Trump, Elon Musk, Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt.

Visions in the astral and unlocking the power of dreams.

This diagram shows our current three dimensional spectrum of perception. In this diagram, you can see how while people are asleep in the 3rd dimension, they are all awake in the 4th dimension. The dream world is a shared space just as the waking 3D world and internet 2D world is. The dream world, or astral world/realm is the 4th dimension. The dimensional planes exist on different wave lengths but all overlap on top of each other similar to an onion. The enslavement of the Earth entails the control of the these three planes. While elites may actively travel, meet and converse in the astral plane, there is a major effort to lock most everyone else out of the dream world and control it. One way to do this is by using 5G towers, Wi-Fi and radio waves which interfere with our brainwaves while we sleep. The other way is by poisoning the food, air and water which destroys the pineal glad which helps us see in the astral world.


The reason why I’m releasing this blog is because I’m going to start talking about dreams, specifically the science and technology behind dreams, because I want people to release the power of their dreams. I’m doing this for the sake of understanding dreams and human psychology. I believe if people become more powerful and active dreamers, they will become more powerful in their waking life and be able to heal and understand themselves on a deeper level. I have a lot of experience with dreaming, and I can remember hundreds of dreams I’ve had in my lifetime. I’ve experienced hundreds of sleep paralysis episodes, I’ve had hundreds of lucid dream experiences, I’ve seen visions of the future and the past, I’ve met dead relatives and non-human entities, I’ve gotten information, inspiration, and opened portals in the dream world. So, I believe that I have a good understanding to give general helpful information for others who are interested in unlocking the power of their dreams. 

When everyone’s 3rd eye is open, everyone is telepathic and no one can lie to one another. The only reason you and others can be lied to now, is because the evil that conquered this planet has attacked and closed your 3rd eye in order to lie to you and for you to not perceive it because your telepathy has been destroyed. When you all have full access to the astral realm there is no room for error or misinterpretation. Understanding becomes as one and no thought is separated like it is now as you are currently enslaved on Earth. Connection through the heart and soul allows no lie.

I want to be specific here… I had a friend who dreamt that he robbed his job with me. That never happened, and neither of us have that job anymore. I had another coworker say that she dreamt that she and I dumped gasoline all over the place we were working and lit it on fire and ran off together. That also never happened. I’ve dreamt that I was living in Honolulu in 2018 with a certain person while I watched downtown Honolulu get hit with a nuclear missile from the apartment window. Weeks after I had this dream, Hawaii received a missile alert threat, but the missile didn’t hit like it did in my dream. So that didn’t happen. Just because I dreamt about it ahead of time, it didn’t actually happen. I’m no longer with that person and I moved away from Honolulu, so that event will never happen. So what does that mean? It means just because you dream something, it doesn’t mean that it happened or it’s going to happen. That is important to understand when you read my material. So then, why is it important? Because, dreaming of things like future events or ideas of committing crimes can actually help prevent you from acting those things out or avoiding them in real life. They can be taken as premonitions. Premonitions are not always what will happen, but what could happen. Just because it could happen doesn’t mean it will. It’s important to understand that people can dream about memories, people can have dreams about the future, people can have dreams about their subconscious, and those things can overlap. The first dynamic that’s important to understand is that when we go to sleep, our consciousness that exists within a dream is in a shared dimension that exists for all of us. One might compare it to the internet. When I share my dreams, I will often use analogies that compare dream space with cyberspace and dreaming like using the internet. The internet is artificial and the dream world is your inner-net that’s natural. We can all access it because we have a soul. We can all view it with our pineal glands, and we can all feel it with our hearts. Our waking world and our dream world overlap and both those worlds influence each other. 

Our souls have representation and travel through all eight octaves or eight realms/planes of perception. Currently on Earth however, our scope of perception is mainly within the 4th, 3rd and 2nd dimensional plane of awareness. There is a big push by the slave controllers of Earth to privatize the 4th dimension and block it from the human experience. The controlling elites who worship the A.I. would rather trick everyone into going onto the internet instead of dreaming so they can control and monitor your thought experience. The A.I. wants to control the 4th dimension and wants to give humans the internet as a pale replacement. The internet is a weak copy of the dream world where the A.I. can police and limit your experience. All dimensions overlap and entities from the 5th dimension ( angelic beings and other souls ) can travel down to the 4th to meet people.

That being said, my dreams about these celebrities may just be my abstract creations because of what I’ve seen of them in the media. It may be my psychic impression of them. Or, it could be my astral viewing of them. Astral world synonymous with dream world, astral body synonymous with dream body and soul. I’m not saying these dreams are any of that. All I’m saying right now is these are dreams, for legal reasons. You can read these dreams and interpret them how you see fit. If there’s a case I’m actually communicating with someone or I’m actually meeting them in the astral realm or I’m specifically astral traveling, I will specifically say that. That is not what I’m saying here. But regardless of whether these things happened or not, everything in the astral world has significance.

