a crack in-between wood from first person perspective was fun. When I was in college, my art teacher gave an assignment where we had to create drawings from a cat’s point of view and I never thought I’d actually dream of it 20 years later.

The weirdest part of the dream was when my cat walked onto the street outside where we live, and we saw at least two, maybe three, werewolf-looking creatures on four legs coming down the street. At first I thought they were dogs but they had big hunched backs and were shaggy. I thought they might have been boars next, because the area I currently live in is very country and has many boars, but they didn’t have heads like boars. I was confused and as I tried to figure out what they were, I noticed that they had heads like wolves. They even had a blood thirsty and wild expression on their faces as they slowly prowled down the street one by one. They had very muscular bodies, like a stereotypical werewolf, except crawling on four legs instead of walking on two. They looked like a team of evil, half man, half wolf creatures and kept a slight distance from each other as they followed one another. I didn’t get too close because my cat could see it and didn’t want to get to close as they gave off a menacing presence and a dark aura. They were in the middle of the street, gazing left and right like a shifty eyed gang of killers. 

The strangest part of it all was when one of the neighbors came out of their house to get in their truck and go to work early in the morning while it was still dark out. The wolves were standing right there in the street but it was like the neighbor couldn’t see them at all. It then hit me that people couldn’t see them. I wondered why and how could that be. I thought perhaps they were ghosts of werewolves or werewolves who were astral projecting like I was. None of that felt right. Then, I realized that they were somehow cloaked and invisible. It was like how when Frodo put on the ring of power, no one could detect him, with the exception of the Dragon Smaug. This is how I discovered that cats can see these werewolves but humans can’t because cats are more highly sensitive to different frequencies than people. Understanding that cats send and receive frequencies differently than people, helps understand why they can also see in different frequencies than people. So when your cat just stares off into space seeming like it’s looking at nothing, it’s likely the cat can see something we can’t. This then hit me that this is why witches and wizards want to use cats, because cats can see astral bodies and demons that witches or wizards might want to contact or avoid. 

We also have a black cat who is really scared of everything. My partner said maybe that’s why Satanists like to sacrifice black cats because they’re so scared and therefore, maybe produce more loosh or adrenochrome in their blood. So, if you sacrifice a cat, you can get adrenochrome and get a lot of loosh by scaring the cat before you kill it. This again makes sense why Satanists use cats as well. So cats are very important for spiritual reasons, both good and bad. They are suited for ritualistic sacrifices and can be used as familiars to sense spirits. After this experience, I didn’t pursue it any further and I just appreciate the bond I have with my cat and I just understand her on a deeper level and am grateful. She trusts me completely and I honor that. I’ve learned a lot from her. However, I’d never heard of invisible werewolves so I figured I made it up since nothing like this exists. But, out of curiosity and before I posted this information, I decided to go online and search if anyone had information about “invisible werewolves”. Before I did this though, I really scratched my head trying to figure out the invisible mechanics and aspects of these werewolves. As previously stated, I first thought it was the astral bodies of these werewolves I was seeing, but it wasn’t. Before I looked it up, I determined that the werewolves were actually there, but had figured out how to camouflage themselves with frequencies, somehow, both mentally and visually. They’re there but humans just can’t see them, almost like they’re vibrating at a different frequency just outside our normal detectable wavelengths. But that’s why the cat can see it because they’re aware of other energies vibrating on a different frequency than humans. This camouflage hides them visually, mentally, and sensory. You can’t smell or detect them because they’re existing on a different wavelength. I thought if that’s what they’re doing, they’re doing a type of invisibility I don’t yet fully understand. That was a type of invisibility I have never encountered before. It’s all new to me and that is why it’s hard to describe and explain. Once again, I am not describing camouflage invisibility, but a frequency invisibility. This is why I turned to the internet to cross check things before I posted this information and first hand experience.

Thinking my perception was unfounded ( as I’ve never heard anyone speak of this type of thing before ) I figured it must be my imagination, but I might as well look it up and see if anyone else had reported such a thing. When I looked it up, I found a satanic Wiki where people post information on different types of monsters from satanism, anime, occultism, horror literature, etc. ( all of this fictional literature gets their content from real occult tomes. The author doesn’t create them. Anime does this a lot too ). Through my research, I was astonished to find out that others actually did write about invisible werewolves and there already was a such thing as an “invisible werewolf” and it has been used in anime stories.

Here’s what it says about the invisible werewolves:

They’re called “Translupines” and I’ve heard of the term “lycanth”, or “lycan”, which I think is the secret government term for real life werewolves, coming from the word lycanthropy. Supposedly, the Catholic church knows well of real werewolves and even has special teams which covertly regulate and control the situation. I’ve also heard terms like lupine/lupin, lobos and lupus used, all from the Latin root word Lupinus, to describe these types of beings but this is the first time I’d heard the term “Translupine”. Apparently Translupine means “invisible werewolf”, an extremely rare type of werewolf that can alter their own causality. They can shift their causality far more than regular werewolves can shift their visible forms. What makes them dangerous is their ability to turn invisible for stealth reasons, but their invisibility and stealth exceeds known optical parameters. Their shape, weight, temperature, physicality, odor, and even their very existence can be stealth. They can diminish every aspect of their existence to an infinitesimal degree. In other words, they can alter reality to only exist when and where they want to, allowing them to shift their density and phase through someone, perhaps damaging ( or attacking ) a vital organ within ( or a chakra point ). This stealth helps them with espionage since even advanced technological security systems cannot detect them. Their strongest time is during a full moon when they perform stealth missions. Their main weakness is what anchors them to the physical world such as a person, object, or place. Once they deactivate their stealth, they’re vulnerable to attacks. They can be detected by beings with extremely heightened sense and perception, and they can’t slip past entities like angels, gods, and old ones.