Yogis and individuals like Bodhidharma are seen to be staring at walls or sitting with eyes closed in a meditative trance because they are astral traveling and viewing the inner net or 4th dimension. Today, people are tricked into staring at cellphones and screens to travel and view the internet or 2nd dimension. The internet is a lower, more restricted and limited copy of the dream world that the illuminati would like to trap your mind in.

Tips on opening/activating your pineal glad which is essential for astral viewing and dreaming. General advice on dreaming with a purpose and active dreaming:

Opening your pineal gland to remote view and view images in the astral plane is different than using your astral body/soul/ghost body to fly around and view people, places and objects in the 3rd dimension.

Slow your heart rate by deep breathing and breath control. Stay calm.

Before viewing or traveling, put up a psychic shield or full armor of God by praying or chanting first. Protection and security is just as essential to astral travel as it is to traveling in the real world. There are predators everywhere. Imagine going into the astral as traveling out of country. You want to lock your spiritual doors and avoid negative places so that you don’t get victimized. Controlling your own fear is key to protecting yourself from other psychics and astral predators. Fear gives off a powerful psychic frequency which attracts astral predators and nightmare creatures. Do not let other peoples minds or astral bodies enter your physical body or probe your mind.

Drugs are not needed. Try to avoid visiting the dream world or astral traveling by aid of drugs or technology. Negative entities will be attracted to you and you may become vulnerable or easier to deceive. Imagine yourself in a city full of tourists and you walk in to an unfamiliar club drunk and high, the chances of you being profiled and mugged while inebriated are higher than if you were sober. Or you may think of it as visiting a untrusted website and getting spammed, harassed or click bated. Even in cyber space you need security and shielding to protect your private data and experience. Since the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th dimensions are shared spaces, the dynamics of safe travel apply to all.

You can decalcify your pineal glad by drinking clean water, detoxing and taking Haritaki herb. Avoid processed sugar, caffeine, fluoride, artificial chemicals and GMOs if you want to have the clear minded power and presence of mind necessary to be a dream master. Tuning forks, quartz crystals and listening to 432hz music may also tune, align and clear your thoughts.

Keep a dream journal next to your bed and write down your dreams. You have a small window of time when the veil is thin and dimensions are over lapped to program your dream before you fall asleep and remember it while your waking up. Exercising this psychic muscle will help you remember your dreams more often and vividly throughout the day.

Avoid sleeping next to Wi-Fi, radios and especially cellphones while sleeping. These types of technologies are designed to interfere and block your ability to dream effectively.

Human beings are antennas. Getting grounded or meditating with the aid of a tree or by sitting or laying on earth can enhance your ability to channel and amplify your signal strength. Water and long hair can also naturally enhance and amplify your psychic viewing abilities. Sensory deprivation in a cave or chamber may also help focus but is not necessary.

Be aware and cautious of predators, evil psychics and astral demons which seek to bully you, deceive you and scare you out of the astral world or keep you from having a positive experience. Remember that just because it’s new to you and you may find yourself exploring the 4th dimension freely for the first time, you’re not the first and the others who came before you may not want you there. Sadly, at this moment on earth, the dream world is monopolized by the elites and any other dream masters and astral warriors are not living in cities or talking to millions of people on the internet giving advice. The power to dream freely and have every dream a lucid dream is currently a small and an exclusive club on Earth. Most everyone will dream and have dreams through out their lifetime, but will never gain full control or understanding of the experience. This means that the more you learn to actively dream with a purpose, the more negative entities and other dream masters will start attacking you in the dream world. The name of Jesus works and you don’t need muscle strength to fight in the astral or dream world. You can defeat and fight negative entities and people with prayer and beams and shields of light using your chi/prana and chakra energy. Strengthen all your chakra colors so that your aura is strong and close to white light and you will be undefeatable in the astral world and real world.

Remember that because you are in a shared space that overlaps with waking reality, so if you are meeting people in your dreams, they may also be meeting you in their dreams. That means that two people may be sharing a space in the astral and not understand that they are not figments of each others imagination but actually real people. Think of it as going online in a chat room and not knowing that the other person in the chat room is real and not a bot. This is why you should treat others nicely and with respect in the dream world. You do not want to be the reason they are having nightmares.

Remember that while you do all this, you will begin to see remote viewers and astral travelers while you are awake. This means that if someone is meditating and watching you with their astral body while you are in your house ( for example ) you may be able to see, feel or detect them floating near you and observing you. Many people mistake this as seeing ghosts or dead spirits when they are actually seeing someone’s astral body who is alive and meditating in another location.

Remember that you may have more power and freedom in the dream world but because Earth is currently imprisoned, there are still limits. For example, you cannot leave the Earth’s atmosphere easily since there are energy barriers which trap your mind, body and soul down to Earth. If you somehow do manage to escape the Earth for a short time, you will most likely not make it past the moon since the moon has technology in it to capture your soul and beam it back to earth. Remember that your soul is still attached to your physical body and unless you are dead or in a coma, your soul cannot go very far outside your body. When your physical body suffers shock and trauma, often times your soul will leave and incubate in the astral plane so as not to incur spiritual/psychic damage while your body heals ( as in a coma ). At the time of death, ( when all your chakras turn black ) and your soul disconnects from your spinal chord and physical body, a portal will open up and your astral body will exit the 3D plane. So, don’t be worried about becoming a ghost and getting trapped out of your physical body just by active dreaming. If your soul travels away, it is because your body is dead.

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a celebrity stalker. I’ve never tried to contact any of these celebrities in real life. I have no desire to contact these celebrities in real life. I have no desire at all to meet these celebrities in real life. I am not saying I’ve ever actually met these people and I’m not saying I believe I ever actually met them. I don’t want any of their money, drama, or lifestyle, and I’m not looking to profit off their names or monetize my post. All I’m saying is I had a dream about them and I’m releasing this now because I feel it may have relevance to what the mainstream news is releasing about these individuals. I’ve literally had hundreds of dreams in my whole entire life, but these are the only ones that I’ve ever had about a celebrity. I normally dream about real people I’ve met, such as family members or friends. That’s why I think it’s interesting to put all my celebrity dreams together in one writing, to see if there is a common thread, and it appears there is. The two threads that stand out across the celebrities are the illuminati connection and the Nazi connection, despite these dreams being across different months and years. But again, it may just be my subconscious impression of these people, it is for the reader to decide. 

Meeting celebrities in the astral plane:

The following four dreams all occurred in one night, Saturday night, March 11th. I wanted to make sure I could sleep, as a sufferer of insomnia, so I decided to try out multiple things to help me sleep. First, I prayed a long prayer. Then, while trying to meditate myself to sleep, I remembered that when I was a kid, my dad had a girlfriend who was a psychic from Australia, who took me to a crystal store and bought me my first quartz crystal. When I asked her what to do with the crystal and she told me to put it under my pillow and that it would give me good dreams. I’d been charging the crystals on the windowsill to both absorb the sun and moonlight and also protect the windows and ward off evil entities from passing through the crystal field. I felt that if I heated the crystal up in my hand and put it on my forehead when I slept, it would help me get to sleep and dream positive dreams. At first, I tried using two of the small crystal pillars I had, but then I remembered the largest quartz crystal, which also belonged to my mother. My mother collected crystals which I inherited after her death. I figured the largest crystal I own would have the most power. Laying in the dark, holding the crystal out in my hand, I imagined I could shoot psychic light out of the crystal. I was trying to feel the vibrations of the crystal and channel my thoughts through my head to my heart, through my arm and through the crystal. I felt if anything bad came to the bedroom door, I could shoot energy out of the crystal at it. Then I put it on my forehead underneath my EMF beanie to hold it in place. I meditated and prayed. Then I put the crystal in the living room on the lotus of a chakra painting. Then I went to sleep, most likely after 12 midnight. Until Sunday morning, I had four dreams. 11 is a powerful number for me because K is the 11th number of the alphabet and I have K as the first letter in my middle and last name. My mother was also born on November 11th (11/11 at 11 pm) and my grandfather’s initials were also K.K., 11 11. I feel that my soul is aligned with this number, and it was also Saturday the 11th.

The first thing I always do when I lucid dream is fly. There are other things to do such as opening portals but flying is what I am learning to master.

Dream 1, unlocking my super powers:

I was like superman, lucid dreaming, and I was more powerful than I was in my normal dreams. The first thing I always try to do in a lucid dream is fly. Every time I try to fly, it’s really difficult. Normally, if I try to fly into a city, the powerlines try to suck me in, and when I get sucked in, I wake up. The electricity in the wire shocks my astral body back into my physical body and I believe that’s what they are designed to do. Compare it to the scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Charlie and his Grandfather get sucked into the ceiling fan, but when you hit the powerline/fan, you wake up. One other instance, I also had wings. Normally, when I fly, it is slow, akin to the speed of swimming. But this time, I was super fast, like a jet. I was also super strong, like I broke the laws of dream physics. Like superman, or Neo, and I could even shoot green light from my eyes. Then, another person like me appeared, and they were negative, like a bad superman. We got into a super fight, and I was winning. I was not afraid. I knew I was the good guy and my opponent was the bad guy, and his intent was to stop me from lucid dreaming. But I could fly around, shoot him, throw him through walls, and he couldn’t catch me. I’ve never felt that powerful in a dream before. I defeated him with my green eye lasers. I woke up intermittently between each of these dreams.

Oddly enough, this was a reenactment of an older movie and both men planned this to boost their careers.