This definition shocked me because it was exactly what I saw and I believe the beings I saw in my dream were Translupines. Just like it says on the wiki, my cat and I could see it because we have “heightened senses”. Also, I learned that the term “Lupin” is also in Harry Potter (which I’ve never read or watched the movie) for the werewolf character. So, I believe that we are all writing about a real thing, the same thing, and I saw in my dream what this wiki described. I feel I used my cat, a spirit familiar, to see life through my cat’s eyes and this is my experience bonding with her and this is what I’ve learned. This is as far as I’ve gone with it so far, but I’m sure there’s much more to this skill and that is what shamans mastered in the past. I am aware of what some Native Americans refer to as a “Skin-walker” and I have heard how mystics, through ritual and ceremony can take on the attributes of animals and animal spirits. This particular thing called a Translupine however seems to be it’s own category. In short, when they show “fairy tale” stories where the animal is watching and someone is using the animal to watch you, that’s real. Remember that the next time you see an animal watching you, it just might be someone’s familiar.

Closing conclusion and lessons learned.

My only other thought would be what were Translupines doing in Hawaii and what were they doing on my street? Were they sent by some cowardly Satanist? To protect myself I pray everyday and night and pray for protection over my space, my loved ones and home. Bless water, pray over water and use Holy water to fortify and protect sacred spaces. I recommend that people put on the full armor of God everyday and fear no evil if you do not want to succumb to spiritual warfare. I also feel strongly that there is a direct connection between cats and the draco reptilians ( dragons ) in the way they both perceive frequencies and lust for loosh. I’m 100% sure it’s more than a coincidence. Cats might be genetically engineered to be a mammal version of what a dragon is for sake of our species understanding and relations. I think there’s lots of similarities personality wise between dragons and cats, through a genetic and probably spiritual connection. I wonder if cats are sometimes used as avatars or familiars by telepathic dracos. Maybe one has feathers or scales and one has fur, but they’re similar types of animals, especially with their tails, fangs, retractable claws and slit eyes.

As far as pets or animal friends, our souls are intertwined, interact and are bonded to them. We have a responsibility to exude a good example to them as we grow spiritually together. All the same ways that we treat animals, good and bad is the way that we will also be treated and are treated by the other entities above and around us. Meaning that if we hurt ourselves and animals, that is what energetically allows other beings to treat us the same way. So if we as a human species, want to justify the ethical treatment of ourselves universally, we have to set an example of how we as a species treat ourselves and the animals in our lives.




In Hawaiian mythology, an ʻaumakua is a personal or family god that originated as a deified ancestor, and which takes on physical forms such as spirit vehicles. An ‘aumakua may manifest as a shark, owl, bird, octopus, or inanimate objects such as plants or rocks.


An animal, plant, or natural object serving among certain tribal or traditional peoples as the emblem of a clan or family and sometimes revered as its founder, ancestor, or guardian.


In European folklore of the medieval and early modern periods, familiars (strictly familiar spirits, as “familiar” also meant just “close friend” or companion) were believed to be supernatural entities or spiritual guardians that would protect and/or assist witches and cunning folk in their practice of magic. According to records of the time, those alleging to have had contact with familiar spirits reported that they could manifest as numerous forms, usually as an animal. When they served witches, they were often thought to be malevolent, but when working for cunning folk they were often considered benevolent (although there was some ambiguity in both cases). Even though it may have an independent life of its own, it remains closely linked to the individual. The familiar spirit can be an animal (animal companion).


An invisible werewolf sometimes used for espionage and assassination.


“Loosh” is used to refer to the fear and suffering frequency or negative spiritual energy that is produced by living, sentient beings. Energy sensitive and telepathic, predatory entities, are said to feed off of loosh. 


Adrenochrome is a chemical produced in the brain and released into the bloodstream through the experience of extreme pleasure or pain. Adrenochrome can be produced by scaring, torturing or orgasm, or all three in that order. The blood can be extracted directly after torture or orgasm usually killing the doner in the process. The blood is then sold and traded as a high priced, black market drug, that is highly addictive and sold around the world. It is said that the best adrenochrome comes from human children for their ability to feel intense fear. The human Adrenochrome drug is highly absorbent and compatible with the human brain and system since it is produced biologically by the same species. It is said that the demand and black market trade of the illegal Adrenochrome drug involves the kidnapping, farming and trafficking of millions of children from around the world every year. Supposedly churches, cults, street gangs, militaries, orphanages, baby farms, hospitals and blood banks have long been responsible and involved for the harvest of the children and drug. This is apparently one reason that vampires have historically become vampires and are known for blood drinking. Apparently it can be swallowed, snorted, injected or taken into the eye lid or tear duct. One effect of drinking adrenochrome is said to be youthfulness energy and young looking, supple skin. Adrenochrome drinkers and addicts are the real life vampires and many are said to be movie stars, singers and politicians. Supplying adrenochrome to movie stars, singers and politicians are also a way to blackmail and control them. Nature’s predators have a natural sense of this and these chemicals and smells in blood is what contributes to a predator’s bloodlust. The more a prey animal bleeds and suffers, the more predators like sharks, wolves and tigers will go into a frenzy and attack. Adrenochrome is just one reason why. They say that 10% of animals are predatory, so perhaps these vampires see themselves as fulfilling a natural predatory percentage?

When I first uploaded pictures and posts online about adrenochrome back in 2017, many people doubted and debated me. Unfortunately it is very real.

For more about Draco reptilians you can see my previous blog –

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