Dream 2, meeting Will Smith:

I met Will Smith, and he explained the Oscar thing to me. I visited him in the astral realm and I probed the answer from him. The answer was, he did it for his acting career. He told me that he wanted to play more roles and he was tired of everyone always seeing him as the good guy. He felt in his whole career, he only played the good black guy, and in his old age, that’s all anyone saw him as. He wanted to prove to everybody that he could play the bad guy, to help his career. So he planned it with Chris Rock that he would slap him, and Chris Rock agreed ahead of time. They knew what was going to happen, and they let the highest people in the academy know what they were going to do. They did this also to help dominate the algorithms and get great ratings for the Oscars. The Academy agreed and said it was time to put more interest in the Oscars. Will Smith knew he’d be looked down upon and that it was going to affect him in the public eye, but he wanted it to happen because it meant that his acting was convincing enough. He knew he would get banned from the Oscars for 10 years, but was willing to sacrifice this as he didn’t want to come back anyway since he had always had distain for award shows. He wanted to be remembered for the greatest Oscar stunt ever (and prove he was a good enough actor to do it) and help his career go in other directions. He wanted to outshine what Marlon Brando did. The reason that Will, Jada and Chris thought this scheme up, was that they thought Will would look good because he was protecting his wife. So they came up with the idea that Chris Rock would insult Jada, so he would look chivalrous, as if he was protecting her. The backlash on Jada was not intended. In this encounter, I felt that he was very sympathetic during the explanation, and wanted to communicate that the deception is bad but the fact is, it is just part of show business.

Seth Rogen is an elitist who wants to be cool and fit in with the elites by serving the Zionist agenda while profiting from and mocking the goyim. He puts Christ mockery in most all of his films.

Dream 3, meeting Seth Rogen:

Next, I met Seth Rogen in the astral plane. Seth likes to hang out on a stage in the astral plane. He is really into the arts, and right now, he’s a nerd/snob about stage production. He was behind the curtain of the stage, and walking back and forth into an editing room during this encounter as I followed him. It’s all Seth Rogen thinks about. He really wants to make a name for himself amongst the other great Jewish Hollywood directors and comedians. He is proud and feels the best directors and comedians are Jewish, and he feels entitled to be the Spielberg of his generation, for comedy/Seth’s genre. He takes his acting super seriously, and for all these reasons, he does not like me. He didn’t want me to be there, he didn’t want to talk to me, he didn’t want to answer my questions, and he didn’t like me following him into the editing room. He feels I don’t like the Jewish Hollywood people, and that I think badly of them, the very people he thinks highly of. I also made my mosquito post, naming it Maui Mosquito Mutant Mayhem, and Seth’s new movie coming out is called Mutant Mayhem. He really didn’t like me using his movie title in my post.

A heathen, a Satanist, a puppet and a troll. Possibly some kind of public stand in and decoy.

Dream 4, meeting the real Elon Musk: 

Finally, I met the real Elon Musk, he was also on a stage, but it was more of a leadership platform. He was really a blonde, blue-eyed Aryan, who is about the same age as the Elon Musk we as a public know. The true Elon is not a public figure, but really some type of Nazi commander that speaks to legions beneath him. He has something to do with the Aryans in space. His hair was parted to the right and his bangs came to his cheek, combed over. When I met the real Elon in the astral, this is what he explained to me. The person who the public believes to be Elon Musk, is not the real Elon Musk. That man is his public stand-in, and that man is actually being paid to stay on Earth and speak for the real Elon Musk who is off planet. He is trying to keep his location a secret, but I feel that he is likely actually on Mars. He relays what he wants his decoy to communicate on Earth, and makes sure that all the business on Earth is in accordance with his orders from Mars. He is trying to connect his businesses between Mars and Earth. He can’t do it himself because he is not always on Earth and he can’t be a public figure because he is a Nazi space leader. He was telling me this presumably to inform me that I’ve been targeting the wrong Elon. And anyone talking about the Elon on Earth is wasting their time, which is what the space Elon wants us all to do. He’s paying this Elon to take all the attention, and this Elon on Earth is a Satanist and being paid with money, power, and sex. The conclusion of this dream was that it’s a waste of time to attack Earth Elon. He’s essentially a war decoy on Earth and attacking him is the point as it takes heat off the real guy.

Conclusions on these four visions from the 11th:

The variables are the quartz crystal, the date of the 11th and pre-meditative prayer before sleep. The effect was multiple, powerful dreams where I had superpowers and met celebrities. I wonder if these Hollywood occult people are lucid dreamers as well, having learned it from their Luciferian gurus and satanic spiritual leaders in Hollywood. I feel that these people don’t want me there if that’s the case. It’s their club and others are not welcome. To them, what happens in the astral stays in the astral and the first rule about dream club is that no one talks about dream club. I even got this feeling from Will Smith, but Will Smith was way nicer to me knowing my kindness and love for black people and that I was also Will’s fan when I was younger.

This was all on the night of March 11th, it was a Saturday night, and I and my mother are both year of the dog, and the dog is the 11th sign of the zodiac. So, 11 might be a powerful channel or conduit for me to have visions, envision or manifest energies. These all were a single night, and this was the first time I had dreamt about this many celebrities, all in one night. The only four other times I had dreamed about celebrities in the last five years were about Trump, Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt.

As a strategy, Trump has a series of hotels and properties so that he may travel location to location, state to state, country to country, with relative safety.

My first dream of meeting Donald Trump:

This was the first celebrity dream that I have ever had, and it was during his term in office, and it was just after the coronavirus shut down. I had never dreamt about a president before. The scene was a rooftop, luxurious, spacious apartment, in a high rise, possibly a Trump hotel in Waikiki. I was there to have a meeting with him. There was a blonde woman with him, celebrating and drinking champagne. I’m not sure if it was his wife but I don’t think it was. They invited me to drink champagne with them and he wanted to give me information. He wanted me to help him. He does have enemies. It’s hard to explain, because I don’t totally understand the politics and interpersonal dynamics of it, but imagine the dynamics of Game of Thrones, where different royal families are constantly out to stab each other in the back. He has made friends with everyone in the illuminati world, including the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, the Zionists, the Satanist, the Kabbalist Cabal, all of them befriended during his rise to power, joining them in clubs and what not. Trump is actually Dutch royalty, but since he lives in America he doesn’t acknowledge this. He feels very entitled. He used time travel to get this role in a very mysterious way. He did something with going back to Russia in the past and making a plan with them to plan something that is happening now. He also planned to form marriage allegiance to them and marry into the bloodline. Trump used time travel similar to how Biff used time travel in Back to the Future, to give himself an edge during this time of revelations to favor him over other illuminati families. He did it in such a way that he and his family could have more prestige during this time, in a selfish way. He is an elitist, but a part of his plan was to be more powerful than the other elites, and to do that he just decided to team up with anyone who doesn’t like the elites. So, the other elites see him as one of them, but also a back stabber. He has agreed to help this Nazi agenda of backstabbing the Kabbalist Cabal. He knocked down his peers so he could get a rank higher, so certain Kabbalist Cabal members genuinely don’t like him. He does support the Satanist depopulation effort. But it seems he thinks he and the Nazis are going to sacrifice everyone else but them to Satan. He sees the best chance of survival for his bloodline is to go that route with the Aryans. Outside of Trump, the illuminati/Kabbalist Cabal, and the Aryans already had and have working agreements. However, Trump is more interested in his personal bloodline and role/prestige in history. So, he is not afraid to throw everyone else under the bus. His strategy is to align himself with anyone who will help further this agenda, whether these people know it or not. For example, Kanye talks to Trump, and then Kanye is quoting Hitler a few years later. Partly because of mind control, he then also dyes his hair blonde. It seems people like Kanye and Lil Wayne have allegiance to the Aryans. Trump likes the whole Q thing because it reveals the illuminati leadership and the illuminati structure, weakening them. He thinks it puts him and his group a little higher up. This goes in line with Elon and Schwarzenegger as well.

Why was I meeting Trump? I wanted to know what I had to do with any of that and according to Trump there are two main, practical reasons. 1) I am seen as an enemy of the Kabbalists Cabal because of my personal philosophies and actions. The cabal hates Jesus and I pray in the name of the one called Jesus ( Emmanuel ). Trump and the Aryans actually think that the true inspiration for Jesus was an Aryan thing and even though I don’t see Jesus the way they do, the cabal hates anything to do with the power of Jesus at all. 2) I am seen as very knowledgeable and capable with exactly what Trump is doing on a grander scale involving space and time travel. That’s what he wanted me to help him with, fighting the cabal using space, time and the name of Jesus. To be clear, Trump does not come in the name of Jesus, he is only using the name to militarize the Christian community for his cause in my opinion. The war over dark and light, good and evil is a galactic war and is happening on many worlds and systems, but both sides of these elites are Satanic and Luciferian. They’re not trying to save us ( the people ) but rather use us to save themselves. False prophets and false saviors, as written of in the end times. In the end times, even the elite and elect shall be deceived. This means the elites are deceived and blinded by greed and other sins. Never trust a billionaire. ( I personally believe the vibration of Earth will become so high, that evil as we know it, will cease to exist on it. That is my personal belief, an age of truth, love and light without technology and money. A world where no one person or group or A.I. rules the world. A world where everyone harmonizes with their heart connections. ) He then gave me the name and phone number of a Chinese man, telling me that this man would give me more information I’m seeking about my past. Trump said if I helped him, he would help me and Hawaii. Even though Trump is for the Aryan agenda, he will employ anyone who is the enemy of his enemy. Anyone who will help the agenda is fair game for his alliance. But when I looked the Chinese guy up and called the number, it didn’t make any sense and appeared to be a dead end. Also, I don’t really like Trump personally or want to help the Aryans. My personal interest is more focused on local issues and I do not want to be caught up in royal bloodline wars.

Trump sees war as business and business as war. Nothing more. All that matters to him is the survival of his particular bloodline.

Second dream of Trump, on a different night weeks apart:

I was witness to different space colonies, colonies in both space and time. Trump’s alliance with the Aryans allows access to time and space travel. During his presidency on Earth, he was visiting other space colonies that were being taken over by the Aryans. Trump also has a decoy that stands in for him on Earth while he goes out to different prison colonies on the Kabbalist Cabal territories and the illuminati colonies, taking over with the aid of the Aryan Nazis, the same people I saw the “real Elon Musk” to be a part of. When Trump went out, he would be surrounded by elite personal guardsmen, front, left, back, and right. He’d be in the middle of a group like a phalanx formation of armed space Nazi soldiers as his personal guard. He walks in the middle of them when he travels space and time. I called these soldiers “the black guard”, because they are dressed in all black. I don’t know or remember if they have an official name. This was before the Loki series on Disney came out, but when the Loki series came out, the time police force looked very close to the guards who surrounded Trump. So, I believe that the Loki Disney show is disclosing information about the timeline and the forces controlling space and time travel in this solar system. Because Trump was president at the time, that role was extended into space and he was acting as an ambassador on behalf of the Nazi Aryan group. He was going to different prison planets and freeing them if they agreed to help the Aryan cause. 

I had helped him in multiple colonies, go into the prisons. I went into the prisons under cover for Trump, and each time I went in, Trump would then break me out along with the other prisoners. The reason that Trump is freeing these prisoners is not that he is altruistically interested, but rather these prisoners are enemies of the elite and these jails are elite owned jails. They’ve locked away the people who are against them, the rebels. All the people who are against the corporate interests of the illuminati are candidates to be locked away in these prisons. Trump has turned on the illuminati, so by freeing the people that they locked up, he’s causing trouble for them. He is releasing all the people that they don’t want free. He is doing this on purpose to disrupt and have these prisoners rebel against the Kabbalist Cabal’s colonies. To be clear, he doesn’t care about these prisoners as people, but he wants them to fight against his enemies, the people he turned against. Trump wants his Nazi space faction to take over all these Cabal colonies. (As an interesting side note, it seems the Cabal is now trying to reverse these actions by using the media to spread propaganda about locking Trump and Putin in jail.) I did this type of work for him a few times. The last time I saw him, I was in this situation of being freed, and the time cops came in to the prison, freed everyone, and I and the rest of the prisoners were then escaping. While I was escaping, I looked over at Trump, surrounded by his phalanx of time cops walking with him out of the prison. I yelled at him, “Don’t forget to help us, don’t forget to keep your promise!” But Trump did not even look back at me, seeming that he had just used me and wasn’t intending to keep his promises. I think Trump’s promise had something to do with Hawaii, like providing protection and helping to free locals and political prisoners against the billionaire corporate elite that Hawaii has been sold to. It turns out that the exact people that are buying up Hawaii are the people that Trump is betraying. People like Oprah, Bezos, Zuckerberg, Ellison, Omidyar, Obama, Dubai the Disney corporation, people who have the ability to control the media and censorship. Trump has no major assets in Hawaii, but these people want to flee to Hawaii as the mainland collapses. They want to fund and hide behind a Hawaiian Kingdom revolution. These elites attack Trump by taking him off Twitter, but Trump has powerful assets and advanced technology as well. Trump is more tied in with time travel and the Nazi space colony endeavors, and his plan for escape is to go to space. It would be better for him if his enemies don’t have an illuminati stronghold in Hawaii. This connects Trump to Elon, who put Trump back on Twitter. Trump views everything as a business deal. He doesn’t care about anybody. And this is how he views the Cabal as well. Everything he does is a business deal – Kanye, Lil Wayne, Russia, Putin, the Cabal, China, everything. Although, it is also important to note that China is playing both sides, as they are subservient to the space Nazis, but have also done deals with the Cabal. It seems they are lying in wait, pretending to be friends with everybody. They seem subservient but it may really be that they are going sideways with their own agenda. Interestingly Trump did come to Hawaii in November of 2017.

A model, an icon, a puppet and a hedonist Nazi?

My dream of meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I went to Arnold’s house, or wherever he was in the astral. He was in his special room – it was a big round room with a big movie viewing screen where he could watch all his movies, and a big round bed in the middle of the room that could fit 20 people. It was very luxurious, with dark red satin sheets. It was dimly lit, like a movie theater, but no seats, just the bed. It was underground, maybe under his mansion. I was there because I was a fan of Arnold, but while I was in that room, I saw Arnold’s true character. Arnold portrays in film essentially who he is – he was built by the Aryans as a model for the space Nazi soldier, and all his films reveal aspects of this role. He was made essentially as a Captain America Icon to motivate the Nazi Aryan cause. His role as an actor, body builder, and governor, were all to push and indoctrinate people into this German, Nazi Aryan culture, the same one Trump and the real Elon Musk are associated with.

Similar to the role of Conan where they were bringing him women to mate with, Arnold had this happen to him in real life where he is paired with women for specific reasons, all orchestrated by the Aryan Nazis. He is very hedonistic and needs to be controlled so he has many handlers in public and is completely dirty with black mail. He knows he’s protected by the Aryans and can get whatever he wants otherwise. He believes that he’s the perfect depiction of the Aryan man, as he was told he was, but he’s easy to control because he’s very hedonistic. Essentially, like a stud animal. One of his biggest weaknesses/kinks, is he is a homosexual pedophile and he craves the adoration energy from young boys. He sees himself like a Greek God, and knows that young boys look up to and adore him more than females do. What I saw is that Arnold lays in the bed with these boys who love him, and they all lay in the bed naked and drink wine. While this happens, he plays his movies on the movie screens behind them while they have sexual orgies with these young boys. He’s not the only person that does this, but he is on a high level, one of the big players in this group, like Michael Jackson level. That is who he truly is, he is a deviant, and poster boy, and tool for the Aryan cause to draw male attention and energy. They hold him up as an idol for these men to aspire to. His body building career helped push the steroid pharmaceutical industry in a big way and the thousands of mainstream gyms are used as locations to deal and sell these enhancement drugs. His image with body building has helped pharmaceutical companies earn millions if not billions and those billions is what really drives the modern gym industry. Everything that the public knows about him is completely arranged to put him within power circles within Hollywood, business and politics. I only had this one dream about him and I was sad when I woke up because I was a fan of his. As soon as I found out that Arnold was having sex with young boys, I left that room.

What’s weird is that in real life, I worked for a program that Arnold started that had to do with children called the All Star program. George Bush senior started it with Arnold, ( Bush being another Nazi that wants to recruit children ), and paid Arnold to be spokesperson of fitness and paid Arnold to promote the All Star program to do sports after school and get fit. All the kids join because of their adoration for Arnold, but really he just did it for Bush, a high level Nazi. I worked for this program from 2017 to 2018, which picks the best students and then sends them to Washington D.C. So every state that has that program flies the children out every year to D.C. I helped send a Tongan boy, but before he went I educated that boy about the illuminati and told him that he would see all this symbolism in D.C. For Allstars, I played football and taught breakdancing. I did this for a couple schools in Hawaii. That is my only “real world” connection I had to Arnold Schwarzenegger, outside of this dream. One other connection is my close friend who went to Iraq, and Arnold was used again to speak to the soldiers to tell them they’re the real terminators to get them pumped for Iraq. So Arnold really helped the government and Bush. 

I had no connection to Bush senior until I went to Missouri and my ex started cheating on me with Bush’s secret service man. He would tell us stories of him and George Bush and that he couldn’t tell us his real name, but he had pictures to prove who he was. I met this man in 2011-2012. He also confirmed my statement that there is a second sun and this solar system is actually a binary system and it will be revealed in revelations. I told this to my ex and she went and told the secret service man, and he confirmed it to be true to her.

Once a homeless, pot smoking surfer in Maui, now one of the most 100 influential people in the world. One can only wonder what kind of contract or deal he’s done to reap Hollywood’s tainted riches.

My dream of meeting Chris Pratt: 

I dreamt this in May, 2020, in a series of intense dreams nightly from May 15th to May 19th. All these dreams were war-oriented. In this specific dream, I met Chris Pratt on his starship, on the command deck. We were meeting and celebrating our deployment on a long campaign or the beginning of a big part of the war. Our group of soldiers knew it would be a long campaign, like 10 to 20 years, we were in it to the end. We were having a toast and I was looking Chris Pratt dead in the eye. Pratt said something like “Let’s come back alive,” seeming to be very nervous. I responded, “We’re going to come back alive.” Surprised, Pratt looks at me. Then, in our toast while clinking our glasses, Pratt then says “To us!” and I followed up with “To being alive!” and then took our shot. I sensed a lot of deception from Pratt, like he was pretending to be a soldier that was going to fight this war with us, but he’s not. He’s just a poster boy, an extension of what Schwarzenegger was and did for the U.S. terrestrial army, Pratt’s job is to promote the war in space. His job is to get people to believe in the cause and rally the troops, but he will not put his life in danger or see any real combat. The only reason he has access to these ships and this space technology is because of the bloodline he’s married into. Pratt was married into Schwarzenegger’s family so he could be politically tied to the same group as Bush and Kennedy. (This may be confusing because Bush was involved in the Kennedy assassination. In essence, Bush and Kennedy were both compromised, having opened themselves up to demonic/reptilian attachment when they rose to their political positions. While Kennedy was trying to act on the good side, he was too compromised as he’d also committed evil acts, which karmically allowed his murder/sacrifice. The family dynamics are extremely political with lots of conflict within these people. It is the same for their attached reptilians. On an even more complex level, there is similar in-fighting with the reptilians. The reptilians fight like cats fight – they’re territorial. When one group of reptilians wants to fight another group of reptilians, they have humans under them as well, who then subsequently fight each other. These bonds are formed between humans and certain reptilians with the same logic of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”) Pratt, like Schwarzenegger before him, is the new Captain America type of icon/model that is being used for the current generation. He has the same deal as Schwarzenegger – make propaganda, assist the politics with his celebrity, and motivate the troops. The same way that Schwarzenegger told soldiers in Iraq that they’re the real terminators, Pratt is up in space telling these soldiers that we are the real guardians of the galaxy. But the same way Schwarzenegger never saw real combat, Pratt will never see real combat. So when Pratt and I locked eyes, I saw him to be the paper tiger he was. This is connected to the military contract with Marvel and Disney and Pratt is contracted to make movies. This was the last time I’d be seeing Pratt because he was contracted to go make more movies after this. However, it was beneficial for him to be exposed to all of this so he could act more authentically on screen. Pratt has been chosen for his quality to make things look fun, cool, authentic, and worthy. His movies, specifically the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, are actually representative of a huge program involving thousands of people. In the first movie, it shows Pratt abducted as a child, and then going into a lifelong tour of military service protecting the galaxy. That is actually representative of a real program. This is why I’m connected with this, because that was my program, in which I was abducted and used for space warfare. In addition, in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, it shows that Pratt’s father was an E.T. so he has mixed DNA. Similarly, many children in this program were born on Earth of human mothers, but their souls are from different stars and different planets. I am one of these people, and he plays one of these people in movies, making us both important, me for the real cause, and him for the media. All of Pratt’s roles are militaristic related: he plays a special forces soldier in The Terminal List; in The Tomorrow War, he plays a teacher drafted into a temporal war; in Guardians of the Galaxy he plays a child who is drafted into a space and temporal war as well given his appearance in End Game; in Passengers he plays a survivor fleeing Earth to go survive in space, which is actually what he is going to do, as part of this Nazi agenda. This is also why in Jurassic Park he is fighting reptilians (while also being allied with certain ones) and he is fighting corporations. And in the new Super Mario movie, he goes into the Inner Earth to fight a dragon. And to top it off, Chris Pratt was a homeless surfer in Maui, so Chris Pratt actually has a soft spot for Hawaii. So, for all these reasons, I had this meeting in my dream, and for this reason he plays all these characters, because of who he is and what his job is. All the roles he plays are really about one character and this war that is really happening. He’s afraid of me because he knows I can see through him. He knows that I know he will abandon us with the rest of the elites and he wont stay and fight. But I’m not mad at him for this because we’re all just trying to escape the Cabal control. I expected this of him. While I’m not cool with the Nazi stuff, I’m also fighting the Cabal and as long as they don’t mess with me and Hawaii, that’s not my immediate concern. My bloodline is from German/American aristocracy, connected to the Crowninshield family who are German/American military elites. So through bloodline, I am attached to these people, but not through my philosophy or belief system. But this is another reason they let me walk among them because they are all about bloodline supremacy. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this. More to come!

In closing:

These are the experiences and things I’ve seen in my minds eye and memories, otherwise known to be dreams. Of course, the most hard edged skeptic or mainstream analyst will most likely shrug this off as nothing more than dreams and fantasy with no real relevance. Some might say that these dreams say more about me than the people I’m dreaming of. The point is that I’ve had these dreams, I’ve shared them and the reader may take away some valuable insight which will help them explore their own dreams. These are by far, not the most meaningful or interesting dreams, visions or experiences I’ve had. However, I see them as good talking points as I intend to release more of my dreams, memories and experiences which I feel have more personal significance and profound meaning. I’m fairly certain that none of these people would ever admit to meeting me in anyway, astral or physical, even if any of it was based in shared reality. Nor would I expect anyone to admit to knowing me, acknowledge me, or validate anything in my dream that may turn out to be fact. Given the nature of the reasons for meeting and context I’ve shared in these experiences, I doubt that even if any of it was based on reality, that it would be acknowledged in anyway at all, ever. These are my personal visions and writings, described best I could, so there is no point in debate, denial or arguing over the information presented. Although talking about celebrities may be interesting or entertaining, I’d like to remind everyone that this was really about revealing the powers and possibilities of dreaming. I hope you enjoyed this. More to come.

Stay safe, stay together, stay calm and stay strong. Aloha and Mahalo.


